Radio: G-Men X feat. the GazettE, Special 2009

Hello everyone! Here's our holiday present to you all!

I hope none of you have forgotten this super hilarious special G-MEN Xseries with DJ Takuya from outer space. Previously the manly bassist Reita was investigated, this time it's Ruki's turn!

Curious to know what the findings are? Keep reading to find out!

And the investigation continues!

Takuya's From the Milky Way : Space G-MEN X, the GazettE Special

GUEST: the GazettE
BROADCAST TIME:October 8th 2009 (24:00-25:00)

Takuya: Annnnnddd~we're back again. Brought to you live with the members of the Gazette...except Ruki. He's not here? Huh?! He isn't even in the studio!

The Gazette: He's there, he's there! (laughs)

Takuya: Pheww, thank goodness! I thought he really went back home! (laughs)

the Gazette: Ahahahahahaha

Takuya: Now, with Ruki, on vocals!

The GazettE Invesitgation Files: Ruki

Aoi: Yes! I've been waiting for this! I've been waiting for this y'know! Ye~s! Bring it on!

The Gazette: Hahahahahahaha

Takuya: Because you're done with your part of the investigation, right?

Aoi: Yes! Yes!

Uruha: (quietly) Yup

Takuya: (laughs) You're really excited, aren't you!

Aoi: Yes!

Uruha: (quietly) Yup

Takuya: According to everyone here, Ruki's good feature is...he has good taste!

Aoi & Reita: Aaah--

Uruha: Yup yup

Aoi: Umm, well that's nice

the Gazette: Ahahahahaha

Takuya: But Aoi, you wrote that down, “Ruki has good taste”

Aoi: Ah but...well, okay yeah he does. According to us, right! But really, he has the best tastes among the five of us...definitely~

Takuya: He has some pretty good design skills right?

Aoi: Well~

Kai: Pretty exceptional

Aoi: Huh?

Kai: He's pretty exceptional (laughs)

the Gazette: Ahahahahaha

Aoi: You traitor! (laughs)

Kai: I'm going to be next (laughs)

Takuya: Mister leader, stop baby-sitting everyone (laughs) Next, Reita says he has good taste in food. He must have some pretty good tastes, eh.

Reita: Yes, like, when we're together and I'm thinking about ordering take out but not sure what I should get. I'll ask Ruki “Hey, what are you getting?” and we end up getting the same thing, something I always end up getting...Ahhh! He has good taste!

The Gazette: Ahahahahaha

Reita: No, seriously, there wasn't any mistake!

Takuya: So even without seeing what you might be interested in, there's nothing wrong with what he chooses?

Reita: Absolutely nothing wrong. Seriously, the eye he has for these things is incredible (laugh)

Uruha: That's awesome (laughs) Usually when I see Ruki eating it makes me want to eat it too.

The Gazette: Yeah!

Takuya: Ahh~I see! What he's eating seems to look good, is that what you mean?

Uruha: Yeah! There's that too.

Reita: Yeah, there is.

Aoi: It really does look like it tastes good.

Takuya: And what Kai wants Ruki to change is Ruki's slow eating.

Kai: Ahh! He talks too much. When he starts talking, he can't stop! And also when he's eating he doesn't move his chopsticks. He eats the slowest!

Takuya: I see! Moving on, what Uruha wants Ruki to change. It's...only one word. “Noisy” is what you have written down.

The Gazette: Ahahahahaha

Reita: Eh?? (laughs)

Uruha: He is noisy!! (laughs)

Takuya: Is he really that noisy?

Uruha: He is! And there's even a time for it!

Takuya: Ah!! But, what Aoi wrote down is a little different. “For the sake of his throat I want him to stop talking for a bit after the lives.”

The Gazette: Ahahahahaha

Aoi: Yes yes yes~ I'm considerate aren't I☆

Takuya: and for Uruha he's “noisy” (laughs) Uruha, you're worried about Ruki's throat too!

Uruha: Well, I am a bit concerned. Ahhh, yeah that's what it is, I'm concerned!

Aoi: Well, he is noisy. (laughs)

Uruha: Yeah, and he's loud.

Aoi: So today, when we were on our way here I was sitting next to him! Man, he was noisy!

The Gazette: Ahahahahaha!

Aoi: And I was like, “Are my ear drums going to be worn down?” (laughs)

Takuya: After lives, what kind of things does Ruki talk about?

Aoi: That's... actually I don't even get what he's talking about.

Takuya: Huh?

Aoi: He just talks to himself whenever he wants.

Takuya: Alone?

Aoi: It's like he has no friends (laughs)

Takuya: What, hey guys! That's when you should listen to him! (dry laugh)

Kai: When he was talking to Reita, the subject didn't focus on Reita but shifted to me in a flash! (laughs)

Uruha: Yeah! (laughs)

the Gazette: Ahahahahaha

Uruha: (laughs) Yeah, it's really scary!! We can't even make eye contact with Ruki.

Kai: Seriously! I was shocked! (laughs)

Reita: He's cute, though (laughs)

Takuya: Uruha, you said you don't listen even when he's talking, but...you should still listen...

Uruha: I said that, huh, but Ruki being Ruki, well, anyone would be like that...

Kai: He keeps looking for someone to listen to him

Aoi: That's the problem, you know... (laughs)

the Gazette: Ahahahahaha

Reita: Hey!!! (laughs)

Takuya: All right, and in regards to Ruki's good and bad points, they're actually the same!

Reita: Eh?!

Takuya: He wrote things like being selfish, short tempered. I wonder about this too. Does he know how everyone feels?

Kai: Him short tempered? I don't think so.

The Gazette: Ye~ah

Reita: Yeah, but...like (Uruha accidentally covered the mike)

Uruha: Ah, sorry go ahead

the Gazette: Ahahahahaha

Uruha: (laughs) I want to know too.

Takuya: Yes Reita, please go ahead (laughs)

Reita: Even though he wrote down that it's something he wants to fix, he also wrote it down in the “good traits” section. There's no sense of him wanting to fix anything at all (laugh)

the Gazette: Ahahahahaha

Reita: That guy...(laughs)

Uruha: No feeling of that at all (laughs)

Takuya: I see... But being selfish can also be a good thing...

Reita: Well, there's a good time and a bad time.

Takuya: And what he wants to change is, sleeping in late and his good point is also sleeping in late.

Reita: See, he has no intention of changing himself!


Takuya: Wouldn't it be better if he changed that?

Uruha: He definitely won't change that!

Aoi: It's useless!

Takuya: When is he like this?

Uruha: Well...

Aoi: It's ALWAYS!

Uruha: Yeah, ALWAYS!

Reita: Well, Aoi is a little...

Aoi: OI OI OI OI OIIIIIIIIIII (he covers what Reita has to say)

Reita: Ah! But today, right~TODAY!

(Seems like Aoi was late today)

Takuya: During meetings, who arrives the latest?

Aoi: Everyone gets picked up from their home, right? He doesn't come out of his place at all!!! Even though we're waiting in the car.

Uruha: Ah! Yeah!

Aoi: Hey, you're like that too!

Uruha: Ah! I am but I've been to Ruki's place and he didn't even come out at all!!

Takuya:What was he doing?

Uruha: Even though I called him he said, “Yeah, okay okay.” I get the mail, and even went to get coffee and he still isn't here! Then, after about 20 minutes he comes and says “Yo!” (dry laugh)

Takuya: After 20 minutes? That's...he's definitely busy with something right?

Uruha: Well, I was just, “Um, yeah, okay let's go.”

Takuya: You're so nice! Uruha, I have a better impression of you now.

Uruha: Ahaha (laughs)

Aoi: No wait, the three of us~me, Reita and Kai have done that at Uruha's house too!

Uruha: Ahahaha

Reita: Yeah!

Kai: We did, we did! It's pretty much the same thing!

Takuya: So everyone does it! I see! Ah, I wonder how Ruki is doing. Is he still there? Ah he just did a peace sign (laughs)

Reita: He's enjoying himself, eh.

The Gazette: WAHAHAHAHA (roars with laughter)


Takuya: Ruki, welcome back.

Ruki: Ye~s. I'm back~(in a girly voice)

Reita: What the...

Takuya: Huh? He changed his character? (laughs) Well, the investigation will continue! Final person! Mr. Leader, Kai!!

Reita: Ah~oh ho ho ho!

Takuya: Are you all right?

Kai: Please be nice to me!

The Gazette: Ahahahaha!

Kai: Please be nice (laughs)

Takuya: Why has your voice gotten so timid, Kai? (laughs) All right, please, step outside the studio~

Anddddd that is a wrap...well only for Ruki's part. We hope you enjoyed it and tell us what you like or dislike in the comments about Mr. Sunshine—Kai to prep for the next and last part of the G-men X series!

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And, last but not least, happy holidays everyone!


You made my Christmas brighter! Thank you for translating! This was so cute and funny! <3

OMG!! they are so cute... really cute!!!! like super duper CUTE!!!

Ok.. i'm just rambling but...

I LOL hard at Aoi's excitement in the first part...

And Ruki is so noisy... hmm, i can imagine that for sure.... poor Aoi for sitting next to him (laugh)

Ruki thought he was short tempered? in my opinion he was patient
enough... but maybe that had something to do with his moody side, no?

thanks for translating this.. this really makes my day.. i'm a bit
stressed right now... but this interview make me laugh... i hope i can
hear Ruki's "Ye~s. I'm back~" in girly voice.. i'm so curious >o<
Where do you think i can get the audio of this radio interview? this is
on radio, right?

i cant wait for Kai's part but i think i'll wait forever for their translation.. so take your time :D

that was funny! thank you for translating it! :D

Oh my G. I was laughing all the way. Hahahaha

Thank you very much! <333

I really enjoy seeing old interviews I've found out a lot of information in them, moreover I really feel like a moving feeling when i compare their since the beginning and how big they're now, you know what I mean, it's like we all have grown up with them, like if they're always telling us:  "get your dream"... like nostalgya...really adorable.  Besides, very soon is gonna take place the decade live...yep, time's passing by. Thank you very much for the translations =)

I was wondering if you will translate the last part of it...?

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