Giving Thanks and Treats

Here at MIchi, we've got lots to be thankful for. And, even though the kind-of international MIchi staff don't celebrate Thanksgivings at the same time, we try to keep these things in mind.

Clearly, some of the first things that come to mind are family and friends. Obviously, without their support, Mou Ichido never would have been started.

Without family, no one would have been able to give me the resources to learn and practice Japanese. And, frankly, without them, there is no way I would be here today to do this (in a very literal sense).

Without friends, no one would have been able to give me the mental support to keep going (or restart, haha) when things got tough. Friends like クマ☆G and hakitarun (translator over at sixth_gun on Twitter) have been with MIchi from the project's inception, and it's really because of their encouragements, teachings, helping, bullying, and wheedling that we're doing this project at all.

Last, but not least, of course, the people who follow our Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to the blog. I sincerely believe that MIchi would not be here without all of you. The fact that so many of you sent encouragements and thanks made me feel value in what I was doing and would really be the high of my day.

So, this Thanksgiving, MIchi would like to give thanks to our family, friends, and followers. Thank you all for everything, and, as a gift back to you, we'd like to present you with snippets of the interview series of the GazettE from the most recent volume of Neo Genesis.

Reita:... I don't know how many thousands I've dated like that (laugh).... I'm a super playboy (laugh).

Uruha: I think, with the Dome, the entire band's dream has taken form, and it's beginning to be realized.

Aoi: Ah~I'm a sucker for animals (laughs), but pretty much anything makes me cry.

Kai: It's alright for me even if it doesn't actually develop into love. Saying stuff like "Oh that girl's cute" when you're walking down the street is an everyday occurrence isn't it?

Ruki: Passion' is wanting to be together, to embrace each other, that feeling of feeling your desires overcome you--those sort of things. For me, 'love' is when you live for the sake of the other person.

We're also considering doing a Girugamesh translation, but aren't completely sure yet. If you have scans of their magazine interview that you think are of interest, please email them to us!


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