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It's been a whole year since the Tohoku Earthquake, which struck Japan on March 11, 2011 at 2:46pm.

I remember working frantically on a project for the blog when a burst of tweets started to, literally, tweet to me frantically from my computer. A flood of Facebook updates suddenly exploded with news about an earthquake in Japan.

The following weeks involved watching the news, seeing the devastation that had destroyed so many lives in a blink of an eye.

But these weeks also involved realizing the kindness and empathy that humanity is truly capable of.

Political boundaries didn't matter as strangers sent help from all over the world to help Japan recover. Socks, food and supplies were shipped from overseas to feed and clothe those who suddenly lost their homes. Volunteers went into the epicenter, risking their lives and never knowing if the next one would be the fatal "big one" or if the nuclear meltdown might be more lethal than any earthquake.

Help and strength came in the form of humanity.

These entries were put together rather hastily just to gather some thoughts on the web about the anniversary. Click on the picture to get taken down to the entry.

It's been a year since the great earthquake,

I might not have been able to feel how happy and treasured my relationships with other people were.

Many things were lost, but
above that, we must continue forward to reap the benefits of the future.

I hope for the victims of the earthquake to rest in peace, and I'd also like to do what we can as individuals, whether it's always or for a day, to make the wounds of the earthquake heal sooner.

I thought, "Should I tweet this on Twitter?" but it'll go on the blog.

A year has passed since the Great Tohoku earthquake.

I don't have the brains to write difficult things, but

people are surprisingly delicate

I think that at any given time, we probably want for trivial things, good health, smiling faces, things like that.

There aren't any less people to encourage

No, really.

On the other hand, whenever someone gave me encouragement for something I did

I felt encouraged about that particular thing

It's been a year like that

So, everyone, cheer up! (^-^)

Let's return the favor 100 fold! ≡⊂( ^-^)⊃

Tomorrow too, any time onwards, let's continue to make the most of it Na!

And bye!

It's been one year since the earthquake...

There are still victims who are recovering, and they're still going through painful and tough times.

I'm truly sorry I can't do anything to help them directly,
but even if, for a moment, they can go to where there feelings are...for a little bit, go to the power to keep living...
I want to sing the songs that will take them there.

Hopefully the country will continue to recover. Meanwhile, feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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