November 2013 VA feat. Ruki's Favorite Music

Ruki, once again, reveals his very...unique and eclectic tastes in his monthly VA column!

REDMAN October 21 Live Report

Continuing in our Satoshi vein, we bring you a live report of REDMAN's Tokyo live in the small indies house, Takadanobaba Club Phase!

RR049 feat. Satoshi (Girugamesh)

Satoshi lays it all out in the open, revealing all the obstacles that Girugamesh faced and overcame to stay together as the band they were and the long journey to becoming the band they wanted to be.

RR049 Preview feat. Ruki (the GazettE)

Just when you think you've got him figured out, Ruki becomes the most dangerous and alluring looking rabbit ever.

One Ok Rock Frolicking in the Sun

Summer is starting, and that means a visit to the beach. Tomoya is just your man, reporting live from the beaches of Miyakojima!


Live Event: 2nd ScReW Q&A at Brand X, Tokyo (2010)

ScReW fans rejoice, we have another ScReW post for you all! The ScReW members get asked more questions at another in-store at Brand X. This is part I of II of 2 (makes sense, I know), but basically, there's one other part to this particular in-store event.

Curious to know what other kinds of questions the fans had for Screw? Continue reading to find out!


Live Event: Screw Q&A at Brand X, Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

Part II - 2010.05.23


Q.1 What do you wear to bed and what's your sleeping posture?

Jin: I'm topless.

Rui: Sweats

Manabu: I wear sweats too.

Yada: What color?

Manabu: Hmm? Grey.

Audience catcalls.

Yada: And your sleeping posture?

Manabu: Vertically and I don't move.

Yada: What about your hands?

Manabu: They're straight.

Kazuki: I wear jerseys.

Yada: What kind of material.

Kazuki: Huh? (laughs) Well...I bought it at Don Quijote.

Yada: Don Quijote has good stuff.

Kazuki: It was about 1500yen.

Yada: Aah, you're wearing the good quality ones.

Kazuki: Eeh!? (laughs)

Yada: There are ones sold for around 800yen too right?

Kazuki: Ahh...(laughs)

Yada: What kind of material is it?

Kazuki: Hmmm...material...umm?

Manabu: It has, like, skulls on it.

Kazuki: Yeah, yeah.

Yada: And your posture?

Kazuki: I sleep on my side.

Yada: Are you the type to sleep with your hand in between your legs?

Kazuki: (laughs) It's alright if you don't understand that feeling (laughs)

Byou: I sleep in Adidas jerseys.

Yada: Nice. What about sleeping position?

Byou: I sleep with my hands guarding my crotch.

Yada: (laughs) Guarding it well, eh. (laughs)

Byou: Only that part kinda sticks out (laugh)

Yada: That'll happen with any kind of jersey, y'know (loud laughter)

Q.2 Type of girl you like?

Byou: How should I answer this question? Hmm, I'll go with looks then. I like an office lady.

Yada: What kind of style?

Byou: Aah~ the kinda “flashy” type (laughs)

Kazuki: I like a family orientated type of girl.

Yada: Like a girl who looks good with an apron on?

Kazuki: Aah...yeah (laughs)

Yada: How about having an apron-only live?

Kazuki: (laughs)
Manabu: I like the kind of girl who I can feel at ease with...and not have to worry so much about.

Rui: I like Lum (laughs) But aggressive girls are a little... (laughs)

Jin: I like girls that are kind of vulgar (laughs)

Q.3 What's the colour of your underwear today and what kind of colour panties do you like?

Byou: I'm wearing black, as for panties, I like pink!

Yada: Shocking pink?

Byou: Like...that kind of pink. (points to the flower on the girl sitting in front)

Kazuki: Black

Manabu: Rainbow (laughs) [for both himself and type of panties he likes]

Rui: I'm wearing black today. As for panties...seems like it's been decided...

Yada: Lum, right?

Rui: (laughs) Yeah~leopard print (laughs)

Yada: Huh? Not tiger print?

Rui: Hm? Ah, yeah, tiger print I guess...

Jin: I'm wearing yellowish-green today.

Audience: Gachapin! Gachapin!

Manabu: It sure is Gachapin!!

Jin:...there is no Gachapin on it (laughs)

Q.4 How big of an age gap is still okay for you?

Yada: ScReW's representative, Mr. Manabu~ please give us your answer.

Manabu: Umm......Well then, from 5 years old to around 40 years old?

Kazuki: Yada, didn't you have a wise saying just now? (laughs) Could you say it one more time? (laughs)

Yada: Ah?...Oh, that? “From the cradle to the grave.”

Kazuki: Thaaannkkk yoouuu (laughs)


And that's a wrap, for now at least. We hope you enjoyed reading this segment and learned something you didn't know about Screw. Now for our questions of the day

One, how many of you girls (or guys) would show up to a Screw concert in a Lum outfit or apron only? And two, what kind of boxers/underwear would you want ScReW to wear? Gachapin and Mucc seem cute, don't they? Or are some of you going for pink and rainbow too?

Let us know in the comment section down below along with your thoughts on this article.

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We will see you all again next time!


Radio: G-Men X feat. the GazettE, Special 2009

Just how well do you know each individual member of the GazettE?

In this special segment, the host, DJ Takuya, embarks on a journey to investigate each band member.

The Gazette spill the beans about each other! It's shocking and downright hilarious!
Are you itching to find out what came out of this special investigation?

Continue reading to find out what DJ Takuya discovered about the GazettE!

Takuya's Report From the Milky Way: Space G-MEN X, the GazettE Special

GUEST: the GazettE
BROADCAST TIME:October 8th, 2009 (24:00-25:00)


Takuya: Tonight we're going to start with a class called “the GazettE Seminar.” Let's just call it “Gaze-sem” for short. The subject of this particular investigation are the band members of the GazettE, and will be brought to you in a report style. Just before this, we had each member fill out a questionnaire...Basically, it's going to be a judgement of each individual~ Aoi, can we get you to step out for a moment?

The Gazette: Hahaha!

Aoi: Do I really have to go out?

Reita: Get out~get out~ (laughs)

Takuya: We're going to have everyone step outside the studio once at some point for about 5 minutes.

Aoi: Eh? Eh?

The Gazette: Hahaha

Aoi: Isn't that cruel? That's a little cruel.

The Gazette: Hahaha

First, we have Aoi step out of the studio, and the questionnaire starts with him.

Takuya: “His hobby is coffee,” is what Uruha wrote (laughs)

Uruha: Huh? I did?

Takuya: He loves and is obsessed with coffee, seems to like to recommend it to people too. But that's a good point about Aoi?

☆He loves bikes. Since Reita is the only one he can talk to about bikes, both of them talk about bikes pretty often. Invited Reita out for a bike ride but he didn't seem to have went (laughs)

Aoi also seems to have lots of hobbies and he's....shallow!?

The Gazette: Hahaha

Reita & Ruki: He's shallow!

Takuya: Oh, I see, even Aoi is nodding his head outside the studio. (laughs)

☆ He's generous.

Reita: He often treats people...he bought me nikuman, and on my birthday he gave me a pack of cigarettes. He put it in my pocket.

Ruki: He bought me juice, but I forced him to buy it.

Uruha: You're dirty! (laughs)

Aoi also has paid for their meals (individually). He really has that big brother type of personality.

Something you want him to change

Ruki: I want him to stop showing off his macho-ness imitations and flexing his muscles behind us when we're putting on makeup. (laughs)

Takuya: He does that?! Wooooow Ao~i...Ah! He's gone~

the Gazette: Ahahaha

Takuya: Oh! And we have a “NO WAY” from Aoi. (laughs) Ah, “no way”? Well since it's funny it should be fine, right? Kai seems to want him to change that too. Is it that bad?

Kai: He used to surf so he's got a nice body. His physique is my ideal type of really has become my ideal type...

Uruha: Your ideal body type you say huh~ (laughs)

Aoi's personal report

Takuya: He's chivalric.

Ruki: Ah~that's definitely because of his muscles. (laughs)

Takuya: And what he wants to change about himself is his over generosity. Aoi doesn't seem to want to treat people so much (laughs)

Reita: Aoi's fickle--I'm not trying to criticize him or anything, but there are lots of fickle people, right?

Ruki: Dude, you are criticizing him. (laughs)

Takuya: Seems like there are a lot of things written about him here--he's fickle, the type that can't be bothered...Reita, are you talking about yourself?

Reita: Ah no, I wrote that about myself too.

Ruki: Well, then why don't you tell us about it. (laughs)

Reita: Well~everyone is similar...the only person who isn't fickle is Kai.

Takuya: Ah, really?

Reita: But he's kind of not really here at the moment...

Kai: I'm here! I'm here! (laughs)

Takuya: Kai, if everyone is fickle, does that irritate you?

Kai: No, I don't. I don't get pissed...but, ah, it's because it's Aoi, and you're at it again (laughs)

Takuya: Alright Aoi, welcome back!

Aoi: Aah~I'm sorry, like seriously, I really am. Just so you guys know.

the Gazette: Ahahaha


Kai said that Aoi's body type is his ideal. Kai, are you “that” type?

Kai: Huh?! What?! What do you mean?!

Reita: Oohh...your secret is finally out!

Takuya: Is it about liking the body of other men?

Kai: But I do like it.

Takuya: Ah!? He just...reaffirmed it??!!

the Gazette: Ahahaha!!

♪ Bell Chimes ♪

Takuya: Alright! Time's up! Next is Uruha.

Uruha: Yup!

Aoi: Indeed it is.

Takuya: Uruha, could we get you to step outside... Everyone, please say whatever you want!

Aoi: Yes! (to Uruha) See ya later!

the Gazette: Ahahaha


(*゚Д゚) アレ?Uruha is next, and you're stopping here?!

Yes, unfortunately we are cutting it off here, but no worries the individual member segments will be posted sometime soon. For now we hope you enjoyed Aoi's segment, we sure had a good laugh out of it. The man never fails to amuse.

And now our question of the day: What do you love or possibly hate about Aoi and why?

Second question, especially to the people who follow us on Facebook. Did this segment seem vaguely familiar to anyone of you? (=^▽^=)

Let us know below in the comment section.

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Live Event: ScReW Q&A at Brand X, Tokyo (2010)

Hi, everyone!! We've got a post about another band we haven't covered before--ScReW!

It's another in-store event, this time with Brand X at their Ikebukuro branch in Tokyo.

We meant to get this up some time last week, but both of us were busy with school and work, so it's a bit delayed. In return though, this is a pretty long post, so things kinda balance out.

As usual, please don't lift and repost elsewhere, and please link back to us in your previews.

Now onto how Rui loves girls in tiger-print bikinis--er, I did not just spoil anything for you (;´∀`)


SCREW Q&A at Brand X, Ikebukuro, Tokyo - May 23rd, 2010

Part 1

Q.1 If you could become anyone of the members who would you want to be?

Manabu wants to be Byou

Manabu: I can be a cool looking guy, and while I'm oozing “coolness” I want to walk along Ikebukuro.

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