Videos: HollyHock Radio 08.22.2009

Hi everyone!! Guess what we've got!

Yes...that's right...a....


When was the last time we had one of these??

January 31, 2011, to be exact.

Yeah, it's been a long time....

But this time, the ones to take the spotlight will be the GazettE's Aoi & Ruki.

It's pretty interesting because Aoi talks about when he practically got caught with his pants down by his MOM. And to make things better, his little partner was apparently also excited due to a certain porn magazine he had laying around....and we also find out about Ruki being a deviant since childhood.

These men really knew how to rock (and as a special aside, did you know that 'rock and roll' was a euphemistic phrase for having sex in the southern United States back in the day?) then and now....

Anyways, on to the video! I'm sure you all can't wait! We couldn't wait to share it either ((o(´∀`)o))ワクワク Don't forget to leave us a comment! Maybe even venture an imagined scenario about when the other band members got caught with their pants down??? hehehe!

Don't forget to watch in HD!

Cannot believe Ruki was already curious about his SM play even as a CHILD. No wonder he was so popular with the girls. People must be really attracted to that dangerous sadistic flair of his...

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This was sooo hilarious! Couldn't stop laughing. At all. XDXDXD
Thanks so much for translating! Now we know what Ruki did when he was in elementary school, right? xD

Thank you so much! XD I laughed so hard when Aoi-kun talked about his "incident" with his mom xD


they are so baka nee~ and so hilarious as always!! 

Aoiiii-shiii <3<3<3


they are so baka nee~ and Hilarious as always lol

Aoiiii-shiiii!!! <3<3

This is so hilarious! THANK YOU!
xD Aoi...oh wow..... that's just a fail hahahahha.
And woah...since elementary.... o-o I didn't even know what porn was back then! 

Thanks so much for translating this!!
I couldn't stop laughing while reading... I knew that Ruki was a perv, but elementary school?!! And Aoi and his mom... so hilarious... the bad thing is that I have to study for a test I have tomorrow and I won't be able to concentrate at all xD
Thanks again~

Oh those two naughty boys haha, but as Aoi says, boys of that age are definitely curious!
Only thing is I can't imagine an elementary schooler with an S&M porno mag Σ(´∀`;)

Yup~no problem! Audio + subs makes things so muuuuch more exciting.

We're glad you enjoyed it!

Aoi-sensei sure is very educational (*^▽^*)

No problem! We're glad you enjoyed this translation.

Ha~i! Ganbarimashuuuu(●'∀'人)☆

Aoi's reaction was super hilarious! アハハハッ((´艸`*))

And as for your question...if we have time there certainly will be some more.

Keep an eye out for those!

Aoi's laugh is infectious ♥

Haha I believe he mentioned that he refers to himself in third person at home too haha.

Thank you for the comment & glad you enjoyed it!

Great. Now I have to go to work with thoughts of Rukisan and Aoisan being "Stirred with Excitement."
Not necessarily a bad thing... I just won't be able to concentrate (>∀<)

Thanks for the translation! 

OMG thanks for translation!!! and yeah I really miss their dorky laughs too that really makes my day!! THX *gives GAZE-cookies*

I literally burst out at the "Stirred with Excitement" line LOL Thanks for the video!

Oh my, I was laughing throughout the whole video. :'D Ack, their laughters are adorable!!! And Aoi referring to himself as third person was so cute.
AND RUKI WITH THE S&M MAGAZINE HAHAHAH. Shit, that's twice the awkward if that happened to me. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if he was into that sort of thing, he just comes across that way to me, lawl.
Ah, this video was so funny, thank you so much for translating and even subbing it in with audio, makes it even more hilarious. :'D

me too XDDDDDDDD love when he refers himself as aoi san, like giving education(?)
totally laugh nonstop when watching this

thx for the translate~!!!! ganbatte mou ichido!!

aahahahahah XD i can't stop laughing ahahaha XD
question are you going to translate other hollyhock radio? sorry if i'm asking too much

Aoi's laugh =w=
I really love when he refers himself as Aoi-san xD

lol! I think all the Aoi wasn't the only one who "stirred with excitement" when the fangirls listened to that radio show, hahaha!

Thanks for leaving a comment!

hahaha, who needs to concentrate if you've got an excited Ruki and Aoi?!

You're welcome!

hahahaha, hope your exam went well! But yeah, apparently Ruki had a jumpstart in learning about human reproduction..........

Thanks for commenting!

hehe, Aoi usually is full of awesome phail!

and glad you like it!

Hahaha, glad you think it's funny! After listening to it so many times, I still laugh every time!

And you're welcome~

hahahaha, I did too!!! And he was trying to avoid r-rated words too

You're welcome!

Very baka! hehehe

Thanks for commenting!

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