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Seems like it was a big day for A9 yesterday, so I figured I'd just do some quick blog entries.

Most recent posts from Saga, Nao, Hiroto, and Shou. Tora hasn't updated since the fall of last year.

Everything here is from their blogs, including photos etc.



Tomorrow's Budoukan.

I'll do my best (^-^)v


Tomorrow's Nippon Budoukan☆

Tomorrow's the tour final!!

Nippon Budoukan!!

A great excuse presented itself …lol

I'm looking forward to it☆


A trip to discover ourselves has presented itself yoOoo♪

2011, January 6th!!

It can't be helped that this time is on this day

Everyone's feelings, I'm ready to receive them all!

I also have a lot of faith!!

Let's make this the best day ever,

Better than anybody else's in this world★



Today's finally the day、

It's the

Alice Nine Live Tour 10

“FLASH LIGHT from the past”



Going through 30 spots through the country, that one point in our dramatic story has come to an end.

I have a lot of thoughts and feelings

And then, there's the energy

A lot of dreams will take shape in a single LIVE and

tonight, those will all become reality!!!!!

People coming, completely and thoroughly

ENJOY IT!!!!!!!

Let's make it our night.

Entrust yourselves to us




Happy New Year.

Last year, I fixed my eyes on the 「Budoukan」 target、

Even more so now, more so than the complaints, more so than the thoughts, I've received a lot of encouragement and motivation, and it was a wonderful year.

Also, during this year's August, Alice Nine finally reached its 7th anniversary, but、

every year, steadily liking a band called Alice Nine, their music, and therefore, the songs, the expressions, the artwork, the words--when it's all tied and connected to everyone, I come to realize more and more that this is something really precious.

We might limit ourselves in what we do,

But, for always supporting us through so many ways, shapes, and forms--everyone, thank you.

There were a lot of people that came along with us, but without fail, by taking everyone's extended hands, we've been taken along for the best of rides.

First is, on 01/06, Nippon Budoukan.

Whether we cry or laugh, it's our first at Budoukan.

We can only, and have to, completely have fun .

let's make this our 「thing」.

I think I want to make every day of this year an Alice Nine 「thing」.

First, I personally want to hear a lot of different music and meet a lot of different people, and it's at the top of the list of things I'm looking forward to.

I'll be in your care this year too.


Thanks for traslating ^^
I specially love Shou and Nao's entries... very cute.

how cute this touch me ^ o ^
thank you so much for transalting this

how cute this touch me ^ o ^
thank you so much for transalting this

Thanks for traslating ^^
I specially love Shou and Nao's entries... very cute.

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