1000 followers?! Wut, seriously?!

Wow, everyone. We really got here! Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would ever get here a month ago, and it's really thanks to everyone here that I did (´゜ωÅ`)

When my follower count started to pick up and I began to get really wonderful thank you messages, I thought to myself that maybe I would start doing this full time.

The problem with doing this full time, though, is that...I'd need a way to make sure I don't starve away in a room somewhere while doing it full time....

Which is why I'm openly asking for donations to fund this venture. Everything and anything helps! Please click on the "Donate here" tab to feed the semi-starving pig. ⇑

Meanwhile, take a look around and explore the blog a little! Since this just opened up, there isn't much here yet, but rest assured, there will be new material added fairly regularly. Email requests/notes to mou.ichido.2010 [at] gmail.com!

Also, don't forget to fan the Facebook page! (●´―`●)



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