Live Event: ScReW Q&A at Brand X, Tokyo (2010)

Hi, everyone!! We've got a post about another band we haven't covered before--ScReW!

It's another in-store event, this time with Brand X at their Ikebukuro branch in Tokyo.

We meant to get this up some time last week, but both of us were busy with school and work, so it's a bit delayed. In return though, this is a pretty long post, so things kinda balance out.

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Now onto how Rui loves girls in tiger-print bikinis--er, I did not just spoil anything for you (;´∀`)


SCREW Q&A at Brand X, Ikebukuro, Tokyo - May 23rd, 2010

Part 1

Q.1 If you could become anyone of the members who would you want to be?

Manabu wants to be Byou

Manabu: I can be a cool looking guy, and while I'm oozing “coolness” I want to walk along Ikebukuro.

Yada: Why Ikebukuro?

Manabu: Because we're in Ikebukuro right now (laughs). Shinjuku or Shibuya is ok too.

While Manabu was talking, Kazuki started to poke at Jin's chair, making Jin scoot to the side. Jin couldn't take it anymore and stood up.

Manabu: Anyways, (to Jin) you know, you don't look very big.

Jin: Speaking of the others, I want to become one of the other members and perform up front.

Yada: How about performing right in the middle of the guests' seats?

Jin: (laughs) Sure!

Yada: There's an overseas band with the drummer performing at the very front.

Jin: Ah, I think I've heard of that before.

Yada: But he had his back facing the audience, so that means if you do it everyone will be looking at your butt.

Jin: (laughs)

Kazuki wants to be Rui

Kazuki: I can play with Maru as much as I want.

Ruki: Maru as in my cat

Yada: Oh? Have you met it before?

Kazuki: Yeah, once.

Rui: The other day, Manabu and Kazuki came over to my place and Kazuki kept doing (pretends to stroke a cat's chin) that to my cat.

Yada: What was Manabu doing?

Manabu: His cat didn't even pay attention to me, it felt like I was being ignored.
Rui wants to be Byou.

Rui: Manabu and I are taken away by Byou--I want to ooze out sex appeal and walk along Ginza.

Yada: At...Ginza huh? (laughs)

Byou wants to be Jin

Byou: I want to be bullied. Well, just to an extent where it's not overdone, so it's kind of not really bullying. (laughs)

Kazuki: It's important to not be too harsh. (laughs)

Q.2 Favorite girl's attire
Byou: Black OL attire. (OL as in office lady)

Rui: I like Lum.

Yada: Umm (laughs) Lum as in...

Rui: Yup, from Urusei Yatsura.

Yada: Ah, if I'm not mistaken Lum's wearing a bikini with a similar pattern to Raijin?

Rui: Yup, that’s right.

Yada: Oooh! Well then, you want girls to come to lives like that too?

Rui: No, not for lives. (laughs) I'd be in trouble.(laughs)

Yada: So you'd be in trouble, eh. (laughs) You just want a situation where you can walk the streets normally with her?

Rui: Well...something like that (laughs) If it's her, then it's fine. (laughs)

Yada: I see, so if it's Lum then it's all good, but she would probably get arrested (laughs)

Rui: Yeah, since she's showing too much (laughs)

Yada: Ah no, I mean...

Rui: Oh? You mean me? (laughs) Okay, fine, arrest me (laughs)

Yada: Alright, so Kazuki what kind of Lum do you...

Kazuki & audience: Whaaat?! (laughs)

Yada: Ah, sorry! (laughs)

Kazuki: The usual Lum is fine (laughs) Hmm...Actually if it looks good, anything is fine with me.

Yada: What if it were skirts or pants?

Kazuki: Skirts!!!

Jin: It's summer, so the less the better.

Yada: We're not talking about how much you need on (laughs)

Jin: Ahhh (laughs). Well, I also think whatever looks good on is fine.

Yada: What about a cloak?

Jin: (laughs) Yeah

Yada: What about with Lum's attire under the cloak?

Jin: (laughs) Yes! (laughs)

Kazuki: Well, that's a job well done!

Jin: Oh yeah. (laughs)

Yada: Oh really? (laughs)

Manabu: If it's feminine I don't really care.

Yada: In what way?

Manabu: Umm, like hair? I think long hair is pretty feminine.

Yada: What about the length of Rui's hair.

Manabu: Aah, that's good too (laughs)

Q.3 Are you still smoking even with the tax increase on cigarettes?

First off, Screw members were asked who smoked. Everyone raised their hands.

Second, they were asked who was still smoking. Everyone raised their hands.

How much are you willing to pay?

Byou, Rui and Manabu are willing to pay up to 1000yen.

Kazuki is willing to pay around 500yen.

Yada: What brand are you smoking?

Kazuki: Marlboro Menthol

Yada: Isn't that around 400yen now?

Kazuki: What?! That's expensiveeeeee! (laughs)

Yada: It used to be around 200yen right.

Kazuki: Oh really? I didn't know that.

Yada: That was way back in the day, when I was still a student.

Jin: Hmm, around 300yen for me?

Yada: Ah then it's going to be hard for you (laughs)

Jin: Hmmm, maybe 1000yen? Ah around 500yen?

Yada: Isn't that a wide range?

Jin: (laughs) Around 500yen.

Q4. Who do you think “sparkles” the most today?

On the count of 3 please point to that person.


At first Manabu was pointing to no one in particular, but then he pointed to Gotou.

Rui's reason for picking Byou:

Rui: His glasses are nice.

Yada: How so?

Rui: Hmm...it really suits him?...Um, never mind I'm sorry! (laughs)

Q.5 If you had to live together with a member who would it be?

Byou chose Rui.

Byou: Every time I read his blog he always has delicious looking food posted.

Yada: Do you like eating?

Byou: I like curry and baseball.

Yada: (laughs) Can you make curry?

Rui: Hmm? Oh, yeah I can.

Yada: What kind?

Rui: Huh?

Yada: Like vegetable curry or...

Rui: Oh, umm just the usual kind.

Yada: What do you eat it with? Rice?

Rui: I eat it with rice when I'm at home, but at restaurants I eat it with Nan bread.

Rui chose Jin

Rui: He can make you feel really laid back...plus, I want to keep him as a pet.

Kazuki picked Rui

Kazuki: His blog has been looking like a cooking blog lately. (laughs)

Yada: What do you want him to make for you?

Kazuki: Bread!

Rui: What?!

Kazuki: Bread!

Yada: (laughs) You want to eat it with bread?

Kazuki: I had bread just now, I had a sausage bun.

Yada: A sausage bun? (laughs) Rui you're going to have a lot of work.

Rui: Huh? Anyone can make sausage buns.

Yada: Then you're going to start with making the sausages, right?

Rui: Whaaaat?! (laughs) I'm not going to go that far (laughs)

A moment later...

Rui: Okay, maybe I want to try it.

Jin also picked Rui

Yada: Oooh, we have a couple! You guys can be a couple

Jin: We're a couple (laughs and Jin starts whistling)
It's cause he makes food for me (laughs).

Yada: And next we have Manabu, who no one has selected yet.

Manabu: I'm going with Jin.

Yada: Oh! Are you trying to snatch away someone else's love?

Manabu: (laughs) Yes, I am (laughs)
When we get put in the same room during tours and it's just Jin and me, somehow I end up falling asleep right away.

Yada: Huh?! Is that because he doesn't want to talk to you?

Manabu: Ah no, it's just...I feel relaxed?

Jin: He usually holds his guitar to sleep. (laughs)

Yada: You don't wake him up?

Jin: Ah, he looks kind of cute that way, so I don't wake him up.

Yada: What do you do then?

Jin: I'm on my computer


Wow, isn't Rui the popular one (●ゝ艸・)フ゜ッ I guess it's natural to want to live with someone who can feed you though, haha.

If you all had a choice, who would you want to live with?? I'm going to have to go with the guys on this one and pick Rui too (´▽`*)アハハー

And would any of you be willing to walk next to these guys in a Lum outfit?? That takes a lot of guts, haha!

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Hehe~ it's true that to a man's heart is through cooking! RUI<3

I'd choose Kazuki....because he's my bias (;^ω^A If it weren't for that, it would probably be Rui for me as well. He's going to have to feed so many people (*´艸`) But if we lived together, he can do the cooking and I would do the baking! We'd make an awesome team and we would hold feasts in the house. No need for an izakaya ( ´∀`)

Thanks so much for translating this ^^ I'd definitely choose Rui. A man who can cook is a winner in my book, XP

Apparently it's the way to a woman's heart too ;)

AHH! In that case, I'll move in with both of you!! Food and more food--count me in!!!

haha, he's definitely a winner in mine too. When my tummy is happy, so is my heart (o^─^o)ニコッ

Thanks for translating this! There is a serious lack of SCREW translations around, so I hope you would consider translating more in the future! :D

Glad you liked it! We will definitely look into doing more Screw translations in the future (o・∀・o)
Thank you so much for the comment!

Thanks for the translation. Rui is just <3

Thank you so much for translating this *bows*
This translation really made me laugh the screw members are really funny ^_^
I would choose Jin, because he is my bias and because he is so cute, i would keep him as a pet too XD~

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