What is on your desk?

Hi everyone!

Recently we asked if anyone would like to see more personal entries on the blog and a few commented yes. So we decided to make more entries about ourselves.

Here goes.

I think I haven't properly introduced myself. I think some of you were confused when Bucchan talked about クマ☆G (Kuma G).


Hi everyone, I'm Kuma G (〃'▽'〃)
You guys probably wonder why I'm using such a weird name...haha. I'm not really sure, it's cute?

Yes, so I am Kuma G, Bucchan's helper on this blog. I don't do much though...just responsible for some of the translation projects. Other than that I just harass Bucchan on a daily basis.

Now that I have done a very short introduction on myself let's move on to today's topic

What is on your desk?

Loads and loads of...crap.

It's actually much messier than this I just moved some of it out of the way (laughs).

Why does she have two laptops?! Yes, those of you wondering this...well...I recently just bought a new one (the white one) and the old one hasn't died yet so I still use it. I feel like a tech nerd. It's kind of cool working on two laptops though (*≧∀≦)

Stickies! I cannot express how much I love stickies and post its and all that awesome stuff! They make writing notes so much fun♥

Pigs are cute aren't they? I certainly think so!

Oh yes and rabbits too.

I really like animals don't I? A friend gave me this sticker, she thinks I have major issues. Okay okay I might have some..but they're not serious I swear!

Oh hello there Reita-san! What are you doing on my notice board?

I made this...a year ago? I can't remember. I was really into sewing and plushie making for a period of time and I wanted to sew the members of the GazettE. I only got as far as making Reita. He was stuffed away in some box and I recently found him. Poor Reita...

BOO—BOO—BOOKGASM! Oh my! There are more books on another shelf that you guys can't see. I really like buying books and reading...yeah all that nerdy stuff. But most of it are books on Japanese since I'm still in the learning process.

And lastly...

Couple of months ago I went to a local Izakaya (Japanese styled pub) with a group of friends just to hang out. We usually order beer pitchers but I asked for a bottle. I like the design even though it's nothing special, and another reason is... if some of you have guessed I'm an Aoi fan, and he drinks Asashi so I had to take it home (feels embarrassed, runs and hides). Honestly, I don't like Asahi very much,Sapporo and Kirin on the other hand are yummy! So those of you old enough to drink, definitely try those out!

Hope everyone found this entry fun to read and please look out for Bucchan's entry on her desk!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Let us know about YOUR desk! We've love to see all the different types of atmosphere people work in, so upload a photo somewhere (feel free to upload onto our Facebook)!  And show off all the merchandise/cute stuff/junk/toys you have!! Or tweet it to us! Or comment to us with a link below. If we get an amazing one, we'll even help you show off some more with a retweet! o(*>▽<*)o


That's a nice corner table and so cozy with 2 laptops (FTW btw)!!

Reita is cute too, among the many animals you have scattered around. XD

It's nice to have 2 laptops. I have only one old PC. But I also like animals and they are really adorable :)
And Reaita. How cute, I'm so jealous about this little Reita. :3 I also love books. And I'm Aoi fan ^^.

sorry for my english. :(


Thank you! I'm in this little corner a lot, haha!


Yeah it's nice, but I mostly use the new one. Poor reita was forgotten in a box, but I'm glad I found him. Yay for being Aoi fans ♥ Don't worry your English is fine! Thank you for commenting!

That's a nice corner table and so cozy with 2 laptops (FTW btw)!!

Reita is cute too, among the many animals you have scattered around. XD

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