RR43 Coverage Inside Story Part 1 of season1(戒/the GazettE)

I feel like I say this every time I post here, but it's been a while since we updated the blog, haha! But it's also true every time _| ̄|● ガックリ

It has been, but there's a lot of activity since DIVISION is coming out soon (speaking of which, have you ordered your copy yet?).

Rock and Read is no exception--but what to do, I should just let you read it before I spoil it.


RR43 Coverage Inside Story Part 1 of season1(戒/the GazettE)

It's a bit sudden, but we have an announcement!

The next issue,『ROCK AND READ 043』will go on sale 8/29!

Ad, why, you ask, 8.29,,,,

It's because, on this day, the GazettE's new album『DIVISION』will be released!


That's it! That's right!

On the cover of the next volume, it'll be THAT the GazettE member!

Who is it,,,

If you took take a look at this blog's header....
Vol. 33=RUKI
Vol. 36=REITA
Vol. 38=葵
Vol. 41=麗
have made appearances.

With that said!


This time is the GazettE's leader, Kai-san, who will be making an appearance!

First, here's 1 snapshot from the scene of the photoshoot.



Please wait for the next report.

Pretty short time time, but Kai looks flipping awesome--even when he isn't actually posing for a camera! Don't you think he brings a whole new meaning to badass?

Also, be sure to check out our new Sales page to see if there's anything of interest! Also feel free to request things in the "Other" box of the order form.

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Kai always looks great. I can't believe people want him to cut his hair. Its something new... Completely different from his regular short, boring style. I like it.

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