Kishidan Banpaku Part I - DJ Ozma & Golden Bomber

Olympics was a perfect name to give to Kishidan Banpaku

This music festival, although relatively small, featured some of the biggest names in the music industry.

MICHIDO caught the second day of Kishidan Banpaku and its star-studded lineup up close and personal. The lineup started strong with Golden Bomber followed by Unicorn, the GazettE, Kishidan, T.M. Revolution, VAMPS and Hamasaki Ayumi.

DJ Ozma opened the second day.

The variety of artists in the lineup resulted in an equally colorful audience. Audience members arrived in punk shredded jeans, bikinis and, a personal favorite, Kishidan-esque biker gang uniforms and pompadours.

DJ Ozma opened the second day of Kishidan in his usual outrageous and questionable fashion.

His performance included King and Pancho as they danced with dancers in bikinis. DJ Ozma, Pancho and King sang while attempting to strip their dancers of their bikini tops.

The three men eventually succeeded and the female dancers appeared to be baring their naked breasts to the audience. But upon closer inspection, dancers who lost their tops were wearing flesh-colored skin-tight suits. DJ Ozma then took the show one step further by pulling down the bikini bottoms and showing off his "naked" dancers.

If this weren't quite enough to scandalize more conservative audience members, several men hopped out wearing only black thongs, holding long inflated balloons which protruded from their crotches. The balloons were released and then flew into the sky to open for Spiderman.

Apparently, DJ Ozma didn't think his audience had had enough quite yet. His next stunt was to have a group of men, including Pancho and King, run out on stage naked while dancing with only a large uchiwa to cover their private parts while managing to not flash anyone their fronts.

Their setlist included Happy Song, 超, MATSURI, 気持ちE, Drinkin' Boys, Spiderman, 珍魂歌, 純情~スンジョン~ and アゲ♂アゲ♂EVERY☆騎士.

Golden Bomber then--excuse the pun--bombed the stage.

Kiryuuin, perhaps to not be outdone by Pancho and King's borderline obscene performance, emerged on stage wearing nothing but flesh-colored boxer shorts and a black circle to cover his actual crotch.

Kiryuuin also came in danger of losing his disc of modesty when he was surrounded by other band members as they tried to continue stripping him before the audience.

After opening with the first song, Boku Quest, each member introduced themselves to the audience for the benefit of those seeing the band for the first time.

Kyan Yutaka announced his long lasting desire to join Kishidan and how he felt he needed the pompadour to be a proper member. To achieve this goal, he brought out his ultimate tool.

A cotton candy maker.

The cameras panned out to give a bird's eye view of the stage. Audience members watched in anticipation as Kyan began the first initiation into Kishidan.

The brief silence was broken as the audience let out a collective laugh and cheers of disbelief. Kyan's pompadour was taking shape right before everyone's eyes as he used his head to collected cotton candy around his hair.

He completed the transformation by dashing into the stage's side wings and returning with a long overcoat and a pair of sunglasses to accompany his new and proud white pompadour.

During the next song, band members picked away--literally--at Kyan's new Kishidan identity. Jun and Kiryuuin both took bites out of Kyan's "hair" and, due to the heat, the cotton candy was dropping rather sadly and only went more askew as Kyan dashed around the main and protruding stage.

At the end of the song, Kyan attempted to remove the cotton candy from his hair, but it was too sticky, resulting in him pulling his hair up along with the candy. The air guitarist made another run backstage, later reappearing cotton candy-free, but still wearing the overcoat and sunglasses as water dripped from his hair.

Another Golden Bomber highlight included Dervish Kenji expressing his love for synchronized swimming. Kenji promised that the audience would see the fruits of his training during their performance.

He did not disappoint.

In the usual golden Bomber fashion, Kiryuuin sang as his band mates went wild with their antics. Utahiroba and Kyan pulled a blue tarp to cover the majority of Kenji's drumset.

Kenji then proceeded to "swim" and showed off his legs as he did a perfect synchro swimming split and other fundamental synchro moves. Audience members were reminded of how well built Kenji was as he held his poses without any noticeable wavering.

The Golden Bomber set finished with the classic Memeshikute as the audience cheered and danced along. The band members raced to the side stage and then the protruding stage to ensure that everyone was dancing along before saying thank you at the protruding stage.

The Golden Bomber setlist consisted of 僕クエスト, 綺麗になりたくて, 抱きしめてシュヴァルツ, ICE BOX, 酔わせてモヒート, 成龙很酷, †ザ・V系っぽい曲† and 女々しくて.

While not believing myself to be a rabid Golden Bomber fan, the Golden Bomber segment was certainly one of the better Kishidan performances in terms of audience engagement and interaction.

As Golden Bomber left the stage, the staff hurried on to prepare the stage for Unicorn's set.

That, however, will be left for another day.

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Slider photos were taken from Natalie Mu.


Loved it! I can't wait for the next part!

Thanks Nancy!! I've drafted up Part 2, so just a few more tweaks :3

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