Subtitles: Kaito Royale Episode 1

Remember what I said about some dramatic news?!

Well, it's here!

MICHIDO officially has a new coolie team member! She'll be referred to as Qappa and will be helping us with projects here and there. Her first project is the first episode of the new drama, Kaito Royale.

At any rate, you can find the subtitles to episode 1 of Kaito Royale here. We won't be providing the video file, but we're sure you'll be able to find it somewhere~ VLC Media Player will be able to handle this file automatically as long as it and the video file are in the same place on your computer and have the same name. :) Before you run off and enjoy yourself, keep in mind two things:

1. DON'T upload these onto streaming sites (ex. YouTube, DramaCrazy, MySoju, etc.) or profit off of them.
2. Read the notes below! They're important~

This is your chance to get smarter while you watch dramas! 8D Here're some more details about things mentioned in the drama:

“The Tear of Alexander” Cocktail (00:34)
While rather amusing to see in the drama, this “cocktail” is most likely a diluted red cabbage juice pH indicator. It can be made at home, and is really quite interesting if various liquids are tested. In the case of the cocktail turning green, it is because a liquid base (pH 8-14) was added. Though in the drama it looks to be a lemon or other garnish of some sort, it was most likely window cleaner, or another household base. If an acid is added to the pH indicator, it’ll turn bright pink! Don’t try this at home, however, if you intend to drink your concoction.

“Cursed” gem (1:22)
Though The Tear of Alexander doesn’t exist, and therefore doesn’t go around offing people, there’s the Hope Diamond, which is often claimed to be cursed, as all of its wearers or owners are brought tragedy and misfortune.

Caligula Effect (04:17)
What Rei refers to as the Caligula Effect is actually just reverse psychology. Reverse psychology is exactly what Rei states, but there is much more to it than is revealed. (It’s super interesting, so read more about it here). The real definition of the Caligula Effect is the phenomena where, in the simplest of terms, powerful men compulsively cheat (on their woman/women). Caligula (otherwise also known as Gaius) was a politically powerful Roman emperor who constantly sought to increase imperial power, and is infamously referred to by the few surviving sources as having an insatiable sexual appetite. There’s absolutely no connection between the Caligula Effect and what it’s said to mean in the drama. Don’t be fooled!

Hausmann (11:11)
Full name Johann Friedrich Ludwig Hausmann, a German mineralogist. The nice chap who wrote the screenplay for this episode clearly just needed the name of a real (and old, preferably dead) mineralogist. Hausmann didn’t actually say the line he is quoted to say in the drama.

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OMGOMGOMG THANK YOU !!!!! its gets harder to watch each episode !  thank you so much Hun x  on behalf of all Tori THANK  YOU!! :D!!!

<3 thank you so much for sharing, I've understood the gist of what's going on but it's always better to subs so I can understand it all ^__^ I'll be patiently awaiting the subs for the rest of the episodes

Thank you again~

Thank you so much for sharing, I adore this drama~

Thanks for subbing this drama XD thanks so much

Thank you so much for your hardwork ^^

ah these fit the ones without the cast talking at the beginning i will go and download episode one again the short version without the intro thank you so much again :D!

v_v... I wish I could enjoy like everyone else... but when I download it... Nothing comes up when i try to play... UGH... this sucks

Thank you so much for subbing! I've been dying to watch this drama. Looking forward to the next episodes!


have you find the short version without the intro? i really want to watch this, but i got confused when the timing doesn't match :(

I can try to help you out--are the video file and the subtitle file under the same name?

Thank you so much! Judging from the notes, I am certain that the sub is of HQ and superrrr quality! THANKS AGAIN! Will be enjoying this! *I'm so thankful that someone is subbing this drama! ♥

OMG THANK YOU! I thought no one would ever sub it.. *cries tears of joy*

About the traslation work. I'm terribly sorry if we upset you about not asked for your permission. I thought it was not necessary because we always keep the credits of those who work in the original subtitles. Although after several years in the world of fansub I fully understand your discomfort. Thank you for your hard work and I promise it will not happen again. Thanks! ^^!

You're welcome!
Thanks for commenting as well <3

Ahahahah!! You're so welcome! We're glad you've looked forward to our subs.

Tori's not half bad ;D considering I hadn't really heard of him before. Hope to hear from you again in episode 2~

You're welcome! The general plot is pretty clear for this drama, but it's the dialogue that makes everything fall into place, especially the climax of this episode.

Please look forward to the rest of the drama as much as we do :)

You're very welcome--I hope you enjoyed it!

You're welcome~ And thank you for taking the time to comment, we're grateful ^^-

I *think* d-Addicts may have it...I know for certain that there are two versions of episode 1 there. But, I don't know if it is with or without the intro.

Next time I'll see if I can have two versions of subs. :)

You're welcome--again! ;D I didn't know that the first episode had comments at the beginning--since my version didn't, but I will try having two versions of subs so you won't have to go looking for the video that matches. :) See you in episode 2~

You're welcome!! Thanks for your comment--we'll see you in episode 2~


Hahaha :)! Thanks for taking the time to comment--please look forward to episode 2 as well~

; A ; Awww <3 Thank you for the kind words. I'm so happy now!! xD
If you have any feedback at all, feel free to let us know--we're always looking to improve and take suggestions to heart. I hope the notes helped make your drama experience even more exciting!

You're welcome! And I'll see you again in episode 2~

Thanks for taking the time to get back to us on that. For translations posted elsewhere, we request that we be linked back to, so thank you for that as well. It's not so much that people get our permission as it is just letting us know they'd like to. It gives us a way to gauge how far our translations have traveled, and we might consider linking OUT to the translated subs, so it's just nice for us to know.

We know how time-consuming it is to work on translations, so again, thank you for taking the time to contact us. Thank you for keeping our original credits, and good luck on your projects!!

Thank you for subbing this drama! I've been waiting for this my whole life! ^^

Thank you very much for the sub !
I really like Matsuzaka Tori, and i'd want to see Kaito royal.
I really like the first episode, thank you again for this !

(and sorry for bad english !)

Thank you!! I was starting to think that there was no hope of watching Kaito Royale with subs. 

Thank you! I've been looking EVERYWHERE for subs for this :)

when will the next episode be subbed?

Hello! We're in the process of editing the second episode right now, please expect it to be up within the next few days :)

Ahahaha you're welcome! xD Your enthusiasm is amazing--thank you for waiting :))
We'll see you in episode 2 soon~

Thanks for the subs and for the additional infos. They were really interesting :) 

In that case, I'm glad you've found us! Thanks for dropping by, and be sure to check out episode two as well. :D

You're welcome! Kaito Royale is a midnight drama, and those are hardly ever picked up by subbers unless they're interesting enough...We think Kaito Royale's worth subbing though ;D

Thanks for dropping by~ We'll see you in episode 2 and 3 then? :P

You're very, very welcome!
I understood your English just fine, don't worry. :)
Matsuzaka Tori is really good in this drama--I hope you enjoy the rest of the episodes too!

Hello! And you're welcome! :D Thank you for the feedback, we really appreciate it! We're glad you took the time to read them--they really make the drama more interesting too. :))

i'm gonna translate it to Indonesian language if you don't mind. i'll send the link soon ^^

I'm gonna traslate it to Spanish language if you do not mind me to do the translation

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