Radio: G-Men X feat. the GazettE, Special 2009

Just how well do you know each individual member of the GazettE?

In this special segment, the host, DJ Takuya, embarks on a journey to investigate each band member.

The Gazette spill the beans about each other! It's shocking and downright hilarious!
Are you itching to find out what came out of this special investigation?

Continue reading to find out what DJ Takuya discovered about the GazettE!

Takuya's Report From the Milky Way: Space G-MEN X, the GazettE Special

GUEST: the GazettE
BROADCAST TIME:October 8th, 2009 (24:00-25:00)


Takuya: Tonight we're going to start with a class called “the GazettE Seminar.” Let's just call it “Gaze-sem” for short. The subject of this particular investigation are the band members of the GazettE, and will be brought to you in a report style. Just before this, we had each member fill out a questionnaire...Basically, it's going to be a judgement of each individual~ Aoi, can we get you to step out for a moment?

The Gazette: Hahaha!

Aoi: Do I really have to go out?

Reita: Get out~get out~ (laughs)

Takuya: We're going to have everyone step outside the studio once at some point for about 5 minutes.

Aoi: Eh? Eh?

The Gazette: Hahaha

Aoi: Isn't that cruel? That's a little cruel.

The Gazette: Hahaha

First, we have Aoi step out of the studio, and the questionnaire starts with him.

Takuya: “His hobby is coffee,” is what Uruha wrote (laughs)

Uruha: Huh? I did?

Takuya: He loves and is obsessed with coffee, seems to like to recommend it to people too. But that's a good point about Aoi?

☆He loves bikes. Since Reita is the only one he can talk to about bikes, both of them talk about bikes pretty often. Invited Reita out for a bike ride but he didn't seem to have went (laughs)

Aoi also seems to have lots of hobbies and he's....shallow!?

The Gazette: Hahaha

Reita & Ruki: He's shallow!

Takuya: Oh, I see, even Aoi is nodding his head outside the studio. (laughs)

☆ He's generous.

Reita: He often treats people...he bought me nikuman, and on my birthday he gave me a pack of cigarettes. He put it in my pocket.

Ruki: He bought me juice, but I forced him to buy it.

Uruha: You're dirty! (laughs)

Aoi also has paid for their meals (individually). He really has that big brother type of personality.

Something you want him to change

Ruki: I want him to stop showing off his macho-ness imitations and flexing his muscles behind us when we're putting on makeup. (laughs)

Takuya: He does that?! Wooooow Ao~i...Ah! He's gone~

the Gazette: Ahahaha

Takuya: Oh! And we have a “NO WAY” from Aoi. (laughs) Ah, “no way”? Well since it's funny it should be fine, right? Kai seems to want him to change that too. Is it that bad?

Kai: He used to surf so he's got a nice body. His physique is my ideal type of body...it really has become my ideal type...

Uruha: Your ideal body type you say huh~ (laughs)

Aoi's personal report

Takuya: He's chivalric.

Ruki: Ah~that's definitely because of his muscles. (laughs)

Takuya: And what he wants to change about himself is his over generosity. Aoi doesn't seem to want to treat people so much (laughs)

Reita: Aoi's fickle--I'm not trying to criticize him or anything, but there are lots of fickle people, right?

Ruki: Dude, you are criticizing him. (laughs)

Takuya: Seems like there are a lot of things written about him here--he's fickle, the type that can't be bothered...Reita, are you talking about yourself?

Reita: Ah no, I wrote that about myself too.

Ruki: Well, then why don't you tell us about it. (laughs)

Reita: Well~everyone is similar...the only person who isn't fickle is Kai.

Takuya: Ah, really?

Reita: But he's kind of not really here at the moment...

Kai: I'm here! I'm here! (laughs)

Takuya: Kai, if everyone is fickle, does that irritate you?

Kai: No, I don't. I don't get pissed...but, Reita...you~ ah, it's because it's Aoi, and you're at it again (laughs)

Takuya: Alright Aoi, welcome back!

Aoi: Aah~I'm sorry, like seriously, I really am. Just so you guys know.

the Gazette: Ahahaha


Kai said that Aoi's body type is his ideal. Kai, are you “that” type?

Kai: Huh?! What?! What do you mean?!

Reita: Oohh...your secret is finally out!

Takuya: Is it about liking the body of other men?

Kai: But I do like it.

Takuya: Ah!? He just...reaffirmed it??!!

the Gazette: Ahahaha!!

♪ Bell Chimes ♪

Takuya: Alright! Time's up! Next is Uruha.

Uruha: Yup!

Aoi: Indeed it is.

Takuya: Uruha, could we get you to step outside... Everyone, please say whatever you want!

Aoi: Yes! (to Uruha) See ya later!

the Gazette: Ahahaha


(*゚Д゚) アレ?Uruha is next, and you're stopping here?!

Yes, unfortunately we are cutting it off here, but no worries the individual member segments will be posted sometime soon. For now we hope you enjoyed Aoi's segment, we sure had a good laugh out of it. The man never fails to amuse.

And now our question of the day: What do you love or possibly hate about Aoi and why?

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Skipping over my shallower moments back in middle school and going straight to when my bias first started to lean away from Aoi...

I didn't like how overconfident he was. His "★さん" and whatnot really irked me. Though I think it's really cute now, how he jokes around about how great he is, there was a time where I couldn't stand it at all. I personally love how nice he is though, whenever he's treating people to food. It's really sweet. :>

Looks like I kept it pretty short this time! xD
I'm looking forward to Reita's parttttttttt /shot 8D thank you very much as always~

Chivalry? Really? Hahahahhaha That's .... ...I guess I expected that. xD Aoi is the type.
I can't wait for Uruha's part!

And poor Kai, being picked on for liking a guy's body. ><

aww~ thank you for this.i've never listen or read this "the gazette seminar" before.can't wait for the next one :DD

omg..Aoi! we both love coffee >< haha
thank you for this post.i've never read or listen about this "the gazette seminar" before. can't wait for the next part!!! >W<

do you have the audio from this? I hope so!

Something that I hate about Aoi. Why, WHY is he so much more amusing off stage than he is during lives????
Examples: Gold kimono dance, running down the hallway after Kai, his twitter musings, and many hilarious interviews.

Like this moment!

"Reita: Aoi's fickle--I'm not trying to criticize him or anything, but there are lots of fickle people, right?
Ruki: Dude, you are criticizing him. (laughs) "

Thanks for translating :)

My first impression of Aoi was "This dude looks like an ass" haha but I've come to like him too. I totally agree with you although, I didn't think he would be so nice (´∀`)

You did keep it pretty short, but don't hold back we love reading long comments. Reita's part is so much longer compared to this. The others have soooooooo much to say/complain about him, and Aoi gets a little mean (●´艸`) I've said a little too much!

As always, thank you so much for taking the time to comment ♥

*Blushes* (*pωq*) Thank you!
Aoi does seem like a chivalrous guy now doesn't he♪ Uruha's part going to be up very soon! So we won't keep you waiting for too long!

Glad you enjoyed this and thank you for the comment!

Unfortunately we don't have the audio for this. We would love to listen to it too, hopefully someone out there might have it?

No problem we're glad you enjoyed it. It's been a while since I got to translate something funny!
Thank you for commenting!

Haha coffee makes me want to pee and I can't sleep after I've had it too. _| ̄|○
By the way did you comment twice? (●´∀`●) I just realized the two comments are similar. Anyways, thank you for commenting!

On stage he becomes Aoi the tease and off stage he's Aoi the funny man? Haha that's how I see it! Thank you for commenting!

You're welcome & glad that you enjoyed it!
Thank you for stopping by and leaving us a comment!

Oh, poor Kai he didn't get the last question. How cute n///n BTW, I'd love to confirm if Kai's words on Aoi's body are true ;) THANKS FOR TRANSLATING!! ^o^/

Well, seems like Kai and I have something in common...

LOL Nice, love it!

Continue pls!

Aoi you're a dorky sweetheart!! I love you!!

Thank you for the translation!! Gracias!!

thanks, this was really funny and sweet ;D :)
what I love about Aoi? He's this handsome type, a bit of a showoff, he's trying to be cool and funny, but I think deep down he is a really sensitive, caring and loving man.

what i love about Aoi is that i feel he is sincere, he is very handsome too *blushes* what i hate about Aoi (aside that im not married with him!) is that he seems impulsive and tend to suffer from depression

I love these. Can't wait for more if you have them!. (^.^)

first of all thanks for the translation, i found that uruha is repeating the MAIN POINT of the whole sentences that what the member said XDDDDDDDD

PS:dont worry kai kun, even you are "that" kind, i will still love you!!!!! XDDDDDDDDDDD
he didnt get the question? or he just simply go through it XDDDDDDDDDD

ok back to the question.. what i love about aoi is...he is a caring person although he is a bit childfish but think in the another side, childfish = funny and i wont get bored right? XDD
what i hate about him...hmm i think is sometimes he is getting sensitive easily, somekind of issue that people wont bother too much

no matter how he is, still love him ❤ ヽ(^▽^ヽ) ❤

Are you perhaps Stacie-san from JapanCupid.com?  If that's so, what a coincidence? Remember? It's me, Kousei!  Hey, I would like to talk to you, you haven't showed up there lately.  I wonder why?!  Give me a message here kousei1986@live.com

Thank you soooo much for translating this!! and I love everything about Aoi!!!!

Hi again,this is the link to the interview translated to Arabic :D

All credits are there


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