Subtitles: Kaito Royale Episode 4

Welcome (back) to Kaito Royale!

Episode 4 really manages to bring up even more mysteries--if that was possible! Or, episode 4 if you have the version without the longer introduction.

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Without further ado...let's go steal some files. ;)


TY TY TY!!! I've been waiting forever for episode 4!! =) Gonna wait till all the eps are subbed before finishing the series! ^_^

Thank you! Just one question: are you going to add subs for the episode with the special intro? 

Sorry, I'm not quite sure what you mean?

Your subs for ep4 begin with mobage intro, but at the beginning of my video file there is also some kind of an introduction by Taiga and Karen about what to expect in this episode...

Aaaaah, you make my day!!!
Thank you so so much, waiting was worth it! :)

Thank you~
Ganbatte with the rest of the eps ^_^

Thank you very much for this sub.. :D
Hope you want to continue the next episodes.. Ganbatte'ne !!!!!
really2 love your sub ^^

are u not continous to subs this drama???let me know it~

just curious are you still going to continue with the subs for ep 5-8? really looking 4ward to it. thx

OMG! I love this show so much! When will the next sub be ready XD??

hye thanks for sub this drama but are you not continue it??i'm dying to get the sub..its hard to get..plizz finish it :)

Thanks for episode 4 but any chance of seeing ep 5+?

just wondering, will you subs another episode of this drama?

Has the subbing for this show been dropped? Its been a very long time.

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