Live Event: Sadie Q&A at Like an Edison, Nagoya (2008)

We've got our first ever....*drum roll* Sadie entry!!!

Remember this thing we tweeted a couple of days ago?

A lot of the Twitter followers went wild, and there were so many hopeful answers/guesses, but only one lucky (or incredibly savvy!) person got the right answer.

Kudos to blue_spaces! Congrats!

And with that said we now present to you our very first Sadie entry. At the Nagoya Like an Edison in-store event back in March 2008, Sadie answered a few randomly selected questions submitted by the fans. Despite their serious, intimidating and hardcore persona, the Sadie members are actually a bunch of clowns!

Is everyone dying from anticipation because you're curious to find out which of the Sadie members love dirty talking?

Well, what are you waiting for?! Get a move on!

Q&A Corner

Q1. Are you an S or an M? And do you guys like to dirty talk?

Mizuki: I'm an ultimate S.

Kei: You mean you're a super M.

Mizuki: Nope, I'm actually a soft S, I've probably said “super” too much. Anyways, I do like dirty talk. I really do.

Aki: Do I have to say it? You guys don't really want to know right?

Audience: We want to know!

Aki: (Menacingly) Are you all sure about that?....Well...I do.

Mao: At this rate, you're going to really start talking dirty. As for me, I'm a cool S during the first half, become an M in the middle, and then finish the last half as an S.

Mizuki: Well, doesn't that have a nice feel to it.

Mao: Hey!

Tsurugi: ...I'm an S

Kei: And I'm an amphibian.

Everyone: Huh? What?! (laughs)

Kei: It's because I have the ability to transform myself into either an S or an M.

Mizuki: That's just being sly.

Q2. Something you want to overcome/grow out of

Kei: Pampers

Everyone: Bursts out laughing

Kei: Today too. Before I came here, I switched it out, so I want to eventually grow out of them.

Tsurugi: I want to be blonde

Audience: Are you serious? That's a little...

Tsurugi: I shouldn't?

Mao: Nobody else is saying anything, but isn't it because we've never seen you with black hair?
This is kind of ordinary, but for me it's smoking.

Aki: I want to go back to sleep

Mizuki: What does that have to do with “growing out of something”?

Aki: Well...I just want to go back to sleep.

Mizuki: Anyways, if you smoke you'll definitely say smoking, but for me it's....um...piercings. I think there's a nice feel to them.

Kei: You two really like to get piercings. (referring to Mizuki & Mao)

Mizuki: We're gradually becoming more grown up. (laughs)

Q3. Among the members who is the most perverted? Also, who is a closet pervert?

Mao: Instead of answering, how about everyone decide from how we look.

With that, the members closed their eyes while the audience votes were tallied by raising their hands.

The results:

The number one pervert: Mizuki (with the most votes)

The closet pervert: Aki and Tsurugi were tied, and this put Kei in charge of deciding which of the two would be the closet pervert of Sadie.

Kei: Who here thinks Aki is a closet pervert?

Aki: Can I see a raise of hands?

Mao: Yes!

People raised their hands, but the number was a little less than the actual.

Aki: Is this less than the vote we had just now?

Since some people were afraid of putting up their hands, Tsurugi won the title of closet pervert.

Tsurugi: I'm not a closet pervert! When I'm with the other members, I don't try to hide anything!

Mizuki: That's what closet perverts say.

Q4. What's your charming point?

Here each of the members will give a charming feature about the person sitting to their left.

Sadie's seat allocation:

→ Kei, Tsurugi, Mao, Aki, Mizuki

Mizuki (with Aki sitting to his left) : His charming feature is the mole near his lower lip, and Aki's fans seem to like it too.

Aki (with Mao sitting to his left): His height.

Mao: I've accepted the fact that I'm short, okay!?

Mao (with Tsurugi sitting to his left): His smile...I mean his fake smile.

Tsurugi: Hey! (Laughs)

Tsurugi (with Kei sitting to his left): How silly he is. He's cool if he just keeps quiet, but he can also be interesting when he opens his mouth to say something.

Kei (with no one sitting next to him): Uhhhh...sitting to my left is a speaker...

Mizuki: Hey! Me! Me-me-me! (laughs)

Kei: His tongue.

Q5. Favorite game?

All the members in Sadie don't seem to play games very much. Mao doesn't even seem to have a DS. Mao got a lot of games for presents and that was sort of troublesome, giving that he doesn't seem to play games.

Q6. Sacrificing for a Rated 18 item

Mizuki: Tsurugi! (laughs)

Q7. Favorite underwear color?

Mizuki: Black with leopard prints

Aki: Black

Mao: Black and pink

Tsurugi: Black

Kei: Black and sheer (laughs)


Tsurugi: I'm not a closet pervert! When I'm with the other members, I don't try to hide anything! ←This is completely true. I found that he doesn't hide it from anyone else either. (;´∀`)

We hope you enjoyed this short but very amusing Q&A. As usual, please let us know what you thought in the comments! We're fairly sure you have them, because--well, if you have no opinion about Kei liking black and sheer panties, we might have to ask if everything's ok on your end...

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I enjoyed reading this,I was laughing at the screen like an idiot XDD
Thanks and wth Mao black and pink undies lol

Glad you enjoyed reading. I kept shaking my head while I was translating this. Oh Sadie! I'm just curious how someone can wear sheer underwear...I just can't imagine it (≧ω≦ )
Thank you so much for the comment! ♥

Did an audience member at the Sadie panel at AM2 ask a similar question about being dirty or S/M? I seem to remember them being asked that there. Am I wrong?

Oh god... I'm just laughing out loud XD XD
Thank you for this first Sadie entry !! <3

Ahh, not too sure on this one! I only accidentally sat in during a Sadie Meet & Greet, but, well, after reading about this Nagoya incident, I wouldn't be surprised if they got asked/answered that sort of a question, hahaha!

lol! This was definitely worth laughing over!

Glad you liked it ♥

"Aki (with Mao sitting to his left): His height.
Mao: I've accepted the fact that I'm short, okay!?"

"Q7. Favorite underwear color?
Mao: Black and pink"

LOL this made my day

haha, I'm glad that this made your day!!

I was a bit surprised Mao liked a relatively innocent style of panties. Personally thought he'd go with something more risque, like Kei or Mizuki

"Mizuki: I'm an ultimate S.
Kei: You mean you're a super M."

I bursted in laughter with that LOL

"Mizuki: Nope, I'm actually a soft S, I've probably said “super” too much. Anyways, I do like dirty talk. I really do."
Mizuki really deserve the "most perverted from Sadie"s trophy ;D

lool! They didn't even need a tie breaker to decide that one!!

Ahem xD I met them at AM^2 Convention and during the panel it was very- How should I say this? Crazy and funny at the same time xD They did act like perverts at some times xD And their favorite English words were very, adult type of words xD Although the most perverted word was very interesting.

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