VA for Tsutaya Nov 2013: Ruki's Favorite Music

Happy Halloween, everyone!

This is Ruki's column from this month's VA magazine.

While I'm not a huge fan of everything he likes, it's actually quite fun going through his list and checking out the music he recommends and listens to.

My reaction is usually, "Huuuuuhhh??" but a very amusing type of "Huuuuuhhh??" nonetheless.

How do you feel after listening to his recommendations?

Let us know in the comments below!

Ruki's Favorite Music

the GazettE

This wasn't a bought advertisement (laugh). I was doing this exactly when this album was starting, so I was listening to it a lot anyways. As I thought, since it's our own songs, I listen to it with a lot of personal emotions, but I really feel that I genuinely like the parts that I replay. I think that this time around, there's also a lot of variations with the sounds, so doesn't that mean a lot of different people can listen to it too?

Sigur Ros

I'd listen to this now and then from way back, but during the tour, I listened to it pretty often before I went to sleep. Even if it wasn't Sigur Ros, I think I would've bought it since I like the CD jacket. Of course.

Daft Punk
『Random Access Memories』

This definitely goes without saying, but as usual, there's a nice feeling in the sound selection. Personally, I feel like I get to feel a different side of Daft Punk each time, but what do you all think? I'd like you to also get that kind of a style from our album--of us progressing, whether it's one or two steps forward. I listened to this a lot during tour when going to bed and waking up.

Nine Inch Nails
『Hesitation Marks』

NIN always has a huge impact with all of their releases, but this time was really incredible. They created something that makes you unable to resist screaming from the noise in your head. I wonder what kind of equipment they used...well, moving on from that, this is one album I'm really glad I came across.

The Blood of Heroes
『The Blood of Heroes』

I only found out about this people recently, but I bought it because I thought the jacket was interesting. And it was worth it! This is the feeling we've been going for lately, and this album really nailed it. I don't know what genre this is, but my first impression was that it was a little crazier than Prodigy. I recommend this for those who like noisy beats!

Yes, Ruki, I'm sure that wasn't self promotion there...haha!

At any rate, I actually also garnered some interest in The Blood of Heroes, which is apparently a super band (made of people I don't actually know...).

What do you guys think? Who would you listen to more from this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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For me it's a pretty... well.... strange(?) taste in music... not bad... but not good either xD

I think I would listen more to Sigur Ros^^

Love greets


thank you so much for the translation!! glad to read that Giru could overcome their problems and omg what an interview...I just love their attitude and positive energy can't wait to see them on their European tour and to express my gratitude for 10 years of great music beacuse NO MUSIC NO REASON!!

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