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I've only translated certain parts that I thought were especially important and left out others because I didn't have the time to do all of it. All editorial trimming etc is done by me (B✿) and are marked with a [...].

The original post by Kiryuuin can be found here.

You can thank クマ☆G for this, because she was the one who found the post.

But, the best way to show your appreciation for your favorite artists right now is to give to a cause that is organizing disaster relief in the countries that need it.


The Tohoku-Pacific Earthquake

The things that have been written, the things that have already been thought, my own powerlessness, the information that's changing every second, all the directions for earthquake preparation from followers--it seems like my head has gotten all caught up in everything. No, it has gotten caught up in everything.

Since I didn't study very well or very much, at times like these, even if I do things like worry, I don't know how to write it out properly.
It continues to drown out my thoughts.
I think it looks like things that were just copied and pasted, but it isn't even that--there's nothing I can write.

Anyways, with that said, I want to get better at writing.

Immediately following the earthquake, there was anguish, sadness, and difficulties that were beyond my imagination, and I think about it even now.

「Do your best」
「Good luck」
「I'm praying for you」
「Stay positive」

It looks like I thought too much about what words I want to reach out with.

I'm sorry for these incomprehensible words m(_ _)m

Everything's back to normal for me, but, in reality, things are getting more and more chaotic!


The point is, I think I want to use music to reach out to people.


It seems like it would be hard to pump up people who don't know about me,
But, for those who have asked for my voice, maybe this might be able to cheer you up.
I would be really happy if you listened to this for me.

I think that whether it's hypocritical, for my own self-satisfaction, or self-advertisement--whatever you think this is, if I can do it, then I should do it.

"It's embarrassing, but it's like how you should offer your seats to the elderly on the train"

↑ This is the perfect analogy--you can't have that regret of not helping someone up in the air! 


I have absolute faith in Japan's Red Cross.
http://www.jrc.or.jp/  (But it doesn't seem like it's totally set up yet.)

NicoNico has also begun fundraising with points today
The company Dwango will be will be carrying out the donation process, taking care of all the fees etc.

GACKT-san has established a fundraising foundation. It's awesome!
The 「SHOW YOUR HEART」 funds are to be received by the victims of the Tohoku-Pacific earthquake. For more details, please look here.

Besides these, you can also donate at convenience stores,
plus, I think things have been arranged so that you can contribute anywhere.

In the end, you'll have to decide on a place that you personally trust to donate to.

Those individuals who have extra things, please, in some way, shape or form, contribute.

I apologize for not being able give you more helpful information m(_ _)m


I'm going to ramble on and write for a bit! Everything below this is going to be completely silly…(^-^)

During this year's White's Day, on 03.14,
I've thought about uploading a video with me singing like Hatsune Miku.


With this, we recorded everything with the office's Golden Bomber equipment.

This is the room with all the equipment in it.

Life is all right*

If you translate it with Yahoo!, it means

「You have no problems in life」

I only sang an ordinary song,

I only composed the lyrics with an ordinary wish,

But, by giving this a form,
maybe, no matter how small it is, things may change for the better.

Firstly, it can cheer up those who have listened to this

Secondly, it can make another smiling face.

See ya!(^-^)


*"Life is All Right" was originally written in English


I love how everyone is trying their best to recover and offer their help,I hope Kiryuuin's wish to make others smiles has been fulfilled,it sure did for me:D



My first impression of Kiryuuin was that he only messes around but after reading his entry and listening to his song my impression of him has changed. He really touched me.

Thank you so much for always commenting! We really appreciate it! ♥

He did so for me,even a big joker like him cares for other people's misery,and he want to cheer them up.

I appreciate the time you spend bringing translated stuff for us,so I didn't comment that would be like I am not appreciating your work,so it's my pleasure:D

Japan´s nation is so strong!

I love how everyone is trying their best to recover and offer their help,I hope Kiryuuin's wish to make others smiles has been fulfilled,it sure did for me:D


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