Live Event: 2nd ScReW Q&A at Brand X, Tokyo (2010), Part II

Ok~! This is the last part of the Brand X in-store event from before! This one's quite interesting since it's got quite a few personality quizzes embedded inside, and Byou had some verryyyy interesting reactions and answers to them. To give you a little hint--the way Byou chases after taxis he wants to ride tells you a lot about how he goes after girls he's interested in. He might even be considered a stalker by some standards and have to get reported to the police!

Yeah right, like any of you would have a problem being stalked by Byou. I think he'd have to put restraining order on the people wanting to be stalked by him instead...

At any rate, enjoy this last Brand X event. If you missed the previous one, come and find it here. And of course don't forget to leave your comments down below about how you'd answer the personality quizzes and whose taxi you would want to ride in. *wink*

Q.3 How much of an age gap are you ok with?

Yada: Screw's representative, Mr. Manabu~ please give us your answer.

Manabu: Umm......Well then, from 5 years old to around 40 years old?

Kazuki: Yada, didn't you have a wise saying just now? (laughs) Could you repeat it one more time? (laughs)

Yada: Ah?...Oh that? “From the cradle to the grave.”

Kazuki: Thaaannkkk yoouuu (laughs)

Q.4 What's a good way to diet?

Byou didn't answer.

Manabu: I started swimming yesterday,

Kazuki: I eat the instant meat and potato stew from 7-11.

Yada: But doesn't that make you fat?

Kazuki: Ahhh...yeah I guess (laughs)

Yada: Do you eat only that?

Kazuki: Yup

Rui: I saw this on TV, a girl's boyfriend kept saying, “You're fat” to her everyday and she started to realize it and was able to successfully slim down.

Yada: That's a super masochistic diet.

Rui: Yeah

Jin: Maybe sweat a lot during lives?

Q.5 Quiz (From the fans)

You're building a new house. Of the following which are you most concerned about?
Choose from one of the following: game room, living room, bathroom, walls and roof.  (Before you read on, decide and tell us what YOU picked in the comments below!)


Screw's individual answers:

Byou: Roof

Rui: Living room

Kazuki, Manabu & Jin: Game room

Your responses will tell how your marriage will turn out to be.
If you chose bathroom: there will be unfaithfulness in the marriage.

Yada: Everyone is safe (laughs)
If you chose living room: You will be the master of the household, and if you are a girl, queen of the household.

Rui: Ahh... I can see myself like that (laughs)

If you chose roof or outer structures: You will be the main provider of the household

Byou: What?! No way...impossible.

Kazuki: Don't worry, you can definitely do it.

Byou: Immmpppposssible!

Kazuki: Don't worry! Have faith in yourself!

Byou: But, I have to do everything right?

Yada: Not necessarily

Byou: ...okay I feel like I can now (laughs)

If you chose a game room: You're going to abandon housework and child rearing.

Kazuki, Manabu & Jin: (laughs)

Manabu: But...but that's because we're concentrating on work. (laughs)

Kazuki: Yeah! (laughs)

Yada: How about you, Jin, are you going to avoid housework and taking care of the kids?

Jin: (laughs) Ah well...I think I can do it (laughs)

Q.6 Quiz II (From Yada)

You are waiting for a taxi. There is a taxi approaching you, the driver looks your way but doesn't stop. He drives right past you! How do you react?

Byou: That happened to me the other day (laughs)

Jin: I'd think, “Aaaah” and the next moment I'll just go to another taxi stop.

Rui: I'll be, “Hmph!” There's going to be another taxi coming so I'll get on that one. “There are going to be lots of taxis coming by anyways!”

Yada: Like, "This isn't the only taxi!" eh.

Rui: (laughs)
Manabu: It's, “Ah, oh well, nothing I can do about it.” and I'll walk home.

Kazuki: It's because I'm not good looking so there isn't anything I can do about it

Yada: Are you saying it's your own fault?

Kazuki: (laughs)

Byou: I'll look up the taxi number and call them and say, “Hey you! This is the second time!”

This is how you will react to a breakup with your girlfriend/ boyfriend.

Everyone's reaction is pretty bad (laughs)

Yada: Jin, when your girlfriend breaks up with you your reaction is “Aaaah” and the next moment you look for another girl. (laughs)

Jin: (laughs)

Yada: Rui too! You're “Hmph!” but another girl will appear before you right away!

Rui: (laughs)

Yada: For Manabu, you say “There's nothing I can do about it,” and move on! You can do it!!

Manabu: (laughs)

Yada: For Kazuki, you blame it all on yourself!!

Kazuki: (laughs)

Yada: However, Byou is the one with the best reaction!! (laughs)

Byou: I call her house! (laughs)

Yada: And you say “Hey you! This is the second time!” (laughs)

Byou: (laughs)

Yada: And Manabu, do your best!

And that is it! What did everyone think? I thought the quizzes were pretty interesting. How would you answer them? We would love to know your answers! So please share them with us in the comment section below! And of course, the best question is, Whose taxi would you want to ride in? It doesn't have to be one of the boys from ScReW! Any other person is fine too!

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See you all next time!


You forgot to mention living room in "Choose from one of the following: game room, bathroom, walls and roof."

So I picked walllllls. What a sad family mine will be if I'm the main provider. Oh my.

I thought about my own reaction to taxis leaving me behind (happened once this summer)...I cussed a little xD 'fk you!!!!!! etc.' lol this is about right I think. I must say, those stick figure dudes are looking really good. Really good. Like ROFLMAO good. (And Mr. Byou body builder too).

I don't wanna ride in a taxi, I want

:D I think I got a little shorter than last time, but I broke it up so it looks like a lot. <3

I picked bathroom.
So, say, I marry Byou, he be the main provider, but because of the stress of holding such responsibility, things goes bad, n I couldn't stand it (what a bitch i am..=.=) which lead me to go to Uruha/Kai. XD
Few days later I will get phone call from Byou saying "Hey you! This is the 2nd time!"

ahahahah!!! *gets bricked*
Byou's fans: (ヽ`д´)┌┛★)`з゜)

LMAO. I love quizzes like these. They are so amusing.

I picked the roof. Finding out that I would be the main provider was half shocking. I already made up my mind, that I would have my own financial standing before I get married, but the "MAIN" provider? OTL;; Yeah, I was hoping my husband or boyfriend or whatever would do that... For the most part. xD

As for the taxi... I've only had experience with in Taiwan, but they have stopped every time I waved at one. Sometimes more often than I want them to. LOL. And they even look me in the eye, when I'm looking else where! But if they did drive off, I'd be "WTF? Fine, you don't want my money, that's your fault." Then look for another taxi. Does that mean I'm fickle?! O AO;; I have good reason to look for another taxi!

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