November 2013 VA feat. Ruki's Favorite Music

Ruki, once again, reveals his very...unique and eclectic tastes in his monthly VA column!

REDMAN October 21 Live Report

Continuing in our Satoshi vein, we bring you a live report of REDMAN's Tokyo live in the small indies house, Takadanobaba Club Phase!

RR049 feat. Satoshi (Girugamesh)

Satoshi lays it all out in the open, revealing all the obstacles that Girugamesh faced and overcame to stay together as the band they were and the long journey to becoming the band they wanted to be.

RR049 Preview feat. Ruki (the GazettE)

Just when you think you've got him figured out, Ruki becomes the most dangerous and alluring looking rabbit ever.

One Ok Rock Frolicking in the Sun

Summer is starting, and that means a visit to the beach. Tomoya is just your man, reporting live from the beaches of Miyakojima!


Subtitles: Kaito Royale Episode 3

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your patience! We've all been caught up with real life (yes, we have lives outside of this blog), which is why the posts have been difficult to get together.

But Kyuupa was persistent and patient, and she got the subs for Kaito Royale up for you all.

Find the episode with the special intro here and check back later for the subtitles without the special intro.

There's nothing particular to note here, so enjoy the episode!

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