November 2013 VA feat. Ruki's Favorite Music

Ruki, once again, reveals his very...unique and eclectic tastes in his monthly VA column!

REDMAN October 21 Live Report

Continuing in our Satoshi vein, we bring you a live report of REDMAN's Tokyo live in the small indies house, Takadanobaba Club Phase!

RR049 feat. Satoshi (Girugamesh)

Satoshi lays it all out in the open, revealing all the obstacles that Girugamesh faced and overcame to stay together as the band they were and the long journey to becoming the band they wanted to be.

RR049 Preview feat. Ruki (the GazettE)

Just when you think you've got him figured out, Ruki becomes the most dangerous and alluring looking rabbit ever.

One Ok Rock Frolicking in the Sun

Summer is starting, and that means a visit to the beach. Tomoya is just your man, reporting live from the beaches of Miyakojima!



It was really nice out today even though it was chilly. On my way home I snapped this.
Hope everyone likes it (o・∀・o)/

Have a good week!

Videos: Golden Bomber - Gachapin Challenge☆Series Pt. II

We changed the blog layout again! Please do play around with it (^^♪
Also, thank you to everyone who tweeted/FBed/commented to us about our first Follow Friday! We were even graced with a thank you from the lovely AZU herself!

We were a bit doubtful that it'd get off the ground, but it actually seems that some of you do enjoy it. Remember to continue letting us know what you think on Twitter/FB/email/the blog! It really helps us heaps! For those of you who did comment, thank you so much! We probably replied you, so please make sure to check the post~!

Well, finally, onto the subbed video!

Did my first ever sub! Sorry for the tiny subs, I'll work on getting those fixed next time! It was my first time ever doing anything with Aegis... ;;;

A golden star for those who managed to guess what this WIP was~

I think after I did this, my Golden Bomber fan-ness shot up a bajillion points.

I've actually done this experiment before for a class, and this video isn't exaggerating. It's actually pretty dangerous, so seriously, don't do this at home while aiming the coke bottle at your mouth. You can easily lose a tooth. If you REALLY want to do it, go do it outside over a drain and make sure you get out of the way. Don't even do it in your kitchen, because it creates a f**king mess. I would know. I had to clean up a classroom after everybody Ooohed, Ahhhed and left.

For reference, Gachapin and Mucc are characters from a children's show in Japan.


Follow Friday 1: AZU

Hello everyone!

Today is the launching of one of the many Mou Ichido projects--Follow Friday's Pick Up Artist! (Applause)

Alright so you all may be wondering what exactly this “Follow Fridays” are--well, let me explain.
Each week we're going to introduce one artist or band. It will feature the artist or band's background and history, followed by songs we think are worth checking out. It's a chance for everyone to get to know other artists or bands that may not be so popular and also for us to spread the word about them!

So in other words, you can think of it like a radio show, only you can't hear us (laughs)

Alright, let's get the show on the road!

This week's pick up artist is the lovely AZU.


WIP 01.26.11

Look at what I'm working on! :D

This is my first time subbing anything ever. Well, ok, I did something once in high school a bajillion years ago, but I wasn't "in the know", so to speak. I did it with Windows Movie Maker (I know, I know, you might be rolling your eyes), but I've grown up (literally and figuratively) since then! I now love me some ASS! :D (That's for Aegisub file extension by the way, those of you with dirty minds ;P)

How many of you have seen this already? Every time I watch it, I need to be told to shut up because I laugh too hard and embarrass myself. Whoops ;;

Please excuse the cats in the background :]

And to be honest, I'm not even sure how many of you are interested in these "personal" entries...give us some feedback please! :D



Magazines: Rock & Read feat. Aoi from the GazettE Pt. II

Quick announcement! As you might have noticed by the banners on the sides, we've recently become affiliates of CDJapan! If you decide to purchase something through them, please don't forget us and purchase by clicking on the CDJapan banners on the side! It'd be a great help to us, AND you get the merchandise you wanted with their quick service. And, onto the translation from クマ☆G~!


Hi everyone!

We're really glad that all of you liked the first part of this interview. Of course as promised the second part is now up for grabs! Aoi's childhood stories get more and more interesting.

Excited? Haha I hope so!

On with the interview!

Rock & Read Vol. 004 Featuring Aoi Part II



Web Articles: Natalie Mu - "Announcement of Tsubakiya Shijuusou's Breakup"

News translated from Natalie Mu's website here.


Tsubakiya Shijuusou presented their Countdown Live at Zepp Sendai during the end of last year and announced their break up.
This breakup was fixed for today, 1/11. All the members' comments were published on the website today. Nakada Yuuji (Vo, G) said that, in regards to the reason for the disbandment, 「This matter was actually decided amongst the members around the summer of last year. The reason was really quite clear, and the time has come, so that's all there is to it.」 In regards to why this matter was not announced earlier, he commented, 「We didn't want to do a breakup tour no matter what, and, until the end of the end, we wanted to be a band of the present, so we continued on until now.」

Furthermore, Nakada and Kodera Ryouta (Dr) will continue their careers within the music industry. Nagata Takashige (B) will retire from the music industry and has decided upon a new career path. It is a shame regarding this sudden breakup, but let us wish the best to these 3 people's futures.

Saw this from Tatsuro's (Mucc, Vo) Twitter and was personally shocked. I listened occasionally to Tsubakiya because of Kai's (The GazettE, Dr) recommendation, and they're a very nice band that has a following even amongst other signed artists. Let's wish the best to all three members in their futures!

For those of you who've never listened to Tsubakiya, check them out (a little belatedly...)


Blogs: Alice Nine and Budoukan

Seems like it was a big day for A9 yesterday, so I figured I'd just do some quick blog entries.

Most recent posts from Saga, Nao, Hiroto, and Shou. Tora hasn't updated since the fall of last year.

Everything here is from their blogs, including photos etc.

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