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2010-12-13 11:02:00

Love,Takada no Baba AREA☆【4390】


I performed at the SPEED DISK event 「Year End Party」yesterday☆

Actually, it was a SPEED DISK-bands only event, but we were with SPEED DISK until June, and the 47 prefecture tour was also a SPEED DISK production, so the fact that we were invited to this event made me really happy!

And what a day!

We did a live with the outfits on the hevn cover☆

Did you all have a nice shock? lol

We wore the kimono with a lot of layers, and it was way too heavy lol
It was as if our clothes were like the weighted clothes that Goku had in Dragon Ball, but even though it was only for a superrr short moment, it was fun!

The event was great too, but it would've been nice if we could've had a long one-man live with everyone, eh...

So, everyone, come to the 1/5 show at Akasaka BRITZ~!!

Voice Fanfare
Satellite TV

After we finished, we had a 「Year End Party」 with the other bands in the AREA☆

We had a fun talk with President Matsushita, who we haven't seen for a long time, SPEED DISK, the AREA staff, and the other performing bands!

With Pres. Matsushita☆

I'm really indebted to Pres. Matsushita, and if there's ever a "Kouki biography", he's definitely going to be an important figure lol

He's my second father☆

SPEED DISK staff have often called me the little Pres. Matsushita y'know lol

We were all on the same wavelength and shared the same thoughts, eh!

And then!!!!


Somehow the prizes were pretty extravagant huh lol

Isn't it incredible?

i-pad!!I could do with or without the TV, but I was already targeting the i-pad、but since it's bingo, I couldn't really target it specifically...
We played hard with the Chemical team, and, this year for sure, the top 3 most serious people were me, Osamu-kun, and Kokumo-san while playing!

As expected, the team that went to Korea's different huh, AREA's priority was to prepare camp, set up a few perimeters, and, in the end, President Matsushita told us with a serious face 「You punks can only be noisy!」…

That in and of itself was fun!

It's just…

Of course, I didn't win the i-pad…lol
Is it because this is also part of being in a bingo tournament?

But since it was fun, it's all good!

For now, everyone, I'll be in your care next year!

Current tour final at Akasaka BLITZ on sale now!
E plus http://eplus.jp/
Ticket Peer (P code:119-162)
Lawson Tickets (L code:74234)



Thank you so much for translating ^^
He is such a dork...but a lovely one ^^

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[...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Zidni Ilma Soraya and ~L~iZ★ ЯéßìR†H, もう一度. もう一度 said: [※]Blog Translation: 12.13.2010 @dout_member - Kouki : http://wp.me/p112tQ-4S Please RT! :] [...]

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