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I'll admit it. The only reason why we're covering this is because we're freaked out fascinated by Aoi's Halloween theme that's going on on the cover of Rock & Read 038. Luckily for us, Rock and Read's ameblo has a nice "behind the scenes" going on for those of us who can't always just bust into a photoshoot to ogle our favorite celebrities.

Tell us what you think of Aoi and Hiroto's new look! As we mentioned on our Twitter, Aoi looks like a posing yeti (against a bloody wall??) and Hiroto just reminds me of an X-men (not sure which one). Guess it goes to show you that Halloween's really around the corner...

And of course, all this belongs to the Rock and Read blog, and you can access the original posts by clicking on the dates above the blog title, and you can get to the larger version of their pictures by clicking on the photo.

2011-09-30 12:20:56
RR38 Inside story season2 Part1(葵/the GazettE)


「ROCK AND READ 038」 got a huge reaction the day before yesterday
when Amazon uploaded the front cover.

In the previous interview spot report everyone was able to have a look but,
since the front cover is a little bit of a spoiler, this time around you should be ready for anything! Be ready!



Isn't this awesome?

You can only see Aoi like this in「ROCK AND READ」!!!

Please look forward to 10.14 when it goes on sale!!!!!

Now, for the interview...
I expected nothing less of TOXIC!!
Full of sadistic words!!!!
Actually, that isn't what I meant, ahhhhhh!!!! So please look forward to it!!!!!


ROCK AND READ / Shinko Music Entertainment

2011-10-01 12:00:47
RR38 Inside story season2 Part 2(ヒロト/Alice Nine)

The「ROCK AND READ 038」 that will be on sale on 10.14 is known as "RockRead Three Eight" for short (jk).

Alice Nine's Hiroto-san will be decorating the back cover!

Season 1's secret photoshoot story was displayed to the public, but
the other day, the back cover was also revealed to the public, so there was also a spoiler then (well, the spoiler was only for one part though! lol)
I'll give you a small peek at this time's season 2!

Wonder which picture I'll show you...

First off, I'll give you a panoramic view of the picture from last time of the feet!


By the way, for the sake of this hair style, they had to start the day before and stay up all night to style the hair,
so Hiroto-san went into this photoshoot without a wink of sleep.
With that said, Hiroto-san, you're so intense!

Get pumped up!


So cool!!!


The photoshoot doesn't end here!!!

Hiroto-san, won't you try out this and that?

Well, moving on from that......that scene is this way!


Oops, it's too stimulating to be shown here.

It's pretty shocking, so please check out this nosebleed-worthy picture
by getting your hands on the actual magazine!!!

By the way, Hiroto-san, please don't catch a cold!

ROCK AND READ 038/Author Unknown
ROCK AND READ / Shinko Music Entertainment

2011-10-02 12:00:30
RR38 Inside Story seasin2 Part 3 (aoi with bon:cra-z)

Happy Sundaaaayyyy!

buen domingo!

It's Sunday, and we've put up a special inside story


「ROCK AND READ 038」, which goes on sale on 10.14, has on the front and back covers

the 2 people's conversation!

The 2 people, this summer,

were aoi with bon:cra-z , who stood at Shibuya's CC Lemon stage.

Even though these 2 people were so busy, we imposed on them for this talk.

This magazine unexpectedly this time, the two people also

With the theme of,「My own version of visual kei」,

they expressed their own roots

and took on this challenging photoshoot with their intense super visualism.

They talked to us about that kind of stuff.

This was pretty interesting!

With that said, I snapped this on the spot ☆

By the way, Hiroto-san's sunglasses--

he received them from Aoi-san!

The next「ROCK AND READ 038」

It ended up being a really deep volume!

Please look forward to it!

ROCK AND READ 038/Author Unknown
ROCK AND READ / Shinko Music Entertainment

Hiroto's hair seriously took all night to style?! Well, it would explain why he looks really good, even from a blurry cellphone photo...

At any rate, leave us a comment, and if you want to see more yeti Aoi or superhero Hiroto (haha, get it? hero Hiro--ok, I'll stop with the lame jokes now), then make sure you find them on the MICHIDO Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr. We also left some hints about an upcoming YouTube project that's coming up....


I just want the pleasure of being first every tiem. :|

So far I like Hiroto's look moooore, but I think it's still too soon to tell for sure.
Considering we can barely see anything Heh.

I think it'll be a really interesting interview, since Hiroto's really into looking hardcore when everyone knows he's everyone's Hiropon. *U* And Aoi's pretty much the coolest big brother figure in PSC...it'll be a really cool senpai x kouhai talk. mm...And I want his hair. Just for a day.

Aoi's lookin' weird but it's okay because it's all for the sake of visual visual visual kei.

Heh, thank you for translating!!! :D
Oh dear, Aoi does look like a Yeti when you mention it. :') but i love the front cover image. The colours just pop out right at you. it seems like recently, Aoi is trying more and more to stand out to me, lolol. I'm still dying to find out how his voice is like when singing, i hope Bon:cra-z releases a CD soon.
Hirotooooooooooooooooo, his hair looks crazy, I can't wait to see out everything all turns out!!
Thanks once again! :D

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