Subtitles: Kaito Royale Episode 2

Long time no see! Apologies for the long wait--Episode 2 of Kaito Royale is finally here! A very special thank-you to timer Miyavi for helping us out~

The only firm rule we have is that you do not stream our subs. Please honor our only request. Uploading them to streaming sites make other people money with the ads on their page while the people who put in the time to sub dramas, us included, make no profit, ever.

Last, but not least, if you want to link or upload our sub file elsewhere, make sure to credit and link back! And, if you want to translate to another language, please let us know first. :)

So without further ado, if you are willing to agree to our requests, then access the subs here. For those with the version of the episode with the introduction at the beginning, click here for subs that fit the timing. As like last time, here are a couple notes regarding what when on in the drama.

A social networking app that you can play games in. Previously only in Japan, you can now get Mobage games as they expand to the US!

Helene Kingdom
Doesn’t exist. Could be in reference to Greece, but the way that it is referred to in the drama does not directly indicate this. Though, Nemesis is, after all, a Grecian goddess (of revenge, btw).

The near equivalent to the CIA for the United States, it’s a British intelligence service. Its internal counterpart is the MI5, which can be compared to the FBI, responsible for internal affairs. From what I know, MI6 has no connection to creating actual security systems like it is in the drama.

Fermat’s Last Theorem and Wiles
A math theorem stating that if there no three positive integers a, b, and c, can satisfy the equation an + bn = cn where n is greater than 2. The Wiki article gets really confusing as it was probably written by a math guy for math people, but in case you’re a math person and are interested, you can learn more about it here.

The problem that they mention in the drama though, is that they were having trouble proving it true by proving its opposite false.

That's it for the notes in Episode 2. I've already started part of Episode 3, so hopefully I'll be seeing you all again soon! If you missed out on the notes from Episode 1, you can find them right here.

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the file is set to private. how do i access it? do i sign up somewhere. i read it twice... i don't see how to access the link. maybe i need to get my glasses....

i got to access it after i refresh the page. also thank u for the subs!!

Thank you so much as always for you hard work ( i really wish people obeyed the rules.... )
Omg and you timed one with the beginning  i was downloading the ones without just for your subs because i didnt want to sound ungrateful because your doing this in your own time nad just having subs means alot ! ( i been meaning t o join twitter to take you personally ( i hpe your exams went well , hope you have  agreat christmas and a new year thank you again :D and on behalf of all Tori Fans Arigatou !!

thanks so much for ur hardwork.. i really hope ppl ready understand n follow the rules... as i am also a timer, i can feel u.. the hardness that we need to go through.. thus i really appreciate every subbers work.. plus chansung is my bias.. lol.. im very thankful.. hontoni arigatou ne.. itsumo arigatou <3

Thanks so much for the hard work! Ganbatte kudasai :D

Thank you so much for the subs! Really appreciate your hard work! <3

Yays, much thanks for the subs!  And the notes you give with each episode are coolness, so much thanks for them, too. :)

Arigato, Kasha Shimasu ^^ Ganbette! Hwaiting!

You're welcome! :) Don't worry about the double comment--it happens sometimes b/c comments go through moderation first.

Thank you so much for letting us know the link wasn't working so quickly~I hope you enjoyed episode 2!

It's our pleasure, you're very welcome. We hope they would too, but there's always one or two people that really ruin it for everyone...

We came across your posts about how the timing wouldn't match because there were two versions/cuts, and we felt that this would save people a lot more time (instead of having to download a new one and checking if it works) if we made two.

Speaking for myself (Q), and just myself, I watch a lot of dramas, and I know what it's like trying not to sound demanding or ungrateful when addressing subbers, but from a subbers point of view, we (us at Michido) really take suggestions and feedback to heart. So thank YOU for bringing it up--you've saved a lot of time for a lot of people. :)

Don't feel pressured to join Twitter if you don't want to! xD Though I do like chatting with people on Twitter, you can always leave comments here. Thank you for all the well wishes (my exams went alright :D!), and happy holidays to you too. Take care!!

You're welcome! We hope you enjoyed it. :) Ganbarimasu!!

You're welcome~

Thanks for dropping us a comment. :D

You're welcome :)
We appreciate you took the time to leave us a comment ; A ; <3 Thank you!

Happy holidays!

You're welcome--and thanks! xD We're really glad you like the notes, it definitely gives you a little to think about as you're watching.

I hope you enjoy your holidays~ :D

You're welcome!
Thanks for leaving us a comment. :D

Douitashimashite *U* hehehe!
Happy holidays~~!

excuse me but the link is broken and can't be downloaded..... =(

The link should hopefully be fixed now! Thanks for your patience, and please let us know if it doesn't work!

Thank you for the sub :) when will you make the next episode sub? :)

where here can i download the subs?

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