Blogs: Heidi., 06.30-07.04.2011

A new small project. Translating AM² related entries, and we're starting off with heidi.!

Why heidi. first? Because I've just become a ginormous fan after hearing them during their sound check and rehearsal. Haha. Well, I'll try covering the other blogs if I ever manage to get the motivation to get over the fact that Tsurugi himself has 10 blog entries about being in Anaheim.

Apparently he's talkative online and in person.

Well, onto the blog entries from Heidi.'s official blog. All pictures and information taken from their blog, and please don't lift our entire translation for your own blog/website/what have you. Just link it back to us. Thanks!

From America [06-30-2011 11:35:34]

Arrived in LA!

The climate and temperature's high, but since it's dry heat, it's pretty easy to tolerate.

This is the live venue.

But no matter how I take the photo, it seems like it's just a picture haha

We met up with Sadie right away and clamored around.

Tsurugi's wise saying of the day

「I can only say I love you in English haha」

Tsurugi-chan's cool...

See ya!


Done with the live!! [2011-07-04 19:30:11]

The picture's with Sadie's Kei-san!

Our first overseas live...

It felt awesome!


Back in the Country [2011-07-04 19:30:11]

We've returned safely to Japan!

It was only for a few days, but it was a really worthwhile trip since we experienced a lot of things~.

Weeelll--even with all the problems and kinks included--it was great!

If there's a chance like this again, I want to take it and go~!

To all the locals, thank you very much!

Well, since we won't have a live for awhile, it'll be a lot of behind the scenes working!

I'm gonna do my best!

Well, farewell!


I'm homeee! [2011-07-04 22:12:25]

We've returned to Japan

Our first overseas...

Lives, events, interacting with all the local fans and so on

This time was really a good experience.

At any rate, I also acquired a lot of things!

If there's a chance, I wanna go and do another live

To all the local staff that took care of us, the local fans who came to have fun with us--I'm grateful to everyone!

The photo is from the events besides the live,

the Sixh. designers, IBI-san, MINT-kun

the HANGRY&ANGRY designer Gashikon-san



Done with heidi.! I'm sure some of you knew and liked them already, but meeting them at AM² was basically the first time I got a seriously good listen of their music.

I used to think that recordings, CDs and all those good things were obviously better than live performances given all the latter's imperfections and problems (that I witnessed firsthand when staffing this con).

But I think heidi. completely took that concept, beat it up and threw it off the plane. I was only able to stick around for the sound check, but even the little snippets of Utakata and REM that I heard were absolutely amazing.

Plus, what's not to love about Kiri and Kohsuke getting incredibly excited over a huge bottle of Red Bull?

Give them some love at their Official Facebook and leave us a comment about what you think of heidi. or their live at AM²!

Don't forget to follow our Facebook and Twitter while you're at it! (^-^)


Ahh, I really wanted to see them perform, but I was running around with friends and wasn't sure if I would get a good seat for Sadie or not. I definately regret not sticking around after the Sixh and Gashikon fashion show!

But their panel was great, and I've become a fan too!!

It's awesome to hear that they've gotten even more fans after the convention! I think the fact that the con had such awesome GoHs all around was a double-edged sword, since people wanted to everywhere and everything, hahaha.

Glad to hear you enjoyed the con!! (〃'▽'〃)/

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