Subtitles: Kaito Royale Episode 3

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your patience! We've all been caught up with real life (yes, we have lives outside of this blog), which is why the posts have been difficult to get together.

But Kyuupa was persistent and patient, and she got the subs for Kaito Royale up for you all.

Find the episode with the special intro here and check back later for the subtitles without the special intro.

There's nothing particular to note here, so enjoy the episode!

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This made my day! Thank you for all your hard work. <3

its okay as long u don't drop it, i will wait. thanks for the subs.

Thank you so much~!!!
Definitely been looking forward to this <3

Why are the episodes so far apart? Did the show go on a break?

sorry but the subs are not in the same moment when they're talking , it's too early

sorry but the subs aren't the same time when they're talking , it's too early

I've been waiting for this. Thanks so much. Will await the release of more subs of this show. ;=;

sorry to say
but where can i get the episode 3 sub? would u mine giving me the link? thanks

Thank you so much for subbing! Sending good vibes your way~

I was nearly desperately searching for subs for Kaito Royale, so glad SOMEONE is attending to subbing it!
Thank you so much, I highly appreciate your hard work!
But you are not going to drop it, aren't you?
I'm waiting patiently for more subs :)
Thanks again!

There are no plans to drop the project :) The delay is mostly because we're busy with other things atm  Thanks for commenting!

The episodes come out regularly, we simply have a longer turnover time when translating :) Thanks for commenting!

I love this show! Thank you for subbing! I can't wait for episode 4!!

arigatou for subbing... can't wait for eps 4 and the others...
ganbatte..... \m/

thank you for subbing... can't wait for the next episode.... really love this movie...

Thanks  for subbing... cant wait for the next episodes.... i really love this movie.... :)

Thank you so much for the subs!! I've been searching everywhere for this. Looking forward for the next episode!!!

thank you so much for the subs :)
whether the ep04 is out?

thanks for the hardwork. But the sub for this episode is not same with the talking :/

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