Magazines: HEVN vol. 51 feat. D=Out, Hikaru

Better late than never! We both had a busy week last week, so we couldn't get anything ready besides the Follow Friday feat. Dogma, but we've got a peace offering with Hikaru's segment from the HEVN interview series!

Also, a few of you have been asking about the continuation of Rock&Read vol. 004 feat. Aoi. Frankly, since we split it up into parts, we haven't gotten to it yet. But, we'll be having a special for the 9th the GazettE anniversary for the whole band, so rejoice, for stories about Ruki's pee and Uruha reading porn mags are near!

-cough- Ok, so obviously, that interview will have more than facts about Ruki's pee, but it grabbed your attention, right?

Anyways, onto the D=Out members complaining about how air headed Hikaru is and how he stares intensely at people's faces when he's drunk.

The members reveal Hikaru's strengths and weaknesses!

The person himself only gets up to 3 changes to speak?!

---First, let's start off with strengths.
Minase: He's unpredictable. I feel like whether it's for musical phrasing or live setup and staging, he completely thinks things through in his head.

Kouki: He's straightforward with his actions and what he says.

Permission to speak, granted ① Hikaru: They've got it pinned down, don't they (laugh).

Kouki: He's ranks highest if we're trying to see who was best at utterly confusing the people around him (laugh).

---When are there instances of that?

Kouki: When we're discussing things about the evaluations, he'll randomly say, “Shouldn't we just toughen up?”, and he'll make a face in response. In addition to that, it's also hard for him to read the mood. He makes this funny expression that seems to say, “What?”

Permission, granted ② Hikaru: There's no mistake about that (dry laugh)

---That isn't against your will?

Permission, granted ③ Hikaru: It isn't like I'm indifferent, and if you say, “it's because of so and so”, there also isn't anything in particular. I just think, “When I look at such and such, it seems fun.”

Kouki: While we're on that part, he's the youngest of all of us, but he's the most mature of all of us. When someone just dropped some garbage, he'll ask, “Who threw this garbage away?”, and then end it with, “It's fine whoever it was.” It makes me think it's a warning for the person who tossed the trash even though he ended the situation with that one phrase.

Reika: On that note, within the band, he's the most tidy person, isn't he.

Kouki: It's the same for me, I can't say anything if Hikaru's been picking up trash after me this entire time.

Everyone: (laugh)

Kouki: Besides, this is something that happened during the previous tour, but I was put in a room with him at the hotel. I went to sleep thinking I could sleep until 11 the next day, but at 10:30 the next morning, Hikaru's alarm clock went off. And plus, I don't like the sound that his alarm clock makes. The moment it goes “Pi—,” I shut it off. And, with that, it goes off from 10:30 to 11, so for those 30 minutes, the alarm clock goes off every 5 minutes. Plus, since I'm the type that wakes up only once, I got pretty irritated. Wouldn't you think, “Does he know how many times it's been ringing?” But he still manages to wake up exactly at 11. If things end up like that anyways, I think, “It doesn't matter how many times it rings, right?” I keep thinking, “It'd be better if it didn't ring and I didn't notice it.” (dry laugh).

---And yet, it still happens? Hikaru-san, why don't you try changing the sound?

Hikaru: (Dry laugh)

Ibuki: When he's drunk, he's even worse than Reika. He gets into this troublesome sort of excitement. His personality changes.

Reika: He gets kinda hysterical.

Kouki: On a more serious note, as he sobers up, he'll keep repeating,「Later, let's...」over and over again, and when I ignore him, he refuses to get out of my way. (laugh).

Everyone: HAHAHAHA

Reika: I think my drunkenness is a strength, and since I'm usually not particularly excited, I think it's fine that way. For Hikaru, it's easier for him to really pump up the excitement. Besides that, it's great that he'll do his best even at things he can't really do, but it's like Kouki said, he's got a personality that challenges things, but there are also times when he's completely off the mark.

---The person himself is also nodding.

Minase: A thing I don't like is how he's the type to act like something that did happen didn't happen.

Kouki: I totally get that. For example, even if I say, “I'm going to dye my hair red,” he also goes and gets his hair done. Then he says things like, “This isn't reddish, it's brown,” and if I tell my hunches to Minase, he says, “He's a guy who can coolly do things like that.”

Minase: Even though he's already said it, he can still make a face that says, “I didn't say that.” On another note, when he's drunk, he stares are people's faces.

Kouki: He stares really hard.

Permission to speak, chance ④ Hikaru: I didn't know that. Staring at people—that's the first time I've known of it. That's scary (dry laugh).

---Isn't it good that you know that now?

Permission to speak, chance ⑤ Hikaru: I don't know if it's good or bad that I know...

---If Hikaru-san starts to look at you, it's a sign that he's drunk, eh.

Reika: It feels nice to see a different aspect of the “business as usual” Hikaru though.

---Lastly, I'd like to ask about the enthusiasm you have for your tour final.

Hikaru: I want to show how we've grown from our 47 stops all over the country.


Can you imagine Hikaru's face staring up (or down, depending on how tall you are) at you while he's drunk? Haha, I imagine it'd be adorable, like looking at a pet.

What do you all think of him? Did you learn something new from the interview? Hikaru completely surprised me when it was announced that he's a pretty wild drunk. What did you all think about this?

Let us know your thoughts and comments down below please! -B✿

Also, don't forget to check out Reika's and Kouki's segments! You can also check out the magazine here, or see more D=Out products here.


As always, thank you so much for translating +gives you cookies+

Hikaru seem to be a bit weird, but lovable.

ahahahaha! i didn't know that personality of hikaru!

thanks for translating! ^^

Hikaru drunk and staring at peoples faces,that I wish to see uwhaha,poor Kouki he lost 30 minutes of his sleep because of Hikaru lol

ahahahaha! i didn't know that personality of hikaru!

thanks for translating! ^^

As always, thank you so much for translating +gives you cookies+

Hikaru seem to be a bit weird, but lovable.

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