Vogue Fashion's Night Out 2012

Tokyo has always been a place a hub of fashion, and September 8th was no exception.

Vogue's annual Fashion's Night Out (FNO) made Omotesando the place to be.

Omotesando is a shopping haven for people looking for both haute couture as well affordable, but still trendy street fashion.

All of this came together at Fashion's Night Out, where stars like Tsuchiya Anna, Tominaga Ai and JuJu made appearances at the opening ceremony.

The event as a whole was a celebration of beauty. Despite the official event being run by Vogue, Tokyo was bustling with people on the streets parading their own sense of fashion, from the individuals striding around in designer brands to all the kids on the block who thought to party in whatever they wanted.

Because there were so many venues, it was a little difficult to get a grasp of what was going on where, so our approach on this impromptu attendance was just to walk around Omotesando.

We started at Omotesando Hills, home of designer brand shops, such as Yves Saint Laurent, Dolce&Gabbana, Armani Junior and much more.

Although we barely missed the entrance ceremony, we got the chance to see the world-famous photographer, Leslie Kee, who has photographed celebrities such as Ayumi Hamasaki and Koda Kumi, in action.

Kee picked enthusiastic and stylish attendees to photograph, and their photographs would be featured on the FNO website.

Seeing a professional fashion photographer at work was nothing short of amazing. Within the span of half an hour, Kee and his crew had turned the tiny stage at Hills into an impromptu photo studio and making people he literally picked off the streets into incredible models.
For those who wanting to "get their groove on", there was also a free party, complete with a DJ and bar in the basement of Omotesando Hills.

We took it to the streets of Omotesando next.

There were plenty of sights to see as we strolled down the streets with many individuals wanting to turn "haute couture" on its head.

Many shops were also having their own little parties, including Tommy Hilfiger, complete with waiters handing out drinks, badges, to photos with models against the Vogue backdrop.

Fashion's Night Out was a great experience, regardless of whether or not you had the money to take advantage of the sales and promotions offered by top brands from around the world.

This annual party thrown by Vogue doesn't only take place in Tokyo though. FNO takes place all around the world, so be sure to check the Vogue website for the location nearest to you!

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