Radio: G-Men X feat. the GazettE, Special 2009

Hello earthlings, we space aliens come in peace and bring you another G-MEN X report


No, we're just kidding. We're not space aliens, although I would like to be one (just not green). Anyways, I hope you are excited for another the Gazette investigation series! This time it's Uruha's turn. Can't wait to find out what the other members have to say about him? Keep reading to find out!

Takuya's From the Milky Way : Space G-MEN X, the GazettE Special
GUEST: the GazettE
BROADCAST TIME:October 8th, 2009 (24:00-25:00)


Takuya: And now moving on with the investigation—Uruha! Everyone says, “Uruha, you don't hold back on the alcohol!”

Aoi: Ohhh this~I want to say one thing! Just one thing!!!

the Gazette: Ahahaha

~Aoi suddenly says...

Aoi: Ah~ah..sorry! But really~Uruha and alcohol... Like when we're heading home, he'll pinch the back of my neck...

Ruki: He's a really bad drunk and stays drunk for a pretty long time. When he starts with tequila it's all over.

Takuya: But he's reflected on it and even wrote that he wants to change that.

Aoi: Well, he can say whatever he wants, right!

the Gazette: Ahahaha

Takuya: Oh hooo, Aoi seems to be in his element! Welcome back! (laughs)

☆He's does things slowly at his own pace.

Takuya: Just now I was in the restroom and Uruha was there too, and there's the hand dryer, right? He was standing there for a loooooong time.

Aoi: Are you sure it wasn't a sprite?

Ruki: This is baaaad (laughs)

the Gazette: Ahahaha

Takuya: While everyone says his “my pace-ness” is a good thing--Ruki, you, on the other hand, want him to change that?

Ruki: His my pace-ness is...well my pace... But what's unbelieveable about him is, we're talking like this, right? He starts listening after the conversation has ended. (laughs) Like it just ended and he says, “Ah...really?” and we say, “Dude, the conversation just ended.”

(Uruha says from outside): Huh? What, what, what?? (laughs)

the Gazette: Ahahahaha!!

Ruki: He's seriously always been like this! It's always like, “We just talked about it!” (laughs)

Aoi: It's because we just saw a sprite.
the Gazette: Ahahahaha

Takuya: Reita, earlier you said the good point about Aoi was him treating you,right...

Reita: Yup

Takuya: And...you say the good thing about Uruha is he bought you a keyboard.

the Gazette: Ahahahaha!!

Takuya: He bought you something!? (laughs)

Reita: I'm so sorry! I'm judging people with material goods (laughs) I'm immature, okay. Sorry!

Takuya: Also, when you were renewing your driver's license, he drove you around.

Reita: Our birthdays are close so we went to renew it together. It was like “Hey, you're gonna drive”...and I was next door.

Ruki: Man, you suck (laughs)

the Gazette: Ahahaha!

Reita: No, we've known each other for a long time--for 18 years--and there are a lot little things that I can't say on radio so I decided to say this.

Takuya: Is that...ok? (laughs)

Uruha's personal report

☆He loves guitar

Ruki: Aaah

☆He loves home appliances

Ruki: Uhum
☆He loves games.

Takuya: And that's what he says. Everyone seems to play Dragon Quest, right~

Reita: Yes! Just us (everyone except Ruki) when we're talking about games, Ruki, he's just...

Kai: Fufufufu

Takuya: Huh?! Ruki, you don't play games?

Ruki: I'm the “I don't game” type.

Reita: The 4 of us play games, it's only Ruki who doesn't.

Kai: When we're talking about games, we start getting onto the topic, but then we have to think about it and stop talking about it.

Reita: Yeah.

the Gazette: Ahahaha

Aoi: Can't you just go with the flow?

Takuya: Ahh, that's no good huh? Sorry that was a bad move, sorry! Alright so from now on no talk about games. Definitely won't!

the Gazette: Ahahaha!

Ruki: It's like you're blaming me of something.

Reita: No no no no

Takuya: Moving on, Uruha says he is an honest guy.

Aoi: Fuuu, that's not true. (laughs)

Takuya: Really? That just got shot down. Next, he's a health freak.
Aoi: He doesn't really have any good traits. He sees exercising as too much work, and he's always like, “I'll do something else." Like, he's got a small personality.

Takuya: That's the summary of our findings...I wonder if that's going to be alright? (laughs) Well, he's a my-pace sprite but is also an amazing person!

♪Bell chimes♪

Takuya: And now we're going to insert a song, after that it's Reita's turn~

Reita: Uwwaaaaa...scarrry!

Takuya: Yes, and with that said, Uruha, welcome back!


When is Uruha like a sprite?

the Gazette: (chuckles) + (laughs)

Uruha: Whaaaaaaat~ (laughs)

the Gazette: Ahahahahaha

Takuya: Aoi said it!

Aoi: Yup yup yup

Uruha: I see where you're going with this!

Aoi: Eeh?!

Takuya: Ooh, revenge in full force, isn't it (laughs) The next person is going to have it tough~

(There are some talks about their new single “Before I Decay” and live information)


Was that...exciting? Sure hope it was!

We thoroughly enjoyed Aoi's come backs, Reita's immaturity and Ruki's, “Are you trying to blame me?!” attitude. Casual conversations like these are always so much fun (●´艸`)

And now for the questions of the day!

First one, what do you like or not like about Uruha, and since the next victim is Reita we want to know what you guys like or dislike about him. Guess what the other members say, and don't hold back! As usual leave us your answers & thoughts in the comment section below.

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See you next time!


This was fricking awesome 8DDD. Aoi is such a bitchy diva, saying whatever he damn well pleases, I love him <3! And LOL @ Reita writing yet another material treat as a compliment. Btw the pictures you put to accompany the translation was perfect. Especially the alcohol bit. OMG *facepalm*.

I'm very much looking forward to the next part...simply cuz Reita's my favourite member ^___^. Thank you for your hard work!

Reita: No, we've known each other for a long time--for 18 years--and there are a lot little things that I can't say on radio so I decided to say this.
LOOOL~ OMG I can just imagine all those little secrets these boys share... 18 years is a looooong time to stay around each other. I admire their friendship :)

Hmm~ What I like about Uruha. I think his professional attitude when it comes to work. He is bordering on perfectionism but the outcome, the songs he wrote are amazing. I also love his poor ability in speaking in front of a mass of people (or even in radio shows). When he stutters and loses focus on what he's supposed to talk about because he is too embarrassed, it's just cute! LOL
What I don't like about him is his love for alcohol, I guess. LOL~ well this comes from a girl who doesn't drink, so... yeah. Hmm~ I also don't like the rather hunched way he walks. It makes him look awkward, and that's a shame because he has the looks of a world-class model.

Well, okay that's my opinion.

Thanks a lot for translating this! I'll be waiting for Reita's part (now I know THAT would be a looot of fun. Teehehehehe~). :D


Aoi is the king!

It looks to me that Uruha really get on his nerves! same with me... I don't really know what makes me dislike Uruha in a personal level, sure i respect the guy as a member & guitarist but that's all.

About Reita... I guess the guys will talk about how messy his place is, or how kind he is. I see him as a sweet bad-boy-wannabe. And crazy about bikes, of course!

Thanks for this, you guys are awesome!

wow, thanks. now i get to know more about them. i like uruha. i think his personality is so cute. i find it attractive. it's just his too much love for alcohol that i don't like. i don't drink and i don't have any vices. so i like guys who doesn't have one as well, but u can't really find a lot of them being that way so just moderately would be fine.

Keke~ what I like about Uruha is he's so passionate when playing his guitar at lives and he's fingers just fly when doing his solos, I dislike how girly he is, with all the short-shorts and skirts. I'm probably the only fan who doesn't like Uruha's thighs ( >.<) *gets killed by Uru-fans*

Next up Reita! I like how dorky and kind he is to everyone totally opposite to how he portrays himself on stage. What I dislike about him is he tries too hard to be all manly and for once I'd like to see him wear a skirt (with trouser) but this wish will never come true.

While I'm at it I'll say my likes and dislikes for the other members. Next is Aoi, I like how dorky and random he can be even at his age, like a little kid. Makes me love him so much! And I what I don't and didn't like was his pink hair!!!

What I like about Kai is how smiley he can be and so caring, and how leader-sama he is, so dedicated to his work just makes me melt. I don't like how he's always frowning in photos, I understands why he does that, we don't see the other members doing that in photos, so why does he do it?

Last but not least, RUKI! His voice at live is amazing!!! He puts so much emotions into singing, its just amazing. His voice is just amazing! I don't like he's solo fanservice, yes we all know the jerking off with mic etc. it makes me a little uncomfortable but other than that nothing I really dislike about him.

Sorry about my babbling I didn't mean for it to be so long. Looking forward to the rest of the interview.

i like this article!!!!~~~
Uruha is soo a 'whatevers' guy. XD
While Aoi is the victim of drunk sprite. Seems like Aoi is letting loose of the surpressed 'whadehell' feeling.
...Aoi u enjoy it i know~~
About Reita and Uruha... It is only when you are comfortable enough with one another that u can say/do things like that right? I have an old friend; of 12years already, now we dont even know how to speak to each other without bashing and swearing.. =.=

Mou Ichido team,.again, thank you!!!!

Thankyou so much for translating this epic interview <3 so fun to read. Itwas very interesting how Aoi just keeps calling Uruha a sprite :D can I have the japanese word he used ? I am so interested ~

Well Aoi, you don't really have any good traits too, so .. :D
I personally love everything about Uruha, exept his drinking problem, which makes me woried. And if I could, I would ask his fans to stop gifting him alcohol ! At least in large quantities >.< I mean, how can the poor guy hold back, when he gets loads and loads of that stuff. But I am proud of him for quiting smoking.
And Uruha pinching Aoi;s neck.. I don't see why Aoi is angry about it :D to me its just cute.

They will forever crack me up! Love them <3 Can't wait for the rest

*lol*OMG Aoi is having so much fun pulling Uruha down xDDDDD Crazy maaaan ... poor thing and woa thank you for the translation, this made my day!

thank you very much for translating this :D
well~ i almost like everything bout Uruha except
for his drinking problem. He's such a cool guy w/
cute personality. and also~ he's 1 of the coolest guitarist ever ^^

I think Aoi is one of the rare people I would like as a "bitchy diva" too! hahaha! We're glad you like the pictures too! They do require quite a bit of hunting down (;´∀`)

Thanks for your comment next time and hope to see you again in the next round! :D

Haha, the stuttering is cute, isn't it! I think it's a nice reminder that he's just as human as we are :)

Thanks for leaving us your opinion and comment! Hope to see you in Reita's part too!! :D

Hahahaha, I'll just say that you're on a very right track about Reita ;)

Thanks for reading, and hope we'll see in you in the next section about Reita! ((o(´∀`)o))ワクワク

Hahaha, Uruha should get in touch with you to straighten out his drinking habits, haha!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

Wow! Where to begin?? You're way ahead of the game!!

I would be REALLY interested to see Reita in a skirt too. But at the same time, the fact that he might be really awkward in it somehow might make him seem manlier? I guess we'd only know if he ever put it on, hehe!

Let's see if your guesses about the others are true! Thanks for this lovely long comment and hope to see you in the other parts too!!

You're welcome, Lee!

It's nice to have such close friends, isn't it? :)

Thanks for commenting and hope to see you next time too! :D

Glad you cracked up! You're welcome and hope to see you next time! :D

We're happy it made your day! Hope to see you next time too and thanks for commenting! :D

Thank you again! Drunken people can have such annoying habits and if the pinching thing happened
again and again I would be mad too. Trust Aoi to be blunt.

Sprite Uruha hmm... talented and focused when he wants,
goodly looks, enchanted by the spirit of the bottle, little disorientated otherwise (like when he finds the warm breeze of the handryer fascinating on his fingers) and a bit shy, when it comes to stangers or unfamiliar situations.

Glad you liked the interview. It's going to get even more interesting (=^▽^=)/

And for the word it's 妖精 it means fairy but we chose sprite instead.

Thanks for the comment and hope to see you in Reita's segment too!

I really love them xD Thanks for the translation <3
Is there a audio version of this interview? Where can I download it? :3

I really love them xD Thanks for the translation <3
Is there a audio version of this interview? Where can I download it? :3

Hi guys,I leave you the Arabic translation of this interview on our jrock blog:D


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