Live Event: 2nd ScReW Q&A at Brand X, Tokyo (2010)

ScReW fans rejoice, we have another ScReW post for you all! The ScReW members get asked more questions at another in-store at Brand X. This is part I of II of 2 (makes sense, I know), but basically, there's one other part to this particular in-store event.

Curious to know what other kinds of questions the fans had for Screw? Continue reading to find out!


Live Event: Screw Q&A at Brand X, Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

Part II - 2010.05.23


Q.1 What do you wear to bed and what's your sleeping posture?

Jin: I'm topless.

Rui: Sweats

Manabu: I wear sweats too.

Yada: What color?

Manabu: Hmm? Grey.

Audience catcalls.

Yada: And your sleeping posture?

Manabu: Vertically and I don't move.

Yada: What about your hands?

Manabu: They're straight.

Kazuki: I wear jerseys.

Yada: What kind of material.

Kazuki: Huh? (laughs) Well...I bought it at Don Quijote.

Yada: Don Quijote has good stuff.

Kazuki: It was about 1500yen.

Yada: Aah, you're wearing the good quality ones.

Kazuki: Eeh!? (laughs)

Yada: There are ones sold for around 800yen too right?

Kazuki: Ahh...(laughs)

Yada: What kind of material is it?

Kazuki: Hmmm...material...umm?

Manabu: It has, like, skulls on it.

Kazuki: Yeah, yeah.

Yada: And your posture?

Kazuki: I sleep on my side.

Yada: Are you the type to sleep with your hand in between your legs?

Kazuki: (laughs) It's alright if you don't understand that feeling (laughs)

Byou: I sleep in Adidas jerseys.

Yada: Nice. What about sleeping position?

Byou: I sleep with my hands guarding my crotch.

Yada: (laughs) Guarding it well, eh. (laughs)

Byou: Only that part kinda sticks out (laugh)

Yada: That'll happen with any kind of jersey, y'know (loud laughter)

Q.2 Type of girl you like?

Byou: How should I answer this question? Hmm, I'll go with looks then. I like an office lady.

Yada: What kind of style?

Byou: Aah~ the kinda “flashy” type (laughs)

Kazuki: I like a family orientated type of girl.

Yada: Like a girl who looks good with an apron on?

Kazuki: Aah...yeah (laughs)

Yada: How about having an apron-only live?

Kazuki: (laughs)
Manabu: I like the kind of girl who I can feel at ease with...and not have to worry so much about.

Rui: I like Lum (laughs) But aggressive girls are a little... (laughs)

Jin: I like girls that are kind of vulgar (laughs)

Q.3 What's the colour of your underwear today and what kind of colour panties do you like?

Byou: I'm wearing black, as for panties, I like pink!

Yada: Shocking pink?

Byou: Like...that kind of pink. (points to the flower on the girl sitting in front)

Kazuki: Black

Manabu: Rainbow (laughs) [for both himself and type of panties he likes]

Rui: I'm wearing black today. As for panties...seems like it's been decided...

Yada: Lum, right?

Rui: (laughs) Yeah~leopard print (laughs)

Yada: Huh? Not tiger print?

Rui: Hm? Ah, yeah, tiger print I guess...

Jin: I'm wearing yellowish-green today.

Audience: Gachapin! Gachapin!

Manabu: It sure is Gachapin!!

Jin:...there is no Gachapin on it (laughs)

Q.4 How big of an age gap is still okay for you?

Yada: ScReW's representative, Mr. Manabu~ please give us your answer.

Manabu: Umm......Well then, from 5 years old to around 40 years old?

Kazuki: Yada, didn't you have a wise saying just now? (laughs) Could you say it one more time? (laughs)

Yada: Ah?...Oh, that? “From the cradle to the grave.”

Kazuki: Thaaannkkk yoouuu (laughs)


And that's a wrap, for now at least. We hope you enjoyed reading this segment and learned something you didn't know about Screw. Now for our questions of the day

One, how many of you girls (or guys) would show up to a Screw concert in a Lum outfit or apron only? And two, what kind of boxers/underwear would you want ScReW to wear? Gachapin and Mucc seem cute, don't they? Or are some of you going for pink and rainbow too?

Let us know in the comment section down below along with your thoughts on this article.

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We will see you all again next time!


Yay! Thanks for this :)

LOL, Byou and his office ladies...

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Manabu: Rainbow

WTH manabu??? XDDD
Thanks for translating this! *kisses*

Awww lol lol lol lol ! Thank you for translating this ! <3

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