Kishidan World Festival 2012『Rampaging Rock'n'roll Olympics』

「Kishidan World Fair」Part 1 Tamashii, MomoClo, VAMPS 8 Artist Announcement

9/16・17 in Chiba・Sodegaura Kaihin Park, a festival organized by Kishidan called 「Kishidan World Festival 2012『Rampaging Rock'n'roll Olympics』」has just released its 1st round of performers.

The 8 artists revealed this time include the sponsoring Kishidan, the GazettE, Group Tamashii, Shounan no Kaze, DJ Ozma (unconfirmed), VAMPS, Momoiro Cloverz, and Unicorn. There is already an early showing of how this will reach out to different genres and ages.

At the moment, due to DJ OZMA's appearance as a headliner still being negotiated, we have attached (unconfirmed) to his name. Ayakouji Shou thoughts about 「Kishidan World Festival」 will be published again in an interview on Natalie Super Power Push's Kishidan feature frame.

Currently, today from 5/15 12:00 to 5/23 18:00, advanced tickets are available through Natalie. If you would like to reserve your ticket, please feel free to apply.

Kishidan World Festival 2012「Rampaging Rock'n'Roll Olympics」

2012/09/16 (Sun) Chiba Sodegaura Kaihin Park
OPEN 9:00 / START 11:30 / END 19:50(Scheduled)

2012/09/17 (Mon ・ Holiday) Chiba Sodegaura Kaihin Park
OPEN 9:00 / START 11:30 / END 19:50(Scheduled)

the GazettE / Group Tamashii / Shounan no Kaze / DJ OZMA (Unconfirmed) / VAMPS / Momoiro Cloverz / Unicorn / Kishidan / and more
※Performance dates will be announced at a later date

Advanced booking 1 day ticket / 10000円
Advnced booking 2 day ticket / 19000円

Original booking day: 2012/08/11 (Sat)

Original article from Natalie Mu.

Definitely sounds like it's gonna burn the park down with a lineup like that!

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it will be very very awesome! but the ticket is... well... costly, dont you think?

How do I go about ordering some other the Kishidan goods from you? I really want a couple of those GazettE towel hoodies that they're going to have since I can't make it out to Tokyo three weekends in a row.

For now, please use our order form and fill out what you would like in the "other" options in the merchandise section please :) I still haven't seen any goods list released, but I'm keeping an eye out! :D

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