Frolicking in the Sun | One Ok Rock Blog Post

As I mentioned on Twitter, I've been on One Ok Rock kick lately.

Plus, MICHIDO's birthday came and went before I even realized it, so I figured I really should post something as an appeasement for such a long period of neglect (sweat).

So combine the two together, and you get a blog post from One Ok Rock's drummer, Tomoya. Enjoy!


Ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh I just really hate being tanned to the point that people say I look like a gal guy. This is Tomoya.

Everyone, it's been a while.

Even though the tour ended, we jumped right into the festival season.

I went to Miyakojima! It was especially hot... If I went in July, it'd be too hot, so I went in June...but this heat in July is pretty bad too! lol

And I was also moved by how the ocean was so incredibly beautiful. It's the same Japan, but I was really shocked--was the difference really that big? But I managed to have a ton of fun right before summer began.

The live also felt amazing!

Just like I expected, I really like that atmosphere that's unique to festivals! Thank you.

Wellz, that's it for now.


What I would GIVE to be on that beach right now. I could use a nice relaxing vacation myself, but I'm not sure if I'd want to be buried in the sand like that. Or I could just help pile sand on Tomoya, haha.

What plans do you have for the summer? Or better yet, tell us what kind of vacation you'd want with your favorite Jrocker! :)

Meanwhile, thanks for always reading and supporting us you all! It's been THREE WHOLE YEARS since MICHIDO started, and it only got this far with your continued readership. Thank you, thank you and thank you ♥

And, if you haven't already, do give us on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr! Hopefully this will kick my ass into gear, and you guys will see more content in the future! (^^ゞ


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