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It's been quite a while since the last D=OUT interview! We haven't forgotten about them, so all you D=OUT fans can rejoice! Next in line of the Hevn vol 51 series is “Mr. My Pace” Minase! I hope you all enjoy this section and keep an eye out for Ibuki's part which will complete the series!

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And now's it's time to expose Minase's strengths and weaknesses.

The person himself only gets up to 3 changes to speak?!

---Let's first start off with Minase's good points.

Kouki: Generally speaking, he's a “my pace” type of person who won't notice even if a bomb was dropped. He manages the van and deals with the MCs when it's suddenly assigned to him during lives (laughs). He's really encouraging during lives and also really fussy when it comes to costumes.

Ibuki: He's really a my pace kind of guy that doesn't really get agitated and tries to create a fun atmosphere at parties.

---That's one exceptional side to him, eh.

Ibuki: A surprising and stylish kind of guy.

Hikaru: He's a little stylish--kind of an artsy type of guy? You can say he's person who really prioritizes aesthetic sense and beauty.

Reika: I guess you can say he's a person whose mood changes frequently? In the past there were several incidents with the costume coordinator, but we didn't know why he was so picky about some parts. A “my pace” lazy bum that makes a relaxed atmosphere. Oh I guess that would be a bad point, eh? Anyways, he has good points too.

Permission to speak ① Minase: Hey, I have around 100 good points!

Kouki: We can ignore that since he said it himself.

---(laughs) Well lets move on to the bad points, please tell us about that.

Kouki: If I was a girl, I definitely wouldn't want to date Minase. If you're in public, despite him being “my pace” he can also be quite gentlemanly and be protective of the girl he loves...to a certain extent he is a person with these qualities. But this is only if he's paying careful attention to her...(*)

---What do you mean by “only if he's paying careful attention to her.”(*)

Kouki: When he's aware of it, he'll be protective of his girlfriend. But usually, he doesn't notice anything.

Reika: I absolutely agree with that.

Everyone: (Burst out laughing)

Kouki: Minase's my pace-ness really becomes a pain when we're on tour.

---Why is that?

Kouki: He often takes his time when it comes to doing laundry, but I think he's come to notice that lately.

Ibuki: He's a “my pace” kind of guy that doesn't pay attention to what we are talking about. There are times when you ask him 3 different questions and he still won't say anything or give you a response.

---Did you hear that Minase?

Permission to speak ② Minase: What was that?

---Is this what you mean?

Ibuki:Yes! It happens so much, and I don't even understand it at all, but during stressful times he can make people laugh. Now, he's suddenly started usingeye drops, but that's got nothing to do with what we're talking about. This is what it's like everyday. You see, he can't read the mood. (laughs)

Permission to speak chance ③ Minase: Huh? Did I do something wrong? (He uses eye drops while he says this...(laughs))

---So this is what you guys call “my pace-ness”

Ibuki: Yes

Hikaru: He only cares about himself. Not even a little nice to others.

Kouki: Hey, Hikaru is the type that's pretty blunt, and if you only listen to what Hikaru said, it'd seem like Minase is a pretty horrible person (laughs).

Everyone: (bursts out laughing)

Hikaru: When we're on tours, everyone does their own laundry. Minase takes out only his clothes from the drier and neglects everyone else. Although its something small, but its sort of like he's saying, “do it yourself.”

---What do you mean by something small.

Hikaru: It's not that significant.

Kouki: We do rock paper scissors to decide who will do our laundry. The first thing we do when we arrive at the hotel is decide our laundry roster. Even though everyone's gathered after putting away our luggage, sometimes Minase doesn't come out of his room.

Reika: Everyone tells him, “We're going,” but he doesn't come out. After lives are over and we reach the hotel, he's really tired so, even if it's only for a bit, he wants to nap.

---Why doesn't he just come out of his room to begin with?

Reika: That's a good question.

Permission to speak ④ Minase: Since we decide our laundry roster with rock paper scissors, if you lose that, it means you can't sleep between washing and drying your clothes. I can hand wash my own clothing so the four of you can decide through rock paper scissors.

---So did you go? I think I sort of understand what everyone means by “my pace-ness”

Permission to speak ⑤ Minase: Weighing out the risks of losing in rock-paper-scissors, I think it's a better option to just hand wash the clothing myself. Also for some reason I feel like I wasn't going to win in rock-paper-scissors, so if I go to the meeting late, everyone will probably be done with the rock-paper-scissors round.

Kouki: That's a bit rebellious.

---So the 4 of you do rock paper scissors?

Kouki: It has nothing to do with us, but anyways I am still waiting.

Permission to speak ⑥ Minase: I know when I will lose. How--I just know even though we're going around on tour.

---You know when you are going to win or lose?

Ibuki: You can. When you don't have confidence, that's when you'll lose.

--So about his selfish my pace-ness, what exactly is it?

Reika: Well anyways, doing laundry is a pain because it takes up a lot of time, and in the end you just give up. Minase is this type of person, he doesn't hate doing laundry he just doesn't want to deal with it.

---Minase is next to you and he seems kind of depressed though・・・

Kouki: I've only seen him depressed once, and that time he was really...weird.

Permission to speak ⑦ Minase: I don't want to remember that... (dry laugh)

Reika: I've given up on passing messages to Minase. No matter how many times you tell him, he ends up forgetting. He's not interested in what you have to say and ends up making excuses (laughs). But of course I know he doesn't do it on purpose.

---And lastly please tell us what you are anticipating for the tour finale.

Minase: We're only been on so many tours, but I have confidence in us. We all want to fully express ourselves soon.


Hope you like this part! When I was reading it, I thought it was odd how the entire section was ALL about Minase's "my pace-ness". Strengths and weaknesses! What'd you all think of this? Tell us in the comments below!⇓

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Yay! you guys didn't forget about D=out!! xDD Thank you guys so much :) I really appreciate it!

oooh,..been waiting for this! i tot u guys are not gonna continue D=out anymore...
thank you!! ^^

I'm surprised at the type of person he is! I didn't think he was thaaaat laid-back, lol. Thanks so much for translating ^^

thanks a lot ♥

ah, I expected Kouki to let out a little bit more info since they've been acquainted for years

and I wonder if there'd be anyone who will be able to stick to that '3 chances' rule 8D

thanks for the translation. Am I the only one who wants to see them play a game of rock-paper-scissors for the laundry roster?? I also do appreciate Hikaru's bluntness too, it was so cute!! Can't wait to read about Ibuki!!

Waiting for ibuki, arigatou for translate. ^.^

please do ibuki translation soon!

Can you translate it soon, please ? (・∀・) Because I've been waiting a long time.

Can you translate it soon, please ? (・∀・) Because I've been waiting a long time.

thanks a lot ♥

ah, I expected Kouki to let out a little bit more info since they've been acquainted for years

and I wonder if there'd be anyone who will be able to stick to that '3 chances' rule 8D

oooh,..been waiting for this! i tot u guys are not gonna continue D=out anymore...
thank you!! ^^

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