SCREW Transitions to Major「Mom, I'm going to debut!」

Lots of stuff happened today, but I figured this was some pretty happy news, so I slapped this together.

My goodness...a second post, in less than week? What is the world coming to?!

At any rate, enjoy, and congrats SCREW! The original article is from Natalie mu.

SCREW Transitions to Major「Mom, I'm going to debut!」

Released from Tokuma Japan Communications, visual kei band, SCREW, has been slated for their major debut, and their single「XANADU」will be released on October 17th.

The band has steadily gained popularity under the PS COMPANY indies label, and in May of this year, SCREW pulled off a successful European tour. The men held a live where they also had their first live after the band's formation in Tokyo ・ Takadanobaba AREA and yesterday, August 5th, was also celebrating Kazuki's (G) birthday. During the live's encore, they announced the information about their major debut.

The vocalist, Byou, spoke on stage, 「These 6 years has had its difficulties, its obstacles, there were many of those. Whenever I looked back, I thought, "Let's do this," and we've continued forward till now. Honestly, when our major debut was decided, I was so happy. But, even with all these emotions that come with our major debut, I want to continue towards the same dream, and I'm gonna show you all that dream too, so come with us!」A number of the fans in the audience were moved to tears.

From the birthday boy, Kazuki, 「We couldn't have gotten here if it weren't for these members,」he said before being overtaken by his emotions. Drummer Jin showed a joy that was「really beyond words」. Rui, the bassist who joined 2 and half years ago added, 「Meeting the current members, receiving this, I'm really happy right now,」. Guitarist Manabu 「Since I said 5 years ago,『I'm definitely gonna get a major debut』, and I left my hometown and came here, I'm really happy that it came true. I'm typically the cool guy, but today, I'm gonna say it. MOM, I'M GONNA DEBUT!」, inciting the venue.

On the day of SCREW's single release, 10/17, they will start at with a performance at Tokyo・Shibuya O-WEST, and will have 17 performances in 12 venues in their one-man tour「XANADU-Seventh Heaven...-」

Well, there you have it! The SCREW boys have finally gotten their well-deserved major debut! It's definitely going to be a busy few months for them, but don't forget to cheer them on~!

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