Radio: BayFM78 ON8 feat. The GazettE, Aoi & Reita, Pt. IV

Does everyone still remember our “Golden Comedic Duo”? I hope you all haven't forgotten because the fourth segment of BayFM78 ON8 is up and ready to give you more laughs!

Our golden comedic duo has talked about Reita baby talking to his adorable pet cockatiel to Aoi singing at the top of his lungs and his ass sweats.

How much more amusing can they get?! Well? You'll just have to read on to find out!


BAYFM78 ON8 2009-10-07

Guests the GazettE: Reita & Aoi

Segment ④

DJ: With that, today we have here, in perfect shape, Aoi and Reita.

Aoi: Yes!

DJ: And, the GazettE have released a new single, “Before I Decay.”

Reita: Ye~s!

Aoi: YAY!

(Reita & Aoi both clap)

Aoi: Um, pardon me.

Reita: Yeah, excuse us. That's just how we are...

DJ: Why are you apologizing (laughs) The tempo of the song gives off a good feeling and it also sounds cool. It really is cool.

Aoi: Ah, of course. We sure did well on the song, didn't we.

Reita: We sure did.

Aoi: I'm sorry~I'm sorry! (Imitates U字工事 here) Aah~that wasn't funny was it?

Reita: Ah no, don't worry your joke was a complete slip.

Aoi: Ah (laughs)

DJ: In the middle of such a tight schedule, when do you guys start recording?

Aoi: Ah, it's that you know... in your dreams, you do it on your butt, during the summer...you do it all over the country. Great, did I just tell another lame joke?

DJ & Reita: (Dry laugh)

Aoi: Anyways, we did a national tour.

Reita: Yeah, yeah, we did a national tour.

Aoi: During the break between our travel days, we had to go back to Tokyo...

DJ: So within that interval, you had to travel around since there was going to be a performance somewhere the next day.

Reita: Yeah! We had to pull ourselves together for that period of time.

DJ: Wow...

Aoi: Right in that moment

Reita: Yeah (laughs)

DJ: That's amazing, must be really tough.

Reita: It was hard.

Aoi: Well...I thought it was a piece of cake.

DJ:...So you have good concentration powers?

Reita: (quickly) What! No! Nothing like that at all!

DJ: If you have time then... (laughs)

Reita: If you say that, the manager is going to have us do it again!

DJ: He'll think, “Ah you guys can do it” and your schedule is going to get waaaaaaaaaaaaaay worse (laughs)

Reita: No, it's not going to happen!

DJ: And, in the questionnaire you wrote “If it's too hard, I'm going to go bald.”

Aoi: Ah, that...

DJ: What places are you referring to when you say “balding”??--If it's okay to ask.

Aoi: There's nowhere else but the hair on your head, right.

DJ: Oh, the hair on your head. Yes, of course. (laughs)

Reita: You know, I'm even wearing a hat right now.
Aoi: Ahahaha (laughs)

DJ: Are you trying to hide it?

Reita: The other day I was walking along the streets and this pre-schooler said to me “Hey, it's Kappa!”

DJ & Aoi: Ahahahahahaha (laughs)

DJ: You're kidding! You're balding to that extent?? (laughs)

Reita: No no, I'm joking, just joking.

DJ: You'd describe it to that extent in terms of your feelings, right?

Reita: Yeah.

DJ: And it's not something that has become reality.

Reita: Yeah, I'm still doing fine.

DJ: Good to hear you are still doing alright. How is recording going for you, Reita?

Reita: Its nothing but tiring. From audio mixing, to coming back to Tokyo mid tour...oh and also filming the PVs.

Aoi: Yeah

Reita: The filming during the tour was really tough. During the waiting time, we were seriously having a hard time.

DJ: Ah, I see, I see.

Aoi: Yeah.

DJ: How do you endure with the waiting time?

Reita: Just slept.

DJ: No way—even if there wasn't a “speciality” of that region...you just kept taking breaks

Reita: There was nothing to do but sleep. There wasn't any internet at the hotel where we filmed.

Aoi: Yeah.

Reita: So it was just, “What should we do?” and when I'm on the streets I get called “Kappa.”

Aoi: Ahahaha (laughs)

DJ: (laughs) The “Kappa” joke again! Next up we're going to play a song from tomorrow's release.
This time around, Reita, please introduce the song.

Reita: Of course. Please check it out, the GazettE's “BEFORE I DECAY”.


“Hey it's Kappa!” I seriously had a good laugh out of this. As much as I worry for Reita losing his hair, I couldn't help but laugh at him!

I hope everyone enjoyed this segment of the series. We're about half way through, so make sure to join us again for the next installment!

As usual, please leave us your thoughts or reactions in the comment section because we would love to read them!

P.S. If you've missed the previous installments please check out Part I, Part II and Part III!

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Glad you enjoyed it! I sure had a good laugh out of it too (=^▽^=)
Thank you for the comment!

Thank you for this! These two are just really funny. Great. Now everytime I see Kappa I'll think of Reita too. That added one more item to the list of things which remind me of him. XDDDD

You're welcome!!

Reita seems to have a lot of keepsakes under his belt huh! lol Kappa, and I personally think of him as a chicken/bird/cockatiel too~

Glad you enjoyed it! :]

i dont want my husband to be bald~! but if he decides to be bald for the next single i'll love him anyway~!!

Thanks for the translation!

Thank you so much for translating! Poor Reita :(
Kappas are cute though, and they always make me think of sushi, so maybe it's not so bad?

lol, thank goodness kappas aren't IN sushi....

you're welcome! Thanks for stopping by! :)

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