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Yakiniku Meal Set - 焼肉定食
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Who would have thought the way you eat your meal set could tell you so much about your love life?

Yep. All that food on that platter reveals your deepest darkest secrets about how your strategies for locking on and capturing your romantic target.

After you read this, tell us what dish you ate first and how accurate you think this is (no cheating!), and then tell us what dish you think your favorite Jrocker celeb would eat first.

For example, in regards to Alice 9, Nao might be a miso soup, Saga with a salad, Shou with his pickles, Hiroto as a yakiniku and Tora may be a rice. Of course, there can be more than one person per food. (I just completely made up that lineup.)

Confused yet? Well, you'll just have to keep reading to find out what exactly we mean.

It's time for lunch and your stomach is growling.
You find a place to eat and order a "yakiniku meal set".
What is the first thing you eat once your meal set has arrived?

Get to your answer by
clicking the picture!

This personality test shows what kind of techniques and strategies you would use in the game of love.

A. Miso Soup

If you start with a sip of miso soup, it means you are a natural when it comes to the game of love. You are satisfied no matter what kind of love it is. Occasionally you behave like a spoiled child and intentionally treat your partner coldly. However, all of those add to your charm, and your person of interest will be instantly captivated by you.

B. Salad

You are a person that takes loves seriously, but at the same time you are also poor at making strategies in the game of love. Although you may be bold and straightforward when having fun or making decisions...in front of the person you like, you become awkward and nervous. While you want to express your feelings, no matter how much you want to, you are unable to express them.

C. Oshinko (Pickled Vegetables)

If you treat yourself by starting off with pickled vegetables, you are the type to plan things out.
As opposed to behaving aggressively, you enjoy planning out your tactics carefully. Due to this characteristic, things will be steady and smooth, but it can also spoil things when your careful planning is discovered.

D. Yakiniku

Digging into the entree right away, you are the type that has no particular strategy in the game of love. When you like someone you charge ahead like a daredevil. That type of attack power you have will surely make the person you are interested in fall madly in love with you.

E. Rice

By starting your meal with rice you are the type that is poor at formulating a strategy. Even though you are interested, it's an unrequited love and often you tend to dwell on those feelings. The shortest path to love may simply be to find someone who already loves this clumsier side of you.

Well, were you what you expected? Mine was actually quite accurate, which surprised me to some extent, haha. We got salad and oshinko (pickles), and if you can guess who got what, extra MICHIDO points to you! At any rate, even if you don't believe in quizzes like these, we hope you enjoyed the pictures, which we also enjoyed looking up a lot~

And don't forget to tell us what dish you ate first and how accurate you think this is, and then tell us what dish you think your favorite Jrocker celeb would eat first.

If you love finding out about yourself via your methods of chomping down on meat, or you just like looking at pictures we get from Flickr, then don't forget to follow MICHIDO on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.



I guess it's the Japanese custom to have the soup first and therefore reveals (about the person who chose it) the person is organized and strategic. Yes indeedy.

I picked the salad, and I have to say it is scarily accurate. Like seriously, describes me 100%.

That would be meee??? Haha I go straight for the oshinko, and I even eat other people's oshinko if they happen to not want or like it ( '艸`*)

Now you know when you're on a date you can check to see which one your date starts with...aha and hopefully he will pick miso soup and not...white rice (*^▽^*)

As always, thank you so much for the comment! Bonus hearts for you ♥

Ahhh, same here!! My friend told me it was pretty BS since his result was a hit or miss from him, but mine was practically 100% too.

Thanks for commenting!

Hahaha!! I happen to like my oshinko--but I'll share 8) I don't ever eat it first, though, if there's salad. I like to get the things I don't like out of the way. Depending on the salad, it's a tossup between starting with salad and with soup. My sister's oshinko all the way though...heh!

I can't imagine anyone EVER starting with rice...It's weird *A* I'd probably stare at that person in fascination for a while. And then be creeped out a little. Hahahaha... :D

Yuppyupp! Never a problem~ I'm actually interested in seeing what other people would pick--I wonder if there's a difference between what people choose and what people say they choose? Perhaps being spontaneous and just watching someone start their bento rather than asking them about it and having them think about it will make a difference?

/dies overthinking

Nice to meet you Mr. Oshinko-san.
OHYEAH two honorifics.

I picked miso soup and that is mostly true, but I wouldn't have been surprised if I was salad either.

Why can't I log in with my twitter ID this time.. Oh well, I'm totally a miso soup person! Though I still have yet to prove if what it says about my personality is correct, I can't imagine not starting the meal set with miso soup! XD (@ruki_candy)

I came thissssssss close to picking miso, but I figured salads are better starters than soups, plus I like to have my miso soup with rice.

Thanks for sharing your results! :D

Ahhh, sorry about disqus :( We'll see if we can figure out what's wrong

I think miso and salad are the most intuitive, so it makes sense a lot of people would pick that first--but one of us picked pickles, therefore there must be something wrong (with her, not me :D)

Thank you for commenting!!!!

i chose miso soup first and it's very accurate... hehe... i don't even know if this is true but it's accurate for me...

ahaha! very accurate~! xD I just laugh at myself

haha, our answers were really accurate too! I wish I went for yakiniku and miso at the same time =\

thanks for commenting!!

Oh my goodness, this was so funny!
I am totally like the rice bowl. ;-;

I was a salad, so don't feel bad ;_____;

Thank you for leaving a comment though!!! :D

i picked salad... very accurate... LOL XDD, Aoi-dear, he would probably eat meat first.. so it's the yakiniku...

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