Videos: HollyHock Radio 08.22.2009 Part II

Happy New Year, everyone!!

Hopefully you had good food, drink and, most importantly, company!

MICHIDO has had a really eventful year! Just to list a few of the highlights:

We were able to have a smashing time at AM2 and meeting with some awesome bands like heidi., Sadie, SCANDAL and KanonxKanon.

We were able to experience 雅's talent in person while writing our first concert report in hopes of sharing the experience with you all.

We had another team member, Kyuuppa, join the team and released our first ever drama subs.

And, most importantly, we were able to enjoy all of your continued support even when we were absent.

Thank you so much for supporting us, and please continue to look forward to more MICHIDO content in 2012!

Meanwhile, here's to jump start 2012 with our first post--a video!

Enjoy! And, of course, 明けましておめでとうございます(Happy New Year)!

Please let us know what your favorite MICHIDO post was and why! What posts really stuck with you? Was it the yakiniku personality quiz? The GazettE's Shoxx v.128 interview? Let us know!

You should also make it a New Years Resolution to catch all of our updates with an Email Subscription and by following our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!


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