November 2013 VA feat. Ruki's Favorite Music

Ruki, once again, reveals his very...unique and eclectic tastes in his monthly VA column!

REDMAN October 21 Live Report

Continuing in our Satoshi vein, we bring you a live report of REDMAN's Tokyo live in the small indies house, Takadanobaba Club Phase!

RR049 feat. Satoshi (Girugamesh)

Satoshi lays it all out in the open, revealing all the obstacles that Girugamesh faced and overcame to stay together as the band they were and the long journey to becoming the band they wanted to be.

RR049 Preview feat. Ruki (the GazettE)

Just when you think you've got him figured out, Ruki becomes the most dangerous and alluring looking rabbit ever.

One Ok Rock Frolicking in the Sun

Summer is starting, and that means a visit to the beach. Tomoya is just your man, reporting live from the beaches of Miyakojima!


Kishidan World Festival 2012『Rampaging Rock'n'roll Olympics』

「Kishidan World Fair」Part 1 Tamashii, MomoClo, VAMPS 8 Artist Announcement

9/16・17 in Chiba・Sodegaura Kaihin Park, a festival organized by Kishidan called 「Kishidan World Festival 2012『Rampaging Rock'n'roll Olympics』」has just released its 1st round of performers.

The 8 artists revealed this time include the sponsoring Kishidan, the GazettE, Group Tamashii, Shounan no Kaze, DJ Ozma (unconfirmed), VAMPS, Momoiro Cloverz, and Unicorn. There is already an early showing of how this will reach out to different genres and ages.

At the moment, due to DJ OZMA's appearance as a headliner still being negotiated, we have attached (unconfirmed) to his name. Ayakouji Shou thoughts about 「Kishidan World Festival」 will be published again in an interview on Natalie Super Power Push's Kishidan feature frame.

Currently, today from 5/15 12:00 to 5/23 18:00, advanced tickets are available through Natalie. If you would like to reserve your ticket, please feel free to apply.

Kishidan World Festival 2012「Rampaging Rock'n'Roll Olympics」

2012/09/16 (Sun) Chiba Sodegaura Kaihin Park
OPEN 9:00 / START 11:30 / END 19:50(Scheduled)

2012/09/17 (Mon ・ Holiday) Chiba Sodegaura Kaihin Park
OPEN 9:00 / START 11:30 / END 19:50(Scheduled)

the GazettE / Group Tamashii / Shounan no Kaze / DJ OZMA (Unconfirmed) / VAMPS / Momoiro Cloverz / Unicorn / Kishidan / and more
※Performance dates will be announced at a later date

Advanced booking 1 day ticket / 10000円
Advnced booking 2 day ticket / 19000円

Original booking day: 2012/08/11 (Sat)

Original article from Natalie Mu.

Definitely sounds like it's gonna burn the park down with a lineup like that!

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Radio: BayFM78 ON8 feat. The GazettE, Aoi & Reita, Pt. V

Do you all remember this project? Haha....

At any rate, this segment has talk of Reita's lack of popularity and how these guys seem to live and thrive off of their work.

It's funny how their workalicism really shows since both of them seem to not know what to do on their days off. Do any of you have the same problem? When you're off classes or work, you're just not sure what to do with that extra time...

Don't forget to leave us a comment at the end about what you thought!

BAYFM78 ON8 Part V --- A Conflicted Aoi
DJ: Emiko Furukawa
GUESTS: the GazettE's Aoi & Reita

* * *

DJ: And you just heard the GazettE's “Before I Decay.” While these guys were listening to the broadcast just now, Aoi, well, he expressed his professional thoughts, didn't he?

Aoi: I did~ Reita's presence has become much more dominant

DJ&Reita: Yeah

Aoi: I think the bass is awesome.

DJ: “It even crosses over!” you said. “He's obviously powered up!”

Reita: He's cute, eh! Giving me compliments when we're not on air.

DJ: Ahahaha

Reita: Really! Right, Keiji!!

Aoi: No! No! I'm not Keiji!!

(Everyone bursts out laughing)

DJ: Aoi, when did you become Keiji?! (laughs)

Reita: He put on too much blush.

DJ: (Laughs) Blush?! You didn't right?

Aoi: I did not! I did not!


DJ: And now, in a bit our two guests will in a quick breath give the listeners a shout out! Before that, Reita!

Reita: Yup

DJ: When do you feel like you're useless, like you're “decaying”?

Reita: During my days off!!

---Commercial Break----

DJ: We're back, during the CM, just now, Reita yelled at me for saying, “You're the useless one right!”

Reita: What, no! I didn't! I didn't!

DJ: I apologize for teasing you a bit.

Reita: I didn't!!!

Aoi: Ohh~Reita's scaaaarrryyy.

Reita: No, no, no! Wait a seconddddd!

DJ: I'm very, very sorry...(laughs)

Reita: Waaaaaaa—it's a set up!!

DJ: Ahahaha, Reita! Just now, you said it really sucks because the days when you feel like you're “decaying” are during the days off...

Reita: It really is. I have nothing to do! And, if I get 3 or 4 days off, I seriously spend those 4 days checking for incoming messages.

DJ: Emails? What about emails?

Reita: I guess I check my email sometimes? When I do online shopping...

Aoi: (laughs)

DJ: Ahahaha...not sending them to friends (laughs) (to the side) he doesn't have friends

Reita: And plans with the manager...

DJ: Confirming the schedules, right (laughs)

Reita: Huuuuuh? Am I...alive?

DJ: (laughs) You are! You're alive, you're living, and sought after by everyone! Reita!

Reita: Oh, and the other day, Aoi ruined the only incoming call I got!

DJ: Ooh? Ooh? Ooh?

Reita: I thought “Ooh!” then I checked it, “Hey, where's that hair salon again?” It was the same hair salon but the phone call was just, “Where is it again?” That was at the end of that day.

DJ&Aoi: Hahahahahah (laughs)

Reita: Well, anyways I was happy.

DJ: Aren't you the type that's really good at chatting with friends like this?

Reita: Nope, because when it comes to my popularity, I have none (laugh)

DJ: Your days off are really something (laughs) Aoi, what about you? What do you do with 3-4 days off?

Aoi: No, well, I...(inaudible), I've got things to do, but...

DJ: There are “things to do, but...”? So you mean you're “gonna” do it, but you don't really know how to delegate time for it?

Aoi: Yeah, that's right. I should be like Reita and at least say something interesting.

Reita: Aa~ Well you have a friend here.

DJ: (laughs) and you even have the same aura.

And that was Part V of this BAYFM series! Poor Aoi, getting demoted (or was it a backhanded promotion??) to being Reita's pet parakeet. Check out Part I, II, III, and IV!

What was your favorite part of this segment? Did you like Aoi's new makeup style with the super red cheeks? Let us know in the comments section below!

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