Blogs: Kanon Wakeshima, 07.05-07.10.2011

Second half of Kanon Wakeshima's blogs about AM2 and Anaheim. You can find Part I here. With this, it's 2 groups down, and 2 more to go! All that's left is SCANDAL and Sadie. Hm...what do you all think we should do next?

Meanwhile, same comments as usual apply. Please don't lift our entire translation for your own site and link back to us with a preview!

Otherwise, enjoy!(^-^)

3rd Day! [2011-07-05 11:28:01]

On the third day there was a panel discussion.

For those who answered and got it right during the quiz, they got a signed Tshirt~!
Kanon wants one too!

Everyone was really excited and lively.

There were those that asked questions in Japanese,
And there were a lot of people who understood Japanese--I was really surprised!
Everyone likes Japan~that really makes me happy.

At night, we went to a restaurant with a train in it.

There were very delicate and subtle flavors.
It was delicious.

For some reason, I just took some pictures of dinner, but it's finally the live on the 4th day!

I'll report on the first live I've had in a while in the next entry~!

4th Day! 2011-07-05 11:42:58

The morning of the live!

We got breakfast at iHop.
I ordered without really understanding the details
All of this..!!!

As expected of Anaheim.

That evening was the live.

Set List
still doll
果実の警告 (Kajitsu no Keikoku)
砂のお城 (Sunao no Oshiro)
少女仕掛けのリブレット (Shoujo Shikake no Libretto)
マーマーレードスカイ (Marmalade Sky)
プリンセスチャールストン (Princess Charleston)

It's been a very long time since I've been to America, but
Everybody remembered everything perfectly and came.
I asked,「What do you recommend for sightseeing?」,
「Hamburger Shoppe!!!!」
When I asked,「What kind of food do you recommend?」
Everyone answered「Hamburger!!!」in unison.
As expected, in America, the hamburger is a food that is parallel to Japan's sushi.

To have a live after such a long time was really fun.

And next, it's kanon x kanon's turn!

Set List
カレンデュラレクイエム (Calendula Requiem)
ザ ドールハウス!(The Dollhouse!)
恋愛のスゝメ (Ren Ai no Susume)
ムーンライト伝説 (Moonlight Densetsu)
恋の道程 (Koi no Doutei)

The two of us also choreagraphed and danced to Dollhouse~

kanon♀ throwing a glow stick.

Anyhow, it was an interesting live!
I want to show everyone in Japan too, so I'm fully loaded for a fun production!

The guests all seemed to have fun, and we ended this double live safely!

Hamburger 2011-07-10 09:16:43

Thank you for the comments on the live!
kanon×kanon definitely wants to do a live in Japan too!

On the last day in America, we went to the Hamburger Shoppe that everyone recommended to us.
The inside was all red and white, and this store with a very cute interior
also had a toy-like machine that would play songs if you put in 5 cents..!

For now, I'm waiting for the song I requested to play from inside.

While we were ordering, a face on appeared on the ketchup dish!

When I was wondering if the song we requested earlier was going to play,
the volume suddenly went up, and an employee jumped in,
and he started to dance to it.


I suppose it was a dance service, and it seemed really fun as they danced
when it ended, all the guests applauded..!
This lovely performance was really American and I liked it.

This was America in a flash, but it was fun!


Next is England!
I'm coming for a live!
I want to report about the events here too~(^v^)

FINISHED. I can't believe the posts took so long because I couldn't get past that damn level on Angry Birds since it took forever to screenshot the photos.

At any rate, I should just call myself the "Photobomber", because when I was browsing her blog, I found myself in one of Kanon's photos. Awkward, especially since I've been accidentally spotting myself in various other blogs and videos from that weekend.

I hope you enjoyed Miss Gothic Lolita Sensation aka Miss Kanon Wakeshima's blog entry! She was really quite adorable and delicate in reality, but still bubbly after a tiny sip of wine.

I've also included links to the restaurants they went to since I went to most of them too and think they're definitely worth checking out if you're in Anaheim. The stuff is deliciousssss!(^q^) I loved Spaghetti Factory (the restaurant with a train in it), and I highly recommend their 3 cheese with browned butter pasta.

Anyways, please leave us a comment down below about what you thought of the kanonxkanon concert, the convention itself or even how your day is going!

And, of course, don't forget to follow us on Twitter or our Facebook! We've been leaving some spicy little tidbits that have been a bit of a Facebook exclusive so far, so make sure you catch them too!ヾ(*'∀`*)ノ


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