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Doesn't everybody dream about how they can make their favorite idol fall absolutely and completely in love with them? Ever wonder how?

Well, wonder no more! We bring you a column from Ameba News that tells you how you can easily seduce attract and charm your celebrity of choice if you ever find yourself strolling in a park with him.

After you finishing reading this, tell us which of these habits you already have and which of these habits you would want to have in order to charm your lucky lucky date! (´、ゝ`)ニヤリ

The 9 things a woman does to make a man's heart skip a beat during a park date
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Relaxing with him as you stroll though the park. Don't many women want a date like that? After a long-awaited date, you want the man to think of you as「So cute」when the date ends. So this time, we asked the male readers at『Sugoren』to tell us the things that「make their heart skip a beat on a park date」.

【1】Bringing a handmade bento.
Since you brought a handmade bento, it'll allow the man to get the sense of a family-oriented woman. He'll think,「I'm happy that she set aside her morning to do this for me」(a male in his 20s), 「She tried her hardest for my sake」with this combination of feelings, doing this will make a man's heart beat a little faster.

【2】While taking a walk, the girl will play with the dogs that pass by.
Men think,「A person who likes animals can't be all that bad, and her expression while she's playing with the dog is cute」(a male in his 30s). A girl who is playing together with the dog will make the man's heart skip a beat. But if a man isn't good with animals, it's probably better to avoid that sort of situation.

【3】Spreading a towel as she gets ready to sit on the bench.
「She seems to be clean if she doesn't just sit down on the seat, and well, I think that's what's expected of a girl,」(a male in his teens) says, when she spreads a towel on the bench, a man will get the impression that「She likes being neat」and「She's very hygienic.」If you carry around a towel or handkerchief, it's a very simple habit to develop, right?

【4】Lending a handkerchief to the man after washing his hands.
There's the opinion of,「She lent me something personal, so it must be because we have an intimate relationship.」(a male in his 20s). It seems that men think that the girl who lent them the handkerchief is letting her guard down with him. Handkerchiefs with things like flower patterns on them make you seem feminine and may also be appealing to men.

【5】Naturally pick up dropped litter and toss it in the garbage bin.
There's the opinion that「Picking up litter makes it seem like she usually cares about her surroundings」(a male in his 20s). So if a girl picks up litter even in public places, there are also many men will feel their hearts skip a beat for this girl who has strong morals. When there isn't a trash can, it's also fine to carry the trash in a plastic bag.

【6】Saying things like,「Isn't nature so calming?」and having a conversation about nature and plants.
Men think,「People who like nature have peace of mind」(a male in his 20s), so men will be affected by the honesty and purity of a girl who likes to be surrounded by plant life. It is also effective when a girl sees a flowerbed and says, 「Isn't it pretty!」

【7】When she sees a lost child, she'll look after him warmly and search for the parents together.
Men think,「She has a motherly kindness by helping the child out」 (a male in his 20s). Many men are moved when they see that a girl will look after a child's problems, and will think, 「She'll be a good mother.」If there is a lost child, how about asking,「What's wrong?」

【8】Say「Hello」 and naturally greet the different people who are also in the park.
「She'll greet everyone, and it'd be nice if she wasn't too made up,」(a male in his 30s), many men will want to embrace a girl with such a bright personality and social skills.

【9】Murmuring,「I'd like to be like that too」while watching an elderly strolling couple.
Even if a girl says things like this casually, 「When she talks about her ideal future during a date, he'll get this sense of『What about me?』」(a male in his 20s), many men will also build up their expectations. It's fine to talk to yourself a little when you're in front of the man you love.

On the other hand, What kind of「the things that men do that make a woman's heart skip a beat」? We'll be waiting for everyone's replies. (Aritake Ryousuke/verb)

So what did you think?? I personally thought the towel and handkerchief one was kind of odd and was a bit surprised to see them on the list. I would totally be in for the first one about the bento lunch--but it'd be even better if my date made it for me instead! ♪(゚▽^*)ノ⌒☆

Anyways, don't forget to let us know which of these habits you already have and which of these habits you would want to have

Oh, and I forgot to ask the most important question--WHO do you want to go on a park date with?

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i would try no. 1, 2 and 7....and that "bento" word reminds me of Aoi.. <33 

hehe, it's a very lovey dovey bento!! I would totally fall for whoever made that for me, ahaha

And yeah, I would play with dogs passing by too--they're usually too cute to pass up!

Thanks for leaving a comment!

I would definitely do #2. I love dogs too much ; A ; I find them so cute that I might even forget about my date for a little while OTL I'd also do #1, #7 and possibly #6. I wish I could do #5; I want to be environmentally conscious, but litter is dirty so it keeps me away lol. I'd want to go on a park date with Kazuki ( ̄∇ ̄+) Though the towel one really is odd...

Definitely do #1, but like you said, I would love it even more if he did it for me. LOL I love men who can cook, or be willing to learn to cook if he doesn't know how. However, I don't think I can make bentos that adorable. = n=;;;

Er... for #2, I would prefer if the dog came to me first. Normally dogs do, since they are curious and fun-loving, but it's more like precautionary methods for me. Don't want to suddenly be attacked by the dog or the owner. But yes, I find dogs so cute to play with. Also it's a good start for conversations if the date likes animals too. 8D

#3 is a kind of weird IMO. I mean even before I sit down, I would look for a clean bench. If it had some leaves on it, I'd probably swat them from the bench and sit down. But putting a towel down before sitting?? Too much work for me. And why is he even looking there? O AO

No comment on #4, other than I don't do it and probably won't do it in the future. I don't normally carry around handkerchiefs any ways. Also I'd probably bypass that thought and just be waiting nearby for him to finish or something. LOL

#5 Uh, just randomly pick up trash from the ground? If it was my own (or his, if he accidently dropped it) trash I would do it. Sometimes I even pick up trash that my own trash knocked over by accident, but I wouldn't go as far as picking random trash from the ground. It's kind of awkward for me to do so. ^^;;

I would absolutely do #6. Probably absentmindedly, I would do that. I try to keep those comments to myself (when I'm by myself) though, which doesn't work to well if it comes out in whispers. People would think I'm crazy talking to myself in public. But yeah, I make random comments like that, because I do like nature. I just don't like bugs. ROFL.

I'm reluctant to say anything about #7. I'm kind of on the fence of this one. I naturally don't bother in other people's business, and I'd figure the mother would be looking for her lost child either way. Also if it is in a public park, there are other ppl willing to help. However, if for some reason I feel compelled on my own or if my date takes the first initiative, then I will go aid the child. I'd probably first get him/her to stop crying. OH JEEZ, I'M LIKE RUKI. IT DEPENDS ON MY MOOD! OTL;;;

I'm naturally a cautious person, so I wouldn't do #8 at all. Unless I recognize ppl (i.e. friends), then I'd might say hello. Might being, I'd probably didn't see you, so I wouldn't say hello. I don't do it on purpose! More like, I have something planned (or someplace to go), so my mindset is stuck on that and everything else is just in the wind. Plus if I was on a date, I rather focus on my date than randomly saying hello to people. LOL

I don't do #9. I don't like to think too far ahead. It makes me feel more stressed, and I also might weird out my date if he isn't like that. I think I'd be weirded out too. Maybe if we had been going out longer (MUSH LONGER), then I might. I'm more of the here and now person. The most I plan ahead are events I have no control of, like concerts or something. 'Cause majority of those are set in stone. 

As for who? Like in general or celebrity-wise? LOL In general, people that interests me and fit my minimal requirements. LMFAO. Celebrity-wise would be from the many bands I adore. I TRY not to pick favorites (even though I do have biases), since every member is different and the way they view things.


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