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Hi all! We've got something a bit different from our regular stuff this time, but this one's fun too! It's about what women in Japan like to use as a matching couple item with their boyfriends.

As you read this, think about what you would want as a matching couple item. If it isn't from the list, that's fine too! Let us know what it is! The second question is WHO you would want to share the item with. The man or woman of your dreams with your choice of a matching couple item! Leave us a comment below!

Meanwhile, I won't hold you up any longer--on to the real article!

「Straps」are the most popular! A working girl's ranking of the most desirable「Matching couples' item that you want your boyfriend to carry」
Originally published by escala cafe on 7/21/2011 (Thursday) 11:00

Girls always want the person they like to confirm their love for each other. Matching items that fulfill those thoughts are especially popular amongst lovers. This time we surveyed working young women about「Matching couples' item that you want your boyfriend to carry」 ! When it comes to the most popular "couple item", what is most popular amongst the working ladies?

●1st Place/「Strap」……56.6%

○2nd Place/「Mugs」……30.4%

●3rd Place/「Keychain」……20.9%

○4th Place/「Cellphone」……14.2%

●5th Place/「Commuter Pass Case」……5.4%

○6th Place/「Wallet」……5.1%

●7th Place/「Sneakers」……4.8%

○8th Place/「Music Player」……4.1%

●9th Place/「Rings」……3.5%

○10th Place/「Clothing」……2.5%

※ Note ・Rankings below 11th place were omitted.

56.6% went with the 1st place item,「Strap」! A strap that you can have on you while walking is perfect for reaffirming your love! This isn't only for cellphone straps. Many couples that are working in the office have also been using lanyard straps.

Ranking 2nd place was 30.4% with「Mugs」. Sharing a couples mug with the person you love is also a splendid idea. When you use the mug during your tea break at work, you can continue to work hard with the power of love.

And then, at 3rd place with 20.9% was「Keychain」. Since it isn't something that is constantly seen by others, you can enjoy the secret thrills of being an item. If you attach each others' keys to the matching keychains it's very romantic.

We introduced a lot of items in this time's ranking. I, as expected, would like to use a「Ring」as my matching item. It's a little cliched, but this would make me happiest. What would you want your「Matching couples' item」to be? (Editorial/Etou)

※『escala cafe』conducted a Web survey in June 2011. The valid sample size included 316 responses (escala cafe employees:Working women aged 22 years old-34 years old)

Well, that was short! Hope you enjoyed it! I agree with the editor though. I would want a ring to signify a relationship. If you don't want to wear it as a ring, you can still wear it as a necklace too, and that would still be pretty convenient! The thing I'm not so hung up on are clothes and sneakers. Wouldn't it be weird if you and your significant other walked out the door wearing the same things? It'd be more like the two of you being twins than a couple. Imagine if you were dressed in lolita, and your Aki from Sadie was wearing a matching outfit. (You can click on the picture for a bigger version. Original photo was from skl8em.)

Anyways, don't forget to answer our questions about what you would want as a matching couple item and WHO you would want to share the item with. Shower us with comments please! We love them!

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Just a short comment as I'm eating dinner..
In Taiwan I was almost disgusted by how many couples (teenage couples) wore matching clothes. If it's not the same shirt, it's the same jacket, pants, or shoes. Multiply that so every couple in the mall is matching.

I wanted to tear my hair out :DDDD
I feel like matching straps or bracelets/rings/necklaceswornasrings would be good. It depends on age, though, doesn't it? Younger couples will probably like matching straps more, and the older demographic will probably like matching accessories/jewelry more (more mature, definitely).

so that's my two cents.
me 'n reita can have matching nosebands. I'll wear mine as a scarf though. /trying to be creative here

Thanks as alwayyyyys for posting fun stuff 8DD
going to eat my Thai food now :)

Here in Argentina, we actually don't really like the "Couple look" kind of things... (using matching clothes or the same striking accesories ). The most common thing to see are rings, and maybe mugs.
But I think that a keychain - bracelets - ringswornasnecklace would be the best.
I don't mind using a matching necky with ruki ;D
Anyways, thanks for posting all this cool things! (As usual)

lol, love how your comments are still longer than the average comments on this blog even though it's "short" X3

That's true huh! I never thought about it in terms of age. Although I have to think that you have to be pretty touched in the head to want the same pair of shorts as your bf/gf.

loool, I think reita's noseband would be a better scarf. I swear that think must have a towel sewn in. All that sweat and makeup from lives--gross~~~

haha, Ruki has the most awesome things though, so even if you guys are matching, people might just think you both have similar (awesome) tastes!

An extreme couple look is kinda lame~ It's like neither of them have their own opinion lol

Thank you for commenting!

Oh this article is interesting!!
I'd definitely go with the straps. It can attract attention yet at the same time still be subtle and not over-attract the public. Rings and keychains are nice too. If I had to pick a person, I'd go with Shou (Alice nine) or Hiroto, I can't decide. :'D
Oh gosh, reminds me of an article I read yesterday whereby a couple wearing matching couple tees got into a fight in the train and they both sat seats away from each other after that, how embarrassing. >_>
Anyway, thank you for translating!!! \:D/

Ahhh!! We're so happy you think it's interesting!!

I agree with you! A subtle symbol is better :) I feel like with Shou, a elegant strap would be more his style, but with Hiroto, a bit of a flashy ring would be cool~!

loool, that is SO awkward for the couple and I agree, embarrassing!! haha, the guy could have flipped his shirt inside out, but I guess that's like losing....

Matching clothes kind of annoy me D: they remind me of those couples that become completely alike and stop having individual personalities and it's kind of creepy haha. Apparently korean couples love to wear matching outfits.
To be honest I don't care about this kind of thing very much, but I think I'd definitely go with the mugs or a keychain. I like the idea of only me and my significant other knowing about it, makes it more special!
lol, why am I putting so much thought into this?

Anyway, thanks for the translation, it was very interesting!

I agree! It's like, "Doesn't your significant other like you because you have your own individuality?"

But keychains and mugs are nice, aren't they! Like, you're enjoying hot chocolate with your partner, and the two of you are enjoying something warm and sweet (literally!) together.

We're glad you like this one! Hoping to expand into other things, so thanks for leaving us a comment!!

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