Live Report: REDMAN at Takadanobaba Club Phase (10/21)

October 21st was a quiet Monday night--not usually a night when people go out.

But people came out for REDMAN, and quiet was the last thing on their minds.

REDMAN, a side band created by Satoshi from Girugamesh, performed at Takadanobaba Club Phase for their third official live after performances at Nagoya eLL FITS ALL and Osaka Club Drop in late August.

REDMAN was the last band that night, but a few and eager fans were at Club Phase from the opening performance, which started at 6:30PM.

REDMAN came out at 9PM, starting with Keito Okuma (drums), and followed by Soichiro Yoshioka (bass), Rihito Sonoki (guitar) and Ryo Sugihara (guitar). Satoshi emerged last after the rest of his band had settled in to their positions.

The band went straight into their setlist, which included Sirius, Howling, ZEBLA and Electric World. The setlist ended with the title song from the new REDMAN, CHALLENGE THE GAME.

CHALLENGE THE GAME, Satoshi also revealed, as been picked as the opening theme for YU☆GI☆OH Zexal.

Satoshi's MCs were concise given the time restraint of approximately 30 minutes per band.

"Some of you guys might know us, and some of you might not," he said while pushing his hair back. Fans who were already familiar with him cheered.

"Anyways," Satoshi continued. "Thanks for staying all the way till the end for us."

He continued on to announce the release of the new single, CHALLENGE THE GAME, and also revealed that REDMAN would be going on tour in December following the release.

REDMAN's next performance will also take place at Takadanobaba Club Phase on November 28th.

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