G-Men X feat. the GazettE with DJ Takuya, Special 2009 Part Kai

Happy holidays, everyone!

I've promised over and over and over again that I would post Kai's portion of this radio transcript and I finally have! YAY!!!

Anyways, like most of the G-men X Specials (see Aoi, Uruha, Reita and Ruki), Kai gets his embarrassing traits spilled by his oh-so-loving band mates.

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Without further ado...we present GazettE's super bullied incredibly loved leader and drummer, Kai!

-Bell Chime-

DJ TAKUYA: Last is~the drummer and leader, Mr. Kai!
I think everyone's been eager to get to this particular questionnaire. As expected of this level-headed leader, right, a reliable person☆ He won't be late☆ And he gets to meetings early and stuff

the GazettE: Yeah!

Reita: You can write it, and you can say it to the man himself.

DJ TAKUYA: Ah! Is tha~t what it is?

Ruki: It isn't that he's level-headed so much as he's calculating!

DJ Takuya: A calculating person?

The GazettE: Fufufu (laugh)

DJ Takuya: And! Things you want him to fix!! Everyone wrote, “forgotten items”...

the GazettE: Ahhhh

Ruki: I think anyone would say the same thing about this~forgotten items huh~He'll eventually forget his own name too

the GazettE: HAHAHAHA, that's so mean

Ruki: That's mean!

Reita: That's really mean, y'know!!

Please tell us about a recent interesting episode about Kai

Uruha: Ahhhh!! Ah! Um...he's already lent Reita the Crows ZERO② DVD~today's me! He brought it for me, right?

Reita: I brought it, I brought it.

Uruha: Didn't Kai lend it to you?

Reita: Yeah!!

Uruha: He forgot it at the office (laugh)

Everyone: Eehhh~??

GazettE: ahahahaha

Reita: You're kidding right (shocked)

DJ TAKUYA: That's not good, right~

Reita: You're joking, right!!

DJ TAKUYA: Leader (laugh)

Uruha: Eh, well, if I say, "I might let it spill," I'll spill it to Rei-chan after

Reita: I'm not listening

DJ TAKUYA: Ah, didn't he also forget that?

Reita: That guy--!! He--seriously--it's really bad.

Ruki: Earlier, Rei-chan was like, "Who was it again"

Reita: Oi, oi oi oi (laugh)


Reita: Waitt!! Seriously, I didn't know who owned the DVD

DJ TAKUYA: That's Mr. Careless, eh~

Reita: No!! It doesn't stop at careless!! This guy--it's almost criminal!!

GazettE: Ahahahahaha

Ruki: Seriously, it's like he uses all his energy to forget things.

DJ TAKUYA: He seems to be firm, careless, shrewd and calculating?

GazettE: Yeah

DJ TAKUYA: Man!! (laugh)

GazettE: Ahahaha

DJ TAKUYA: Next, this is from Aoi, he's gotten too into muscle training?

Aoi: Ahh, recently, y'know, like, it seems to be something he took up recently...but I don't think so (laugh)

DJ TAKUYA: Really? It's different? He seems to want to fix how thin he is...

Aoi: He's really disciplined, y'know. That's one of the things that appeals to us.

Reita: Because that means he'll do handstands as we watch.

DJ TAKUYA: Wow, in other words, it's not for the public to see.

Aoi: Right, right, right!

Ruki: It's like he'll suddenly go, "I'm gonna put on these sunglasses."

GazettE: Hahaha!

DJ TAKUYA: Ah, so like, you'd want something to help you prepare.

Aoi: Yeaahhh.

Reita: Y'know, he goes to a gym, and before this, he couldn't remember what gym he's been going to.

GazettE: Ahahahaha!

DJ TAKUYA: That! No way, right! As expected, Reita (laugh). Seems like he couldn't remember where his membership was with.

GazettE: Wahahaha!

DJ TAKUYA: Seems like the thing Uruha wants him to fix the most is his lack of interested in stringed instruments.

Uruha: Ah, uhm, he isn't interested in anything but drums. It's good to concentrate on one thing, but...it's like there's nothing but the drums...

Reita: A little bit too much of the, "there's nothing but the drums."

DJ TAKUYA: That, well, it's cool, right...

Reita: Didn't he just forget?

Uruha: Ahhhhhhh


Uruha: And the band?

Reita: The band too?

DJ TAKUYA: Forgetting an instrument called the guitar exists...it seems (laugh), that can't be, right?

Uruha: If that's really the case, he's beyond help.

DJ TAKUYA: This conversation completely went back towards his forgetfulness.

Ruki: Nfufu

DJ TAKUYA: From Ruki, "He's a good guy~"

Ruki: During the lives, he says some pretty good stuff~ but at the very end, he'll definitely add some swear word, that guy. And the way he says it makes it seem like he's trying to pick a fight.

DJ TAKUYA: Ah, it's a let down right. "It'd be good if he stayed nice until the very end" like that, right?

Ruki: "Cause I'm covering these asses!!" he says things like that

Uruah: Asses (laugh)

Ruki: At lives

Aoi: In this age, right! Ehh. Because he's covering his own ass (laugh).

Ruki: It's like, "Dude, what manga were you reading just now," right (laugh)

DJ TAKUYA: Ahaha, it seems interesting, so he ends up using the phrase a lot.

Ruki: Nfufu

DJ TAKUYA: From Aoi~ Kai is the "confirmation gramps." (laugh)

RukI: Ahh~ AAhhhh~

Aoi: Seriously! Before the live, always, at the venue...he always gets so annoying. Ah, but it's a good thing. Um, like, "We're gonna stop it here," and he does it every time, but it's pretty much the same exact thing every time.

Ruki: Yeah!

Uruha: Yeah! It's because he doesn't ask anyone else before he does things. Like he's just addicted to doing things.

Aoi: You said it! You said it!

Reita: You...(laugh)

DJ TAKUYA: So, he just doesn't ask anyone?

Ruki: The staff also have to do everything again for him. And then they have to come again! How many times have the staff had to come over, right?

Uruh: It's like, "Ahh!! Seriously?"

Ruki: Yeah! "Again? For the same thing?"

GazettE: Ahahahaha

DJ TAKUYA: Well, well, well

Ruki: It's like a really bad joke!

Aoi: Thisssss (laugh)

DJ TAKUYA: Wait, wait, wait, that's...one second...

Ruki:...is how it reached us from the staff☆

Reita: Seriously!! He's always just rushing things!! (laugh)

DJ TAKUYA: Next~ Is it ok to say it? Reita--ahh! But, Reita wrote something good, so it should be fine, right?

Reita: Eh?...what was that!

DJ TAKUYA: He wrote two syllables~ Baka☆

Ruki: Butter?

Reita: No! (laugh) It's gonna infect someone!!

GazettE: Ahahahaha!

Reita: No, but, y'know! He can't recognize kanji, he cuts people off when they're talking.

*Bell Chime*

DJ TAKUYA: Ah, it's the chime telling us our time's up

Aoi: Ehhhh!?

Reita: But I wanna keep talking~

Uruha: Even though I could keep going~

DJ TAKUYA: Kai, welcome back

Kai: Thanks...

DJ TAKUYA: Somehow, it got really heated, didn't it! We'll come back after everyone strips off one article of clothing. (laugh)

"Who in the GazettE is bullied the most?"

Kai: Probably! Probably...Reita, right?

DJ TAKUYA: Ah, it's Reita?

Kai: He's bullied quite a bit, right

Reita: How?!

Kai: No way, it's definitely quite a bit (laugh)

Aoi: No, no, Kai-san! Kai-san! (laugh)


Kai: No! Earlier, wasn't everyone saying how much they loved me....so even this guy has to get it...

Reita: No way, it isn't bullying, all I get is love☆ You're the one getting bullied, aren't you?

GazettE: Wahahahaha!!

Kai: That's mean!

『Mail intro & Conclusion』

※Mail Intro
The french toast that Kai made before, was it delicious?

Reita: Ahhh, he made that, huh (laugh)

Ruki: It was pretty good, right

Kai: But I can't make it anymore

Everyone: Eh

Reita: But I've never heard of someone being bad at french toast before.

DJ TAKUYA: For real...

GazettE: Ahahahahaha

Uruha: For real, right (laugh)

Kai is shrewd? I've also heard that he's mean?

GazettE: Wahahahaha

Aoi: Hey hey hey~

DJ TAKUYA: This!! "Hey hey" indeed, right, Aoi, that sort of thing isn't possible, right~

Aoi: Hey hey, that...to say our leader's mean...

Kai: No, no, for people, you need to be mean, otherwise you can't survive

DJ TAKUYA: He admitted it!! (laugh)

Aoi: You--can you say those things!?

Uruha: Oi oi oi oi

Kai: For people, if you aren't a little mean....

DJ TAKUYA: Ahh, well, that's true, eh (laugh)

Aoi: Kai-san! Kai-sannnnnnn! (laugh)

DJ TAKIYA: But that's also important, right

Ruki: Reita's kinda--

DJ TAKUYA: Reita, what's up?

Reita: In the end, we still can't cover our asses☆

GazettE: Wahahahahah!


I thought Ruki was really taciturn, so I was surprised to hear he talks a lot.

Ruki: Ah, well, sorry...'scuse my, what was it..."taciturn".

GazettE: Ehhh?! (laugh)

DJ TAKUYA: No, it's pretty unexpected, you can't see it in his face at all, since you're so happy, right!

Ruki: Nnnn, since I talk a lot♪

GazettE: Ahahaha

Ruki likes to talk, huh☆ It's very cute, but let's fix that habit of oversleeping.

DJ TAKUYA:...is what she said, ufufu (laugh)

Aoi: But, one thing I don't get...talking too much is cute?

Ruki: How is that...right?

Reita: Well then, I'm gonna talk too. I'm gonna talk too.

GazettE: Ahahaha

Aoi: Well, me too, me too!!

Uruha: And me too, me too!!

Kai: Well--well~ Me too! Me too!!

Reita, Aoi, Uruha: Go ahead, go ahead, go ahead~

*simultaneous breaking out in laughter*

DJ TAKUYA: As expected, Kai, you're in Ueshima's position (laugh) Just now--you got there naturally? As expected of the leader! (laugh)

Reita: (laugh) This is the only way he'd be popular.

DJ TAKUYA: Well, it's eventually gotten to the time for us to say our goodbyes~

Aoi: Ah? Really?

(Announcements about BID, lives, the DVD)

DJ TAKUYA: Thank you for giving us so much of your time today.

GazettE: Thank you very much!

DJ Takuya: Let's roar at the Milky ways! Alien Gmen TAKUYA with a GazettE SP~

Presenting Ruki! Uruha! Aoi! Reita! Kai!

Thank you very much for today.

GazettE: Thank you very much!

Well there you have it, the most bullied and "loved" member of the GazettE! Leave us a comment about what you hate or love about Kai (or any of the other members for that matter).

At any rate, I hope you all enjoyed this interview that we finally finished! All of the parts have been pretty interesting but Kai's responses seems to be the most hilarious!

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Oh my god this was so much fun XD
Thank you sooo much for translating!

KAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS SO CUTE!!!!!
He gets bullied A LOT but it is cute ><
I mean, that's how they "show" their love to each other... to the leader, right? fufufufufu~
Everyone just kept wanting to talk about leader-san >w<
Thank you for sharing this XD

Thanks very much I enjoyed it and I took the liberty to translate it in Arabic and you've been credited.

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