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Here's another Follow Friday everyone! We've got something a bit different this time—a rock band! BENI and AZU were pop artists that have incredible voices, but this Follow Friday might be what a lot of you are more familiar with.

This week's featured artist is the incredible rock band, Dogma. Dogma is label mates with Coldrain of Gil Sound works. Some of you might recognize Coldrain from their “Chandler” cover on the Kuroyume tribute album, Fuck the Borderline

History and Background

The following background and history is translated from the Dogma OHP.


With music that has been inspired by every type of artistic style, the group writes transparently in English and Japanese to present the various facets of humanity. With voices that are both incomparable and transient, they fire off words that are full of life.

The drifting vocals express intense and sorrowful moments.

Holding the belief that feelings must be expressed, these men present their music with their time-tested sounds.

With these factors, everything is fused together to create sound that is simultaneously dreadful, catchy and yet powerful—with this sound, the group aims to develop and create a uniquely-colored world.

Dogma, which formed in 2004, has performed lives vigorously all over the country.

Their 1st mini album, 『hieroglyph』,was released in July of 2007.

The hieroglyph tour was planned, and the country-wide tour was finalized.

The Osaka tour final was a successful first one-man live.

The band has supported the foreign bands, ZEROMIND, INSOLENCE, and FUNK JUNEEZ, and participated in a highly acclaimed festival in Taiwan.

The 2nd mini album, 『aeon』, was released in May of 2009.

The aeon tour involved a 2nd nationwide tour and finished with a popular and crowded final in Osaka.

In 2009, one of the founding members retired from the band, but even so, the band overcame the obstacles before them and persisted onwards

“We'll never lose sight of ourselves.” With these feelings, the four members came into being as 「Dogma」, and they sought to create music expressing the 「dogmatism」that they believe in while demonstrating the importance of following one's beliefs and will.

Of course, this doesn't mean that the band believes in complacency. The band has decided to never lose sight of self-expression and guide themselves with this singular thought.

The 4 members are currently in the middle of a new production.


The current band members consist of:
Vocals: Azusa Takehiro
Guitar: Ura Kazuaki
Bass: Taki Ryusei
Drums: Daiki Yusyou

Song Samples



Official Information



CD Japan

Dogma is an incredible band. “Photograph” was my first song, and the power behind the music definitely caught my attention the first time around.

A lot of you are probably part of the visual kei fandom, and while Dogma's looks may not the most carefully constructed out there, the band's music manages to convey sincere feelings without being pretentious.

Another major plus for Dogma is how well the instruments meld together with the vocals. Teamwork really comes together in Dogma's sound, and the listener can hear how every member contributes their skills to produce the final product.

The only possible downside I can think of at the moment is how perhaps their sound might have been a little bit on the generic side, but to be honest, the variety with their different songs compensates for it completely. When listening to “Brain” and “Photograph”, Dogma seems to have developed a talent for different styles, which allows listeners to loop them without ever tiring of their music.

Since Dogma is still an indie band, please support them by purchasing their CDs if you like them. You can get their aeon CD or check out their Hieroglyph CD below.

aeon / Dogma

Hieroglyph / Dogma

What do you all think about Dogma? Please let us know what you think in the comments below! Tell us what you do or don't like about Dogma. I personally think they're a band with a lot of potential, so I'm hoping for their success in the near and distant future. (^^♪ -B✿


I never heard of them before.And i'm starting to like their songs now! Thanks for the recommendation!


We're glad you like their songs. We think they've got a lot of potential! And of course, thank you so much for the comment! (*≧∀≦)

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