Utahiroba Jun: Even if this is a VK fanboy's blog, you can't call it that.

Fangirls are a dime a dozen for the VK industry, but what fan boys are a tiny bit harder to come by.

Celebrity fanboys seem to be things of legend.

So, now, we bring you another Kishidan Banpaku-related story.

Golden Bomber's Utahiroba Jun fanboys about meeting the GazettE's Reita backstage on his Ameblo blog.

Translation was requested by Denise Mello on Facebook :)

It was sudden, but the other day at Kishidan Banpaku, I was given the chance to speak to the GazettE's Reita-san.

I've already known about the GazettE, onesidedly, for about 10 years now, and by chance, I saw them at an unimaginably tiny live house. After that I spent most of my school years with the GazettE's music, so I was really excited to perform together, and I was doki doki the entire time.

I really respect everyone in the GazettE, but I especially like the bassist, Reita, so this time, after the live, when we went to greet them, I was breathing so hard that I was at the point of hyperventilating and I was sweating so bad that I just barely managed to get through greeting them.

「I really like you!」

when I said that, the Reita himself turned his head and, with a goods towel

「Here, I'll give this to you」

is what he said and gave it to me.

And, I'd already lost my head, and because of that, after the performance, when we got to greet them again, I was thinking, "Maybe this really isn't so good," when I got permission from their manager to ask Reita for an autograph.

And then, he happily agreed and, on top of that, without me saying anything, he added a message.

And, I said to Reita, 「I'm really happy we could meet, you guys really worked it,」 and I got a handshake, but, seriously, like an idiot, I couldn't get anything but "thank you" to come out, at any rate, I still haven't calmed down yet, so even now, I'm staring at the room's wall and grinning.

[Note: Reita's message says, "For the wife...♥"]

I'm sorry I'm all over the place.

Thank you, Reita.

Isn't it so cute knowing that celebrities can fanboy/girl the same way regular people do? If you were in Jun's position, what would you have said/done? Let us know in the comments below!!

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I think I'd have done the same thing as poor Jun-san. :'3
But I know I'd have ended up accidentally saying something weird or creepy to Reita. Reita is my number one I-want-to-meet-him celebrity so I completely relate to Jun-san's reaction! ; w;

Isn't it great how he has the same reaction that so many of us would? I think I might've gotten so nervous that I might've accidentally done something worse, haha.

Thanks for commenting ♥

Aww,Jun is so cute~
I think i would have the same reaction as him! Might as well embarrass myself xD
btw,thanks for translating his blog entry!

I think I probably would look really scary, like I was constipated from excitement, haha!

thank you for commenting!! :)

Thank you! This made me laugh! Since Reita is my number one favorite, I probably would have been just like poor Jun and not know what to say. Although, I would have probably asked for a hug or something. In all honesty, I'd probably make a total fool of myself.

This is just too damn adorable for friggen word!

This is just too damn adorable for friggen words!

I'm sorry, but could you change Jun's surname to UtAhiroba in heading? there's typo ))) and thank you very much for the translation!

ahh, thanks for catching that!

I in fact did the same thing when I met LM.C, granted it was a line & sign type deal. I did get to shake their hand, so I barely got a "Thank You" out. I did do a slight sqwee when I hugged Denki man tho! I heard the world's smallest "thank you" in english when I did! XD But I did make a bigger dork outta myself when I met one of my favorite voice actors by chance tho!

I in fact did the same thing when I met LM.C, granted it was a line and sign. But I did get to shake their hands!!! I barely got a "Thank You" out to both Maya and Aiji!!! I did sqwee a little when I got to hug Denki Man. He said the tiniest little "thank you" in english!!! XD But I did make a total dork of myself when I got to meet one of my favorite voice actors by chance. It was unexpected, so I can go either way. XP

hahaha, I'm sure that they're always touched when fans love them, hehe! I think I tend to have this relatively angry stressed face when I meet people I'm excited to see, but better cute and dorky than angry! haha

Thank you for leaving a comment :3

That explains some things. XD

After this event Nishikawa Takanori (T.M.Revolution) Tweeted proudly about having 'played matchmaker' between Reita and Jun. So he must have been involved here somewhere. LOL!

lol, TMR plays matchmaker for a lot of people it seems! hehe

Thanks for commenting!

Haha reading this was so cute and funny at the same time,its nice to know that he finally met Reita-san,I would probably be like Jun me being all over the place not being able to talk or anything,maybe grin like a fool too.

Oh and I run a VK and J-Rock blog to Middle Eastern fans,if its possible to translate your articles into Arabic,it would be such an honor,of course I will link you back with the translated entry for Refrence ^^/

Hi Lamis,

We'd be happy if you did so! Please let us know the link when it's been translated :)

I would surely link you back to the translated article,and thank you very much :D

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