Radio: G-Men X feat. the GazettE, Special 2009

The highly anticipated third segment of G-MEN X is here! Is everyone excited?

This time the band members reveal everything about Reita that is embarrassing and annoying! They pick on everything, including how he seems to be lacking in fashion and kinda phails at a lot of other things in life.

We won't hold you up though, so off you go~♪

Takuya's From the Milky Way : Space G-MEN X, the GazettE Special

GUEST: the GazettE
BROADCAST TIME:October 8th 2009 (24:00-25:00)

Takuya: And we return to the individual investigation files!

Reita: Noo, it's fine~it's fine! It's fineeee

Takuya: Reita, it's time for you to leave. So please get out of your se~at!

Reita: You punks better not spill anything!

Kai: Ahahaha

Reita: Ahhh, this is gonna be scarrryyy~

The Gazette Investigation files: REITA

Takuya: Now for the next person, Mr. Bassist~Reita.

Ruki: Yup

Takuya: Ahaha, he looks a little nervous--is he going to be alright out there? Since we got everyone answer a couple of questions, everyone wrote down some interesting stuff.

Aoi: Ah~

Takuya: Here's a rough description. Reita is usually the mood maker?

Aoi: Hmmm! Well, I wonder if that's really it (laugh)

Takuya: Was that written properly?

Aoi: Ahhh, well see, isn't he the one that tried the hardest today?

Takuya: Ah, you're right.

Aoi: The important thing is, he says interesting things.

Takuya: Yes!

Aoi: Well...and that's all.

The Gazette: Ahahaha!

Takuya: Kai says, Reita's good point is that he has flexible fingers.

The Gazette: Ahahahaha!

Kai: Ummmm....(laughs) He has super flexible fingers and he proudly shows it off (laughs) He goes around saying, “Hey! Look look look!” (laughs) and, “Can you do this?” aahh...he's really showing everyone. (laughs) (Referring to Reita standing outside of the studio)

Takuya: Somehow Reita's image, especially from the talk about the other members about buying things...makes him seem immature?

Ruki: YUP!

The Gazette: Aaah~

Uruha: He's a brat.

Takuya: And he says his good point is that he likes pets.

The Gazette: WwwwhhhAaaattt?! Ahahahaha!

Takuya: Reita, maybe you've increased the good impression of yourself! With liking pets that is...

Uruha: Not really!

Takuya: Ah, not really?

Aoi: He's always says things like that, like “Pets are good!”

Uruha: He took care of Ruki's dog for a bit and then he jumps on the bandwagon.

Ruki: Yeah, yeah, like he really wanted to have a dog.
Aoi: But there's nothing you can do about it, right.

Takuya: Reita's never had a pet before?

Kai: He had a parakeet.

Ruki: He's had a parakeet in the past too.

Takuya: Oh, so he likes birds?

Uruha: So does that mean he likes...pets?

The Gazette: Reita likes pets?

Aoi: Well, he's a nice guy though--really (monotone voice)

Takuya: Next, he says he loves Japan.

Uruha: Huuuuuuh? (laughs) No, no, no, that's not true.

Kai: I wonder about this one...

Ruki: This is his bad point (laughs)

Uruha: Reita's bullshitting.

Takuya: So he doesn't like Japan?

Uruha: He says he likes America.

The Gazette: Ahahahahaha

Takuya: Oh, really now?!

Uruha: But, there are times when he says he doesn't like America.

Takuya: So it depends on when?

Uruha: He's influenced by the media? I guess? Something like that (laughs)

Takuya: That's pretty interesting, and according to Kai, Reita is bad at presentations.

Kai: Ahahahahaha

Ruki: Aaaahhhh---

Takuya: So he's interesting, but bad at presenting?

Kai: Ummm~yeah maybe Ruki can explain this one better...

Ruki: Why are you pushing it on to me? Don't mess around! (laughs)

Kai: No, he explains about movies and stuff like that, but its really hard to understand. (laughs)

Uruha: Ahh, hard to understand...

Kai: Ah, ah? No? He exaggerates it a little more, huh?

Ruki: What, no! Don't tell lies!

The GazettE: Ahahahahaha

Takuya: Kai, lies are not good, not good at all!

Ruki: He twists the ending...

Uruha: Like the ending was interesting but the movie was boring....but it's really the complete opposite (laughs)

Ruki: He tells us that this will happen and we'll definitely be surprised~but after watching it, what he described didn't happen at all (laughs)

Uruha: Yeah! It's completely different!

Takuya: (laughs) Are we going to get over this hurdle I wonder? But that's nice, isn't it? That he's interesting.

Kai: He's a really nice guy!

Takuya: Next, everyone says he wears his pants low.

Aoi: About the low pants thing, it's like, even if you say he's already a good grown up...

Ruki: He's always been like that but, well it's not that I want him to change it or anything. It's just, it's embarrassing just being with him, and the way he walks is so gangster like!

Takuya: AHAHAHA! The way he walks!
Uruha: and his pants are tacky!

Ruki: On top of that, he wears these satin varsity jackets!

the Gazette: AHAHAHAHA

Takuya: As in he just drapes it over his shoulders? But not actually wearing it?

Ruki: Yeah and then he walks like a gangster!

Takuya: Ah! Reita, are you okay? (referring to Reita standing outside) You're drinking a lot of water! (laughs) He's making a, “This is not good at all” face.

Uruha: and he has horrible fashion sense

Aoi: Yeah really horrible.

Takuya: Ah, I see.

Ruki: He's going to beat you guys up.

the Gazette: Ahahahahaha

Takuya: Well...that's a form of having good relationship, right? In conclusion, Reita is pretty interesting!

Uruha: Uwwaaa, that's unfair!! (laughs)

Aoi: Yeah! Unfair!

Everyone: Ahahahahaha

Reita's Personal report

Takuya: He says he wants to be liked by the other members.

Ruki: Aaaah

Takuya: Is that so?

Ruki: Yup

Aoi: Well...I guess you can say that.

Uruha: Yeah, it can't be helped (laughs)

Takuya: I see! Well, Reita, you can come back now!

Mail #1

“While everyone was talking about Uruha as a sprite my mom was listening, and with a serious face she said “Just like me!”

Uruha: Ehh!?

Reita: That sucks (laughs)

Mail #2

“Through today's broadcast it was the first time I got to know that my Mom can see sprites! Thank you, Uruha!”

Aoi: Aaah~

Takuya: She even said thank you (laughs)

the Gazette: Ahahahahaha

Mail #3

“Reita! We love you!”

(Everyone is laughing so hard their stomach hurts)

We're saying it this way because there is love.

Reita: This is Reita with the stomach ache.

Takuya: Huh??

Reita: Aah, sorry (laughs)

the Gazette: Ahahahahaha

Takuya: Alright, next up after the commercial break is Ruki!

The Gazette: OoooOooOO!

Takuya: Ruki, can we please get you to step outside!

Ruki: Bye~I'm going home~♪!

Takuya: No, no please don't go home!
Everyone: Ahahahahahaha

Commercial Break

“We love you Reita!”

Did everyone enjoy this super hilarious segment with gangster Reita? We sure had a lot of fun with this one! (laughs)

Now, for the question of the day!
What are your likes and dislikes about Mr. Joker, Reita?
Don't hold back, we want to know every single one of them! Since the next victim is Ruki, we want you guys take a guess at what the members are going to say about him. Some of you might even know some of the answers to this one already coughfacebookcough

That's all for this segment, and as usual leave us your answers and comments in the comment box below.

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Till the next segment, or take a refresher with Aoi's and Uruha's previous segments!


1st of all thx for the translate!!! this really make my day~~
and i wanna say "REITA I LOVE YOU TOO XDDDDDD!!!!" please laugh untill stomach ache for me!! XDDD *joke*

bad fashion sense, i have nothing to comment about this point but just feel want to laugh when i saw uruha and aoi talk about this XDDDDDD

what i like about reita san...hmmm...like what the member said, he is interesting, the atmosphere....
dislike...i have nothing dislike on him except he always bully kai kun XDDDD

but overall reita is really a nice person, definitely ~~~~

looking forward on ruki kun investigation file~!!!

reita really got influenced by media isn't he??... 

aa~ when Reita said "pets are good"..let me say..i'm agree with you Reita :))

I adore this! Thank you ^^
You're so awesome for the reference pictures and stuff. =w=
Reita is just.... LOLOLOLOL He just want to seem so macho macho. xD
I love how Uruha knows him the longest and seems to have more negative things about him to say than the good.... He denies almost every positive things said! xD

Aww the guys are so mean XD I don't know what they're talking about though, personally I find the way Reita walks and dresses hot! And they make him sound so child-like... which he probably is, to an extent. Oh well, it's all said with love, I know~

My fave thing about Reita is how he's gone so far to create this cool persona for himself when in reality he's pretty much the opposite of it. My least fave... Well, I have this feeling that should I actually know him, I would probably find him pretty annoying at times. Like sometimes you're just not into his jokes.

This was exceedingly interesting, thank you so so much for translating! I'm dying to hear what complaints they have about Ruki - there's bound to be lots.

Uruha: and he has horrible fashion senseAoi: Yeah really horrible.Takuya: Ah, I see. Ruki: He's going to beat you guys up.
Ahahahha, Aoi and Uruha are so mean! And Kai kept on insisting that Reita is a good guy. Aw. <3 It's sweet that Ruki complains and stuff but doesn't really want Reita to change. <3 I personally didn't like Reita that much when I got into the band, but now I adore him, he's so adorable. xD

Reita the macho man XDDDDD
Uruha and Aoi is so mean ^___^
cannot wait for Ruki's part ^.^

Reita the macho man XDD
Uruha and Aoi is so mean ^___^
cannot wait for Ruki's part ^.^v

Glad you liked it! 

I bet Reita just bullies Kai to hide his own weaknesses, hehe!

I agree with you AND Reita! :]

Thanks for commenting!

Awww!!1 Thank you!! I was really sitting here waiting for someone to comment on my photoshopped picture of Reita HAHA

And yeah, if Uruha denies it, then it's definitely not true huh! lool

Thanks for commenting!

hahaha, even Reita admits he's immature!!

I think you also match up with the rest of the band--Reita seems to be the king of lame jokes (which I personally thing are funny...I guess I  have a lame sense of humor :| )

Thanks so much for your comment!

hahaha, maybe Aoi and Uruha are being mean but also 110% honest! loool

And yeah, I guess Reita is still awesome with all his faults~ Thanks for commenting!

haha, true and true!

thanks for commenting!

I fell in love with him all over again. Also, why am I not surprised that he walks like a gangster? x3

Is it my idea or Ruki is the only one who doesn't really complain about Reita? He is even fine with Reita using his pants low and doesn't want him to change that xD I also understand Reita about showing your flexible fingers to people :D
Thanks so much for your translation (・∀・)
Can't wait for Ruki's segment^^

These parts are really interesting. I can't wait for the next. And I have one thing... I translated these 3 parts and posted on my blog...And I'm so sorry that I did it without your permission. I hope, that you'll forgive me. I just didn't notice your favor about translations...Yeah, it's my fault, but I would like to do more translations into polish. Can I do this in the future? I loof forward to your reply.

Hi guys Here is the Arabic translation of this interview ^^


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